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The Comprehensive Catwalk Analysis of Wedding Dress

  1. = Transition -- The Comprehensive Catwalk Analysis of Wedding Dress
  2. POP sorts out the catwalk data of S/S 2022 wedding dress to analyse the styles through the changes of silhouette and craft. According to the data, beads and sequins are still important, and the design of ready-to-wear wedding dress is on the rise. Besides, 3D decorations also play a big role in this season. Overview
  3. Colorful flowers are added on pure white wedding dress to enrich the color, which break the solemnness of traditional wedding and increase the playfulness. Flower element also injects the gentle romance. Key Pattern -- Colorful Flower
  4. Geometric shapes composed by different decorations present the minimalist and orderly visual effect. The fusion with simple silhouette further strengthen the minimalism. Draping wedding dress is suitable for straight lines the most, which is minimalist and harmonious. Pattern Craft -- Geometric Line
  5. Tiny and lovely floral patterns are embroidered on each part on wedding dress. White threads present a contrast with the translucent gauze. And the blooming flowers on skin are filled with imagination. Key Craft -- Floral Embroidery
  6. Key Craft -- 3D Flower
  7. Exquisite craft and innovative design allow 3D flowers to bloom on each position. Flower silhouette is fused with fabric and craft to decorate the monochrome wedding dress. Light or realistic flowers endow monotonous wedding dress with vitality and artist feel. Key Craft -- 3D Flower
  8. These multidimensional extravagant oversized bowknots enrich the layers of wedding dress. Different materials are used to satisfy women's inner requirements and better decorate the thin body shapes. Key Detail -- Bowknot
  9. Airy puff sleeve is applied in the design of wedding dress. Its extravagant 3D styling is suitable for underlining the thin arms and covering the defects. Besides, detachable design is also available. Key Detail -- Puff Sleeve
  10. Tight-fit waisted design is extended to the crotch to present the curves between waist and hip. The shirring design above or below the waist can further accentuate the body lines. Key Detail -- Waist Shaping
  11. Detachable design updates the wedding dress. Detachable dress hem and sleeve enhance the form feeling. 3D dress hem fits the imagined wedding dress of girls. The restraint will be released after detaching, and a more simpler style will be shown. Key Detail -- Detachable Design
  12. Key Detail -- High Slit
  13. The high slit on the side front of wedding dress exposes the leg lines during walking. Minimalist design breaks through the traditional complexity and enhances the sexual appeal. Key Detail -- High Slit
  14. The hem design of wedding dress presents the 3D airy feel and increases the volume. However, this airy feel is puffy and light. Key Silhouette -- Puffy Feel
  15. The crisp tiered dress hem is simple, elegant yet stylish, which perfectly combines the feminine gentleness and rebellious character. Key Silhouette -- Tiered Dress Hem
  16. 3D and light ruffles are decorated all over the dress to provide thickness. This seemingly supersoft and voluminous dress hem shows contrast with the waisted design. Key Silhouette -- Ruffled Hem
  17. Knee-length skirt presents the vital lightness instead of the complexity of traditional long dress. 3D flowers, handmade decorations and embroidery provide delicacy and the possibility to be worn in other occasions. Key Item -- Knee-length Skirt
  18. The two-piece design can increase the ready-to-wear feel, and the isolated tops or dress can also be worn in daily life, which broadens the suitable occasions for wedding dress. Key Silhouette -- Two-piece Wedding Dress
  19. Wedding dress is created by delicate lace. The proper feminine temperament is shown through the fantastic and exquisite lace flowers. It can not only reveal the noble elegancy of women, and also interpret the distinctive sexual appeal. Key Fabric -- Delicate Lace
  20. Key Fabric -- Gauze
  21. Minimalist wedding dress has proper dress hem and fluent lines, which decreases the heaviness of traditional wide-hem wedding dress. Light gauze wedding dress can use minimalist patterns and details to further improve the texture. Key Fabric -- Gauze
  22. Feathers are decorated on wedding dress to present the flexible and casual beauty. Swaying with the movement of wearer, soft feathers make the wedding dress romantic and elegant. Key Accessory -- Feather Decoration
  23. Micro wedding allows ready-to-wear wedding dress to be selected more. Getting rid of the restraint by the traditional wedding, the relaxing and elegant style presents the eternal and delicate feminine image. Key Style -- Minimalist Ready-to-wear
  24. Mini wedding provides bride with more selections. Delicate and unrestrained wedding dress balances practicalism and Beatles. Ready-to-wear wedding dress becomes the choice of more brides. Abandoning the restraint of traditional wedding, relaxation, elegance and proper colors are added to create eternal and exquisite feminine silhouettes. See more in New Bride Wear -- The Silhouette Trend for Women's Wedding Dress Recommendation