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Leveraging SMEs’ Strength for INSPIRE

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Leveraging SMEs’ Strength for INSPIRE

  1. 1. Leveraging SMEs’ Strength for INSPIRE Richard Rombouts Snowflake Software
  2. 2. Software Development Off-the-Shelf Products Training and Support Snowflake Software The Data eXchange Company
  3. 3. INSPIRE at Snowflake Software GO Publisher • Create INSPIRE data • Share INSPIRE data GO Loader • Load INSPIRE data INSPIRE-as-a- Service • Let us do it for you Training • INSPIRE Essentials • GML • XML • Data Modelling Consultancy • Implementing INSPIRE • Transforming data • Implementing enterprise-sized data publication systems
  4. 4. What I want to talk about... • Experiences • Opportunities • Barriers • New initiatives • Innovation
  5. 5. Experiences • INSPIRE puts data sharing and open standards on agenda with data providers • Growing realisation that data is an asset • INSPIRE is actually being implemented across Europe; no more paper tiger • INSPIRE is often perceived as technological problem, not as an opportunity for innovation.
  6. 6. Opportunities • SMEs are agile by nature and are close to their customers making them ideal to cooperate with • Training and knowledge sharing on technical and management level still required • Other domains adopting INSPIRE-like initiatives, eg. Single European Sky and OneGeology.
  7. 7. Barriers • Long implementation timescales causing – Data providers to wait with implementation – Upfront investment and uncertain long-term revenues for SMEs • Current tendering procedures not beneficial for SMEs • Governments competing with businesses • Perceived complexness by data providers • EU not leading by example...yet
  8. 8. Leading by example 96% of open datasets from just a single organisation (<2% from EEA)
  9. 9. Leading by example Wide variety of data providers
  10. 10. New Initiatives • European Location Framework (E.L.F.) – Technical infrastructure which delivers authoratative, interoperable, cross-border geospatial reference data. • CITI-SENSE – Development of sensor-based Citizens' Observatory Community for improving quality of life in cities. • UK Open Data Institute – Catalyst for the evolution of an open data culture in the UK.
  11. 11. Innovation “If you can dream it, you can do it.” Walt Disney
  12. 12. Innovation requires... • Innovative data providers – More than just opening up datasets • Innovative technology providers – More than just selling software licences • Inspiration – More than just ticking the INSPIRE-box
  13. 13. Final Thoughts • INSPIRE can be a driver for open data innovation • INSPIRE is not a technological problem requiring a single software solution • SMEs have an intimate understanding of their customers and their culture. Use it! • SMEs are agile and innovative, because it is in their DNA.
  14. 14. Richard Rombouts @RichRombouts @sflakesoftware Learn more? Talk to me.