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Lawki jeopardy

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Here's a Life As We Knew It Game

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Lawki jeopardy

  1. 1. Life As We Knew ItJEOPARDY
  2. 2. GEOGRAPHY SURVIVING BORED FOOD DISASTERS 200 200 200 200 200 400 400 400 400 400 600 600 600 600 600 800 800 800 800 800 1000 1000 1000 1000 1000
  3. 3. GEOGRAPHY- 200In what state does Miranda and her family live? Pennsylvania
  4. 4. GEOGRAPHY- 400Into what state were Miranda’s father and Lisa not allowed? Kansas
  5. 5. GEOGRAPHY- 600During the winter, in which room did Miranda’s family live? In the sunroom
  6. 6. GEOGRAPHY- 800Who brings Johnny home from camp? His dad and Lisa
  7. 7. GEOGRAPHY- 1000To what state does Miranda’s sort-of boyfriend, Dan, plan to go? California
  8. 8. SURVIVING - 200The day after the meteor collided with the moon, Miranda’s mother came to school to get Miranda to do what? Go shopping
  9. 9. SURVIVING - 400What did Miranda find out when she made her way to the City Hall in the snow in March? There was 1 bag of free food per person per week.
  10. 10. SURVIVING - 600In December, Miranda’s familydecided to eat one meal per day at what time? 11 am
  11. 11. SURVIVING- 800What do Johnny and Matt do that gives them muscles? Cut down trees for firewood
  12. 12. SURVIVING- 1000Who works at the hospital who helps Miranda and her family Peter
  13. 13. BORED - 200Why was Christmas Eve really wonderful? Carolers came.
  14. 14. BORED - 400What did Miranda and her family do whenever the electricity came back on? Started a load of laundry
  15. 15. BORED - 600What sport does Miranda continue to do until it gets too cold? Ice skating
  16. 16. BORED - 800What activity does Johnny love? Baseball
  17. 17. BORED - 1000What does Miranda give to Matt for Christmas? Colored pencils
  18. 18. FOOD - 200What does Miranda’s mom catch Miranda pigging out on in the pantry? Chocolate chips
  19. 19. FOOD - 400What was for lunch in school before they ran out? Peanut butter & jelly sandwiches
  20. 20. FOOD - 600What food does Mrs. Nesbit bring for a treat that excites everyone? Eggs
  21. 21. FOOD - 800How did Miranda’s family cook meals without electricity? Over a wood-burning stove
  22. 22. FOOD - 1000What food do Miranda and herfamily eat while they are waiting for the meteor to hit the moon? Chocolate chip cookies
  23. 23. DISASTERS - 200After the meteor collided with themoon, what catastrophe occurred that Wednesday night? Tsunamis
  24. 24. DISASTERS - 400 Why did the first frost of the fall come on August 11?Ash blocked the sun and made it colder.
  25. 25. DISASTERS - 600What season is it when the book begins? Spring
  26. 26. DISASTERS - 800What dangerous thing happens toMiranda’s mom, Johnny, and Matt but NOT Miranda. Flu
  27. 27. DISASTERS - 1000Horton, the family pet, escapes one day. What kind of animal is Horton? Cat