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Jour 3098 photo gallery

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Jour 3098 photo gallery

  1. 1. Photo Credit: Stephanie OkoloPhoto Gallery by: Stephanie Okolo
  2. 2. When visiting the Office of Health Education at UConn students are able to inquire about two main areas of wellness that effect their everyday lives: stress management and safe sex. Health Education provides students with information and resources to make healthy decisions to fit their various lifestyles.Photo Credit: Stephanie Okolo
  3. 3. One aspects of the Office of Health Education that ismost recognized throughout the student body oncampus the the resource center.The officeprovides freeresources tostudents,includingcondoms,goodie bags,lube, andabstinence kitsto students whohave made thechoice not toengage in sex. Photo Credit: Stephanie Okolo
  4. 4. “Distributing condoms seems to bethe most sought out reason peopleapproachHealth Education,” saidUConn senior and ResidentAssistant Jamie Esposito.“I useHealth Education to pick upinformation that can benefit myresidents and pick up condomsthat I can distribute to my residentsand help educate them. I alsoinform them about the otherresources that the office provides.” Photo Credits: Stephanie Okolo
  5. 5. With another focus area being stressmanagement, the office provides arelaxation station to students.Students can go into the office andtake a break in one of their comfortablechairs as well as their massage chairs. Itis a small way in which the officeencourages healthy ways to handle themany stresses that college can comewith.“The relaxation station different hasmassage chairs that students can utilize,just to sit and relax and be stress free fora little bit,” said Esposito who hasexperienced the benefits of therelaxation station.
  6. 6. The Office of HealthEducation is also home to theSexperts. The Sexperts are agroup of peer educators whoprovide programs aboutdifferent aspects of sexeducation to student groupson campus.“They educate studentsin a fun and creativeway with theirprograms,” Esposito said. Photo Credit: Stephanie Okolo
  7. 7. In the office, Healtheducators andstudent workersprovide a variety ofpublications tostudents to helpeducate them on avariety of differentareas of health.Stall Street News is apublication put out bythe office forresidence halls oncampus. The Safer SexSquad includescharacters such as Photo Credit: Stephanie OkoloCaptain Condom andLady Lube to help “Stall Street news incorporates cartoons and theeducate students on notion of safe sex in a comic strip so that it isthe importance of enticing and entertaining as well,” said sex.
  8. 8.  / Office of Health Education, Ground Floor, South Campus, Rome Hall Unit 1027