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Project-Based Learning (PBL) Proposal [UIIT assessment item one]

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Project-Based Learning (PBL) Proposal [UIIT assessment item one]

  1. 1. UIIT - Assessment Item One NG Sum Yi Cindy 11001748Project-Based Learning (PBL) ProposalSubject: English LanguageGrade: Form ThreeTheme: A three-day tour of Hong KongLearning OutcomesAt the end of the PBL activities, students will be able to develop: study skills (self-directed learning) [LO1] communication skills (collaboration and negotiation with peers) [LO2] information technology skills (practical use of online and offline [LO3] applications) critical thinking skills (ways of criticizing positively on one’s or others’ [LO4] work) creativity (innovative ideas of arranging tourist attractions) [LO5]There are three stages in this PBL proposal:Stage One: Preparationa. Learning Outcome: [LO1]b. Timeline: [Two lessons: 1 - 15 March, 2012]  Teacher will show: i. a promotional video of Hong Kong made by Hong Kong Tourism Board; ii. the website ‘Discover Hong Kong - Official Travel Guide from the Hong Kong Tourism Board’ (; and iii. the project from former students and let the students know exactly what they are going to do, and the possible ICT tools can be used.  Teacher will tell students that they need to design a three-day tour of Hong Kong.  Teacher will facilitate student grouping. Each group will decide a sub-topic (e.g. Tour of Living Culture) based on the main theme and submits the table of contents with the first action plan on or before 15 March 2012.Stage Two: Implementationa. Learning Outcomes: [LO1, LO2, LO3, LO5]b. Timeline: [Three lessons: 16 March - 16 April 2012]  Teacher will teach Google search parameters to refine and select good quality data. 1
  2. 2. UIIT - Assessment Item One NG Sum Yi Cindy 11001748  Each group will use RSS features in iGoogle for collecting data from different Websites.  Each group will decide on the tourist attractions that will be included in the itinerary.  Each group will visit the tourist attractions, collect travel guides and take pictures there.  Each group will interview the local and overseas tourists at the attractions and ask them the reasons of visiting the attractions and what they think about the attractions.  Each group will write a report of 800 words about the information obtained at that stage and upload it to Google Docs so that the teacher can give comments to it there.  Teacher will explain the assessment criteria as below: Assessment items Assessor(s) Group PBL report Teacher (50%) Oral presentation Teacher (20%); Other groups (20%) Group assessment Your group members (5%) Self assessment Yourself (5%)Stage Three: Data analysis and conclusiona. Learning Outcomes: [LO2, LO3, LO4, LO5]b. Timeline: [Two lessons: 17 April - 18 May 2012]  Each group will analyse and further process the data collected.  Each group will edit photos with Sumo Paint (  Each group will create a Website with Blogger for oral presentation; each oral presentation (itinerary, summary of activity highlights, tourists’ views, rationales of picking the attractions) will last for 20 minutes.  Each group will write a group PBL report of 8-10 pages; the following table shows the suggested outline of the report: P.1 : Cover page P.2-3 : The itinerary (3-day tour of Hong Kong) (with pictures and captions) P.4-5 : Recent activities organised by the tourist attractions (pictures/YouTube) P.6-7 : Tourists’ views on the attractions P.8-9 : Rationales of choosing these attractions and arranging them in the way they are P.10 : Group reflection for the whole PBL activities  Each group must hand in a final report (including 100 words self-reflection for each group member in the group PBL report) after the oral presentation on or before 28 May, 2012. 2
  3. 3. UIIT - Assessment Item One NG Sum Yi Cindy 11001748Reference:Curriculum Development Institute. (n.d.). Project Learning. Retrieved May 28, 2012, from: 3