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Hallo Berlin, the rising European hub for startups

When searching for the top 10 startup hubs in the world, one name you can’t overlook in any list available anywhere on the web is Berlin, the UNESCO “City of Design”. Surprisingly, a survey on Venture Village shows that Berlin has 50% increase in startups from 2008 to present as compared to Munich. Ranked on number 20 by the World Bank Group in terms of “Ease of Doing Business”, no doubt StartupBootcamp enlisted this wonderhub as one of the top 3 startup ecosystems round the world. Thus after the massive success of NYC City Beat, our next halt is this beautiful city with spectacular innovations paving their way to the zenith. Before we present you with our City Beat version 2, let’s have a look at 10 names who are making Berlin stand out as a startup hub! For full feature, here's the link

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Hallo Berlin, the rising European hub for startups

  1. 1. Hallo Berlin! A look into this startup city’s history and the big names surrounding it... Berlin today is a place that offers a lot of opportunities both geographically and as a fertile playground for people to develop their ideas. Simon Schaefer partner at angel and seed financing company JMES Investments Source : Forbes Ranked % increase in startups from 2008 to present... 20 th SOURCE : VENTURE VILLAGE 44% 50% munich Berlin by World Bank Group in terms of “ease of doing business” SOURCE : SFGATE one of the McKinsey Study, October 2013 says TOP 3 100000+ startup new jobs By 2020 Berlin could deliver ecosystems by StartupBootcamp 10 names who are making this City stand out as a startup hub Soundcloud 1 180M USERS OFFICES IN 170 EMPLOYEES BULGARIA, LONDON AND SAN FRANCISCO ONE OF THE DARLINGS OF BERLIN'S SMALL BUT GROWING STARTUP SCENE. -SFGATE 6Wunderkinder 2 SUPERHEROES BEHIND 5 M+ USERS THE APP REWIND APP OF THE WEEK WUNDERLIST OF THE YEAR IN OVER 100 COUNTRIES Gidsy 3 AIRBNB FOR LOCAL EXPERIENCES ACQUIRED BY GETYOURGUIDE ON APRIL, 2013 RECEIVED A SEED ROUND OF $1.2 MILLION IN JAN, 2012 SOURCE : TECHCRUNCH ResearchGate 3M USERS LEADING SOCIAL NETWORK FOR SCIENTISTS $35 MILLION 4 ROUND OF SERIES C FINANCING FROM MICROSOFT FOUNDER BILL GATES AND TENAYA CAPITAL SOURCE : TECHCRUNCH EyeEm 5 8M APP DOWNLOADS INSTAGRAM OF EUROPE $6 MILLION SERIES A ROUND LED BY EARLYBIRD VENTURE CAPITAL SOURCE : TECHCRUNCH Wooga 6 50 MILLION+ ONE OF THE MOST POPULAR SOCIAL GAMES DEVELOPERS IN THE WORLD ACTIVE PLAYERS EVERY MONTH 250 EMPLOYEES FROM 40 NATIONS Twago 7 230,577 TWAGO EXPERTS 37,445 PROJECTS POSTED € 180,092,850 PROJECT VOLUME WINNING MARKETPLACE FOR HIRING FREELANCERS Fortrabbit LAUNCHED AS A SIDE PROJECT TO HOST WEBSITES IMPLEMENTED THEIR NEW CLOUD HOSTING SOLUTION IN 2012 8 THE TEAM SAYS PHP RUNS THROUGH OUR VEINS. Aupeo 9 40+ COUNTRIES 6000+ CHANNELS RECENTLY ACQUIRED BY PANASONIC OF TERRESTRIAL RADIO, PODCAST STREAMING ETC. Orderbird 45 EMPLOYEES 1,500+ CUSTOMERS IN THE DACH REGION 10 IPAD POS SOLUTION FOR YOUR RESTAURANT Berlin to analyse is how high canhigh. fever burn! is buzzing this startup All that is left Presented by © Copyright 2013 StartupsFM