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Shabeer resume2.0

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Shabeer resume2.0

  1. 1. Creative Innovative Versatile Willingness Curiosity A.SYED SHABEER
  2. 2. Academic B.Tech., Information Technology 2009 SSLC 2003 HSC 2005
  3. 3. Technical Skills
  4. 4. Connections Follow me @ Follow me @ Follow me @ Follow me @ Follow me @
  5. 5. Projects Palmprint identification using multiple feature extraction via level wise coding-Final Year project(2 member team)) The Great Minds Challenge 2007-Software development program conducted by IBM(4 member team)
  6. 6. Projects (Cont.) Developed webpages for two concerns(BPO and a iron and steel firm) Developed a webpage for our department symposium-SYRITZ(3 member team)
  7. 7. Projects (Cont.) Developed two webpages for EXNORA international( and safetyexnora
  8. 8. Achievements Awarded Sir C V Raman Medal for Academic performance 2008 by IET Won 2 nd prize in inter-departmental quiz competition Achieved B.Tech IT Degree with First class with distinction
  9. 9. [email_address] +91-9791713457
  10. 10. Thank You