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Why and How to Set a Content Marketing Strategy for an SME

In 15 minutes I want to impart a content marketing framework that small business owners and managers can take back to the office and implement.

I draw on my first-hand experience of running content marketing training programmes and my work with more than 200 small businesses in Devon and Somerset, to demonstrate the “why” and the “how” of content marketing.

I want participants to go away with an understanding of why it’s best to abstain from creating new content, until they have a content marketing plan.

Participants will leave with:

An understanding of the value of content
An understanding of the value of buyer personas
A process for uncovering content themes
A structure to create valuable content

Why and How to Set a Content Marketing Strategy for an SME

  1. 1. Why and How to Set a Content Marketing Strategy for an SME. Digital Exeter
  2. 2. Who’s creating content to attract prospects and inspire them to take action?
  3. 3. I'm the only person working in the business, so time spent needs to be concise and effective. What’s your small business content marketing challenge?
  4. 4. Buyer Persona: Chip Local Chimney Sweep Chip Goals & Values Challenges & Pain Points Goals (Chip wants to): • Be the best and friendliest independent chimney sweep in and around Exeter. • Double turnover to £100K over 2 years. Values (Chip is committed to): • Providing the best value chimney sweep service in the local community (for both domestic and business). • Providing flexible, open, honest and transparent pricing & terms. Challenges: • Goodwill is not enough. Need new customers. • Online listing, no website. Not being found. • Too busy to answer phone, or make calls. Admin, follow up, calls, appointments, sales, in evenings. • Everyone knows Best Chimney Clean Exeter Pain Points: • Wants to invest in his business but doesn’t know about lead-generative marketing. • Has spent money on marketing on ads, but with insufficient results. Sources of Information Objections & Role in Purchase Process “I need a more serious marketing function to help my business grow.” Situation: Acquired business for £65K New Business Owner (1yr) Job Title: Owner, Chip Chimney Sweep Sector: Cleaning Salary/Turn-over: £50K Client list: 1400 Employees: (apprentice part time) Level of Education: BA Hons (Construction) READS/WEBSITES: local press, ex-marines forum INFLUENCERS: brother, wife, father, ex marines TECHNOLOGY: iPhone, laptop INTERESTS: golf, surfing, cycling, food EVENTS/MEMBERSHIPS: local golf club, cycling meet up OTHER: Drives a VW Touran. Wears work cloths. Sources of Information: Internet, Facebook Objections: • Doesn’t have the time to do ‘marketing’ himself, but can afford part-time marketing assistant. • Considering Nettl/Yell/Weebly/Wix Roles in Purchase Process: • Main decision maker – wife needs to veto purchases over £300. • Needs to forecast monthly spend. • Happy to take mild risks – has a proactive and positive attitude. • Wants to see proof. Age/Gender: 48/Male Marital Status: Married (to Chez) Age/# Children: 2 (boy 19 , girl 21) Lives: Exeter, Devon WHY? Objection Our SME persona for today
  5. 5. A plan for attracting visitors and inspiring them to take action. A plan for converting interest into demand with content. Be there Be relevant Be proven Be helpful Be Friendly Be consistent Common Universal Need for every SME = Content Marketing Strategy
  6. 6. Be there Be relevant Be proven Be helpful Be Friendly Be consistent This, on its own, is not content marketing Proven Methodology Hubspot
  7. 7. Be there Be relevant Be proven Be helpful Be Friendly Be consistent Considered Purchase
  8. 8. Fail Poor Reality Check 4.3
  9. 9. 4.3 FAILFAILFAIL Reality Check
  10. 10. 1. Insufficient content on website to attract visitors. 2. Out-of date content. 3. Weak links. 4. No Analytics. 5. No CMS. 6. No Focus. 7. Poor metadata. Most common problems & obstacles for SMEs
  11. 11. 1.Goals 2.Audience 3.Topics 4.Governance 5.Content 6.Distribution 7.Measurement 7 Steps 7 Step Process
  12. 12. 1. Figure out your goals Generate £1 million in new sales by 30 Dec 2016 £5000 average customer value 200 new customers 10% conversion rate (1 in 10) Generate 2000 new leads Budget: £500 per new customer Cost per lead: £50 per lead Time: 1 hourValue: 8/10
  13. 13. 2. Figure out your audience
  14. 14.
  15. 15. The Web is a buying environment, rather than a selling environment. Everything is back to front. In Google your customer is advertising. When a person searches“Chimney Sweep Exeter” they are placing a small ad in Google saying “I need a chimney sweep”. This is Chip’s opportunity to get on his customers’ path. Chip
  16. 16. 3. Figure out what your audience searches for
  17. 17. Develop your key word tree Trunk: Theme Keywords Branches: Category Keywords Leaves: Long Tail Keywords. Multiple propositions that speak directly to your audiences’ needs. adapted: samurai Time: 10 hoursValue: 10/10
  18. 18. Use these popular keyword research tools
  19. 19. Chip
  20. 20. Chip
  21. 21. Chip
  22. 22. 5. Create great content
  23. 23. Vs. Create Epic Content
  24. 24. Source: Velocity
  25. 25. Source: Idio Keep going to see ROI
  26. 26. Stephen Bateman @concentricdots Now listen to a longer talk