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SmartHire Maestro

MYOB Hiring Add-on System from Smart Reports

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SmartHire Maestro

  1. 1. Reports
  2. 2. Information as a Business Advantage“Virtually everything in business today is an undifferentiated commodity excepthow a company manages its information.How you manage information determines whether you win or lose”. Bill Gates
  3. 3. Smart ReportsYour Business Partner that Enables Confident Decision Making Automates and Help Run your Core Business Processes Efficiently Provides End-to-End Business Solution Your Trusted MYOB Solution Provider Fits well with what you use Helps You Gain More Visibility into Your Business Helps you Make Dynamic Business Decisions with current, accurate and on-the-dot reports Zooms your Business Productivity
  4. 4. Smart Hire Maestro Hire Management Simplified!
  5. 5. Auto Generation of Hiring NumberFacility to convert booking into a HireDisplays only available items for booking for a given periodAutomatically performs rental calculations based on start-date or for a given rental period
  6. 6. Helps make advance BookingLists only available itemsAuto-generation of booking numberAuto-rental calculationsGenerates booking receipt
  7. 7. Flexible enough to understand youroperations and maintenanceHelps track your stand-down periodsRecalculates rental charges based onthe configuration
  8. 8. Ability to extend the Hires in bulk orselectivelyInvoicing to MYOB® automaticallycalculated and postedIdeal for bulk extensions in hundredsAutomatic rental calculations
  9. 9. Ability to extend the Hires in bulk orselectively
  10. 10. Allows for partial or complete termination of itemsCreates credit invoices for items returned earlier thandue dateInvoices sent to MYOB upon termination of hireAbility to add miscellaneous charges in the invoice
  11. 11. Allows for bulk posting of invoices to MYOB from a single WindowAbility to select multiple clients or multiple Hire AgreementsUseful for sending weekly/bi-weekly/monthly invoices to customersSaves time in processing bulk invoices
  12. 12. Maintains additional information of itemsAbility to track items through Serial Numbers, Bar Code etc.Can store image of the itemsFacility to maintain break-up price of itemsAbility to manage warehouse locations
  13. 13. Graphical analysis of Sales SummaryAlerts when stock reaches below threshold valueStatus of stock as on dateProvides a quick snapshot of today’s hire, heads-up on upcominghires and Today’s hire termination
  14. 14. Customer TestimonialsIn working with Smart Reports we have a program that not only works very well with our MYOB butalso delivers excellent time saving and peace of mind that our rental division is being controlledaccurately.The rental program allows us to create a detailed customer profile of each hire. There are some goodfeatures like Stand Down periods and Continuous Billing. The program posts all transaction to MYOBat the end of each month. All in all it is a good program that works well with our system and people. Sam Cavallaro, General Manager, General Petroleum Oil Tools Pty LtdWe at Dymar are very happy with our purchase of Smart Reports add-on to help with the Hiringfunction of our company that MYOB doesn’t provide. Siva and his team of Developers have beenextremely helpful with all we tried to do and implemented the system to our requirements. Laurel Fowler, Office Manager, Dymar Plant Hire Pty Ltd