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What's Next: Health & Wellness - Disruption & Adapting for the Rebound

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The COVID-19 crisis is rapidly changing how individuals are managing their health and well-being, approaching life with more gratitude and resilience. Digital health solutions adoption is booming as are some wellness sectors, and will contribute to the emergence of new healthcare models faster than expected.

In this webinar, learn how it will become essential for any healthcare provider to propose compassionate and empathetic care experiences to their clients, leveraging wellness to stay relevant in these turbulent times. Join us to understand some quick wins and envision your post-crisis healthcare shift.

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What's Next: Health & Wellness - Disruption & Adapting for the Rebound

  2. 2. PIERRE ROBINET Senior Consulting Partner, Asia Practice Lead, Health & Wellness Welcome MARION MCDONALD Global Practice Lead, Health & Wellness DAYOÁN DAUMONT Partner, EMEA Ogilvy Consulting
  3. 3. Tell us where you are dialing in from! What’s the weather like in your city?
  4. 4. Do you want this deck? It will be available for download shortly after the webinar on: And the recording up on
  5. 5. Making brands matter in turbulent times: HEALTH & WELLNESS: DISRUPTION AND ADAPTING FOR THE REBOUND Beyond COVID-19 9 APRIL 2020
  6. 6. Let’s face the fact - the Grim Reaper has arrived
  7. 7. Investor interest in Chinese technology took off. It also triggered the digital home entertainment market as millions of people, confined to homes or dormitories, looked for distraction. It is seen as the point that led to Alibaba taking off as those millions, afraid to go outside, began to shop online. Recovery was also rapid and most Asian economies bounced back. Shares in Cathay Pacific Airways tumbled 30 per cent from December 2002 to April 2003 only to nearly double in the next year as populations proved keen to not only return to normal, but make up for lost time. Our learnings from the SARS crisis shows that we CAN and WILL bounce back During the nine-month outbreak, more than 8,000 cases of SARS were confirmed and 774 people died — 648 of them in Mainland China and Hong Kong. Initially the Chinese institutions were playing catch-up, but over time they came to terms with the challenge. The Chinese government has an unparalleled ability to marshal resources, and Chinese culture prizes stoicism and the ability to work through hardships. SARS was the tipping point for the internet as a mass medium in China as people looked to mobile phones and the web for information and updates about the outbreak. Shares in Sina, Sohu, and Net Ease soared.
  8. 8. The public role for brands is increasing When CVS stopped selling cigarettes in 2015, they sent a message that they owned a piece of America’s healthcare. In the COVID-19 era, any brand claiming a stake in the healthcare system has a responsibility to adopt business practices that further the goal of keeping people healthy. - Lizanne Fontaine (RN), Chair of the Brooklyn Hospital Center “ ”
  9. 9. 0. 0.5 0.9 1.4 1.8 2.3 Cut Maintain Increase Market share % point Changes in marketing spend (as % market size) *Source: Hillier, Tony: Successful competitive strategies for recession and recovery Research shows that crises punish the dithering and reward the committed Brands that get crisis response right are able to capture up to 3x more market share through a downturn, rebound faster and stronger when good times return, for lasting competitive gains
  10. 10. While some wellness related industries are booming right now Vitamins Covid-19 has sparked a sudden spike in demand for vitamin C, vitamin D and zinc. In Singapore, NTUC FairPrice supermarkets reported 3 to 5 times growth in Vitamin C sales, the Philippines health department is buying vitamin C for school children to boost their immunity during Covid-19 and UK vitamin suppliers have reported sales tripling. Home Fitness Home workouts and fitness equipment are booming. Joe Wicks started his fitness business in UK in 2012. Last months he added 950,000 YouTube followers and has 2 UK TV networks vying to sign him. Sales of indoor fitness equipment, bicycles, dumbbells, yoga mats and skipping ropes have also seen a significant boost. Mental health goes mainstream Mid-pandemic, meditation apps such as Headspace (provided free to 1.2mill NHS health workers in UK) and Simple Habit opened up their memberships to non-paying customers. BP launched support to Mind in the UK. Mental health services and apps will form new partnerships to support the mainstreaming of this area.
  11. 11. The impact on Pharma's commercial activities has been diverse and challenging Face to Face Calls have stopped amidst lock-downs and social distancing Reduction or pause in non-life threatening clinical trials Delicate management of supply chains with potential closing of manufacturing sites or lack of key API ingredient Potential delay in launches as regulatory inspections have paused
  12. 12. The insurance industry is likely to shape up to the unfolding crisis Raise in importance of online technology and digital transformation With increasing online sales to 60%, AIA has activated a digital platform that allows its agency force to conduct online recruitment, training, financial review and after- sales services, as well as remote signature and one-time-password submission Increase in demand for health insurance Pandemic will accelerate the development of the insurance industry by further motivating demand for health insurance. This will help it to maintain a favorable trend in the long term, as it refocuses on protection function and strengthening supply-side reform of products and services Digital partnerships for health insurance Partnerships such as with telemedicine providers provide consumers access to value-added health services, thereby creating a new landscape that offers innovative services
  13. 13. And the adoption of digital technologies is helping businesses to collaborate and succeed Virtual clinical trials at the comfort of patient’s home Engagements through doctor community platforms Acceleration of Tele-medicine providers To provide most relevant services Regulated countries such as France are accelerating and simplifying patient access to telemedicine Governments are setting aside reservations about the risks of such "couch consultations" to ease regulations • Germany has started relaxing rules on remote treatment • UK’s taxpayer-funded National Health Service has ordered 7,000 doctors’ offices across the country to conduct as many video and phone consultations as possible
  14. 14. The individual is approaching life with gratitude and resilience Physical bonding between family has increased Drone Photography of families staying together during quarantine “I have realized how our mothers handle everything single- handed. Now the work is divided, it’s a big realization” New-found respect & gratitude for mothers PHYSICAL BENEFITS SOCIAL/ EXPERIENTIAL BENEFITS RESPONSIBLE/ POSITIVE IMPACT MENTAL/ EMOTIONAL BENEFITS Houseparty is now the #1 trending app in Google Play Movie-couching together Share your drawings and make new friends Playing well-known games on messaging apps with a bot that handles everything In-home fitness solutions soar Ring Fit Adventure, a game for the Nintendo Switch that promotes indoor exercise, ran out of stocks worldwide amid the current crisis Staying connected and distracted online
  15. 15. And brands are already reacting to this Employees in companies like TikTok, Ogilvy appreciating each other with care packages ---- “This came in the morning, I feel so touched” PHYSICAL BENEFITS SOCIAL/ EXPERIENTIAL BENEFITS RESPONSIBLE/ POSITIVE IMPACT MENTAL/ EMOTIONAL BENEFITS Headspace partnered with Hyatt to unlock a free collection of meditations, sleep, and movement exercises for everyone A swimwear brand transforms its regular customer service channels into a free avenue that allows people to reach out if they need something to lift their mood Veeva is making Engage free to new clients to help promote remote meetings with healthcare professionals and to reduce the spread of the virus. Nike is giving its Nike Training Club Premium workouts free which provides studio style streaming workouts, progressive training programs and expert tips
  16. 16. More than ever technology is helping individuals to better manage their health Better disease co-management Access to more communities Access to more telemedicine platforms Better monitoring of health due to better device connectivity TraceTogether in SG is now downloaded by more than 600K population within 5 days of launch Regular users of Natural Cycle can also now manage their COVID symptoms More using Talkspace’s virtual therapist solution to discuss issues affecting them Women are interacting with pediatricians and getting on demand care through telemedicine apps such as Heal Mobile cancer patient support platform in which patients can key in responses to medical treatments Migraine Buddy engaging users on Covid stories and migraine management Engaging in interactive 3D experiences through Spellbound AR app for educational purposes and improving the patient experience Facebook offering community support Google’s dedicated COVID-19 Information resources helps user to navigate with right information and also connects on shared activities
  17. 17. → Work from Home Online Conferences Rise in tele-med services Proactive health monitoring No category is immune to online experiences Digital transformation is no longer just ‘nice to have’ Broadband is now an utility as important as electricity Impact on behaviour COVID-19 INFLUENCING BEHAVIOUR Technology in the forefront of change
  18. 18. How we shape and support new behaviours in post-outbreak recovery RECOGNIZE AND AFFIRM NEW SOCIAL NORMS AROUND SAFETY New behaviours make us feel self-conscious, so it will help to illustrate the social consensus (homophily) of the new behaviour, eg. xx% of people like you are doing this too
  19. 19. Brand challenges now. THINGS THAT ARE CURRENTLY ON OUR MINDS? How will the shift to tele- medicine platform services influencing our business model? How do we innovate to find new ways to integrate wellness into healthcare post pandemic? How do we deal with a public hospital crisis within a private environment? HOW DO WE KEEP OUR RELATIONSHIP WITH OUR DOCTOR GIVEN THE ABSENCE OF FACE TO FACE INTERACTIONS? HOW DO WE COMMUNICATE CHANGES IN STRATEGIC DECISIONS TO OUR DIFFERENT STAKEHOLDERS FROM PATIENTS, DOCTORS TO SHAREHOLDERS? HOW DO WE MANAGE OUR COMMERCIAL COSTS GIVEN THE UNCERTAINTY OF ROI OR BENEFITS? How do I highlight the value of my insurance program and benefits to customers?
  20. 20. How to make your brand matter across all time horizons In time of crisis even more than in ‘normal’ times, a key challenge is to reconcile the distinct dynamics and requirements of different time horizons – winning in the now, while preparing for the medium-term, and transforming for longer-term growth in changing times. Ogilvy’s OS helps marketers manage their brand as a holistic and agile system – where every action, every experience builds the brand and business in interconnected ways. In times of crisis, the OS helps marketers prioritize actions to take in the heat of the outbreak, while looking ahead to ensure their brands are primed to take advantage of the recovery and ‘new normal’ beyond. MATTER LONG TERM (New Normal) MATTER MEDIUM TERM (Recovery phase) MATTER LONG TERM (Acute outbreak phase) How do we get on the front foor in a changed landscape? Re-focus on patient centricity with agility Re-evaluate customer experience journeys with new HCP and patient insights Re-design digital transformation beliefs and approaches of customers and employees How do we make up for lost ground? How should we respond in unfolding situation?
  21. 21. Brand actions to matter right now: DURING THE ACUTE PHASE OF OUTBREAK ACTIVATECARE&OPTIMISEFUNNELMIX SUSTAIN SHORT TERM SALES BUT PATIENT COMES FIRST → Prioritize key immediate and necessary care services / products → Identify opportunities to create ‘shared value’ programs across caregivers and patients for common benefit → Optimise the channel mix and accelerate your online shift to stay close to your customers and partners ENGAGE ALL CARE STAKEHOLDERS → Leverage emotional needs and requirements to design compassionate empathetic experiences → Leverage social channels for open & real- time response and communication → Put the care before the pills and investigate new personalized and convenient healthcare services ACTIVATE YOUR PURPOSE → Do more, say less → Activate brand purpose to support hygiene and virus containment efforts, and keep life (and livelihoods) going
  22. 22. Brand actions to matter right now: DURING THE POST-OUTBREAK RECOVERY INTHERECOVERYPHASEMAKEUPFORLOSTGROUNDBYPRIMINGMOMENTUM&LEVERAGINGSHIFTS PRIME FOR MOMENTUM UPON REBOUND → Review portfolio value proposition and identify key care products and services with highest potential → Identify loyal customers, key opinion leaders, care community leaders and best advocates → Approach healthcare start-ups and platforms that matters to new consumer behaviour to pre-empt future partnerships INNOVATE AND RESHAPE YOUR PORTFOLIO → Accelerate product and services innovation and design new business models that may serve new customer needs → Leverage health & wellness connection to enhance your care offering → Revisit and prioritise DX transformation goals, strategy, roadmap and accelerate your patient centricity shift SHIFT TOWARDS DIGITAL CHANNELS & BEHAVIORS → Review Customer Engagement & Content (CE&C) development & management plans → Address new needs and priorities across digital content, digital services, care utility and commerce → Leverage Martech and automation to enable more personalised and contextual creation and distribution of content in real- time
  23. 23. Brand actions to matter right now: DURING THE POST-OUTBREAK RECOVERY TRANSFORMTO LEAD IN ACHANGED LANDSCAPE BRAND TRANSFORMATION → Leverage deep local insights and new behaviors to accelerate patient centricity shift → Identify first-mover opportunities to uniquely differentiate products and services CRISIS & SUSTAINABLE TRANSFORMATION → Turn crisis-time CSR into ongoing purposeful brand engagement across all segments → Revisit Corporate Affairs strategy and activation plans to continue building momentum on purposeful brand and organization positioning CE & CX TRANSFORMATION → Understand how to bring and empathetic and compassionate care across value-chain to drive better customer experiences → Accelerate employee experience transformation for greater personalised engagement, productivity and flexibility DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION → Accelerate shift to Mobile and online based first business Models → Identify opportunities to accelerate digital innovation, leveraging emerging technologies for competitive (and data) edge
  24. 24. We believe that post-pandemic consumers will notice a yawning ‘wellness gap’ - which we are quantifying for brands This wellness movement represents a profound change in what we think of as ‘the good life’. Where we once measured health and wellness as the absence of illness and disease, now we hold expectations of a more holistic life where our physical, emotional and mental health are all satisfied. Staying indoors has lead more of us to assess our personal wellness. Ogilvy is currently quantifying the wellness gap for brands. We believe mapping the gap between wellness expectations of brands and their delivery will provide unique insight into the unmet needs in key industry sectors. • Snack foods (crisps/energy bars/non-alcoholic drinks/chocolate etc) • Food (purchased at a supermarket, take-away or dining out) • Skincare • Airlines • Hotels • Financial services/banking and Cars (topline only) Report due mid-June 2020
  25. 25. Questions?