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Swarm 2 Go - Build A Portable Multi-Arch Data Center with Pi and UP Nodes

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With this small data center you can teach, lern and understand how Docker Swarm works by visualizing running services and containers with Blinkt! LED per node. The instructions how to build such a Pi cluster is open sourced at

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Swarm 2 Go - Build A Portable Multi-Arch Data Center with Pi and UP Nodes

  1. 1. Swarm 2 Go Stefan Scherer Sr. Software Engineer, 
 SEAL Systems
  2. 2. Hypriot team member, Docker on ARM Windows Containers I love automating things GitHub StefanScherer Twitter @stefscherer About me Stefan Scherer
  3. 3. teach, learn and understand what replaceable hardware means • Raspberry Pi 3 boards • UP boards • mixed cluster with ARM 32/64 bit and Intel 64bit Swarm 2 Go Building a portable multi-arch data center
  4. 4. 5x Raspberry Pi 3 2x UP Board Intel 64bit 7x Pimoroni Blinkt! LED Power supplies Edge router The Hardware
  5. 5. Acrylic glass Laser cutter The Housing
  6. 6. Each board can be replaced The Housing
  7. 7. One fun afternoon at the FabLab Drawings for laser cutter available on GitHub sealsystems/tiny-cloud The Housing
  8. 8. Operating system Accessing GPIO in Docker Swarm Multi-arch Docker images The Software
  9. 9. Raspbian + Docker: Hypriot 64bit: flash SD card image with desired hostname and SSH keys in 1 step Operating system Using cloud-init to initialise node on first boot
  10. 10. /dev/mem No privileged mode /dev/gpiomem No devices /sys/class/gpio 👍 Volume mount GPIO + Swarm
  11. 11. DEMO
  12. 12. UP board tested with Windows 10 and Docker with Hyper-V containers And Windows?
  13. 13. Running Blinkt! LED in swarm mode: Rainbow: Images for both Linux and Windows: Visualizer: whoami: Multi-arch images All parts to build the PiCloud are open source
  14. 14. Thank You! Questions? @stefscherer #picloud