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Email Etiquette Workshop

  1. Email Etiquette Becoming fluent in today’s preferred form of business communication
  2. People receive the message... This email is to inform you that the recording (s) you requested for the telephone conference titled: Mercon CSA Webinar Call hosted by Andy 01/06/08 at 21:10 a.m . have been recorded for you and were shipped on or before 01/17/08 at 7:00 p.m .
  3. Message Received
  4. Compare Dear Susan: Thank you for shopping at Wine Country Gift Baskets. Below is the status of each item in your order. You will receive additional emails updating you of the status of you order until all items are shipped.
  5. It’s our responsibility From http://www. millennialliving .com
  6. Bad Email! Bad, bad email! “ Bad spelling, grammar and capitalization are often a clue to the fraudulent nature of a message.”
  7. Whether an email or a document, your message will benefit the most by the last step in the writing process...

Notas del editor

  1. Welcome, intro self and packets. Ask name, company and biggest email gaff they are aware of.