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Expressing wishes.

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Expressing wishes.

  1. 1. Expressing Wishes
  2. 2. We use wish + past simple when we want a situation or thing in the present to be different or to change .  He wishes that he were rich .  I wish I didn’t have to get up so early . Other variations : • I wish he was writing for me . • I wish I could help her . Wish ‘1’
  3. 3. present
  4. 4. I’m fat I wish I wasn’t fat I don’t have any friends I wish I had some friends I can’t swim I wish I could swim
  5. 5. Wish ‘2’ We use wish + past perfect to express a wish about the past  They wish that they had studied harder when they were young . ( they didn’t study ) I wish I hadn’t married him . ( I married him )
  6. 6. past
  7. 7. I’ve lost my pen I wish I hadn’t lost my pen I didn’t go to the party I wish I had gone to the party I didn’t work for the exam I wish I had worked for the exam
  8. 8. Wish ‘3’ We use wish + would to say that you want another person to do ( or not to do ) somthing ; often because you are annoyed or to complain about a thing or a situation .  I wish you wouldn’t be so rude . I wish my mother would let me go out till late notice that in these situations the subject of
  9. 9. You always bite your nails I wish you wouldn’t bite your nailsYou treat me like a child I wish you wouldn’t treat me like a childHe doesn’t understand what you meant He wishes he would understand what you meant You never listen to meI wish you would listen to me
  10. 10. I’d like to buy that car but I don’t have so much money I wish I had more money !
  11. 11. He’s so untidy ! I wish he wasn’t so untidy I wish he would be tidier
  12. 12. I said something stuped at the meeting and now I’m so sorry ….. I wish I hadn’t said that
  13. 13. I didn’t study hard enough for the exam …. I wish I had worked a bit harder ….. If I had worked a bit harder ; I would have passed my test
  14. 14. You’re playing your music so loudly ! I want you to stop .please ! I wish you wouldn’t play your music so loudly !
  15. 15. It’s a pity we cannot enjoy our new convertible car because of the rain I wish it stop raining !
  16. 16. But …. Remember you cannot use would for wish about yourdelf !! I wish I would be taller I wish I was taller
  17. 17. Now ; guess her wishes
  18. 18. I’d like to be in Italy now …. I wish I was/were in Italy now
  19. 19. Why doesn’t it stop raining ? I wish it would stop raining !
  20. 20. Oh ; no ! …. I didn’t bring the washing in ! I wish I had brough the washing in !
  21. 21. Why doesn’t my husband wash his own shirts ? wish he would wash his own shirts Also …I wish he washed his own shirts …although the privious option would be more common
  22. 22. Moving to Britain was a mistake I wish I hadn’t moved to Britain
  23. 23. Now tell your partner
  24. 24. • Two things you wish you had /hadn’t done when you were younger . • Two possessions you wish you had which would improve your life . • Two things you wish you can do but you can’t. • Two things you wish your partner/ brother / sister / parents / friend . Etc ; would do or wouldn’t because they annoyed you .