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Social On Us webinar: F8 & the Facebook of the Future

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Learn about the highlights from Facebook's F8 conference and what they mean for your brand.

In this webinar we cover:

- Facebook Messenger: do you need a bot strategy? How will it influence your customer service and marketing?
- New ad units: how can you use them?
- Social (live) video can be 10x more effective. What does this mean for your campaign?
- Facebook Payments: what is on the horizon?
- Oculus Rift: we tried it out and let you know what we think!
- Facebook innovation mindset: what we can learn

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Social On Us webinar: F8 & the Facebook of the Future

  1. 1. F8 2016The Lowdown Source: Facebook Newsroom
  2. 2. •  Facebook Messenger •  Live videos •  Oculus Rift Bonus: the Facebook Innovation Mindset Source: Facebook Newsroom
  3. 3. Source: Facebook Newsroom
  4. 4. Family of Apps
  5. 5. Source: Facebook Newsroom
  6. 6. Source: Facebook Newsroom
  7. 7. Source: Facebook Newsroom
  8. 8. •  Instant •  Persistent Identity •  In Context •  Canonical
  9. 9. Introducing Bots To Messenger Source: Wired
  10. 10. •  Messenger is the fastest growing app in the US with over 900 million active users (source: Nielsen) Introducing Bots To Messenger
  11. 11. What it means… •  Facebook Messenger may displace many other apps •  Facebook is looking to global competitors like WeChat for innovation inspiration •  Brands need a bot strategy: how will you engage on Messenger? How do you integrate social media into customer service?
  12. 12. Live Videos Source: Facebook Newsroom
  13. 13. Live Videos 70% of all mobile traffic will be video by 2021 (source: Ericsson Mobility Report. November 2015)
  14. 14. Live Videos 3.4 hours a day watching video (source: Millward Brown’s AdReaction Video Study)
  15. 15. 1969
  16. 16. What it means… •  The Live API tool will allow publishers and advertisers to experiment with Live content (including streaming live video from any device like drones!) •  No monetization opportunities for brands yet, but it’s a great time to create new ways to interact with viewers
  17. 17. Source: Road To VR
  18. 18. Oculus Rift / VR Source: Oculus
  19. 19. Oculus Rift / VR •  “VR has the potential to be the most social platform, because you feel you're right there with another person." Mark Zuckerberg (source: The Telegraph)
  20. 20. What it means… •  VR really is Facebook’s biggest gamble •  It’s all about shared experiences; exactly how brands will tap into it to exploit its full potential is a challenge
  21. 21. Other Platform Updates •  New Ad Units: according to Jehan Damji, Facebook Product Manager, 87% of time spent on mobile is in apps •  Facebook Payments: a report by The Information pointed that code found inside Messenger suggests Facebook plans to turn on a feature to make digital transactions or even pay for physical goods in stores.
  22. 22. Thank you!
  23. 23. Questions? Thomas Crampton Global Managing Director Social@Ogilvy @ThomasCrampton Peter Fasano Global Consulting Principal, Digital Strategy, OgilvyRED @PFasano