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Talygen Business Management Software

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Business management software can help you better manage every aspect of your company. For more information about Talygen business management software visit

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Talygen Business Management Software

  1. 1. Talygen Inc.Talygen Inc. Business ManagementBusiness Management SoftwareSoftware
  2. 2. Why Business Management Software is Required?  Business management software can help you better manage every aspect of your company – from sales and customer relationships to financials and operations.  Track project evolution in terms of completion, time and costs.  Assists project managers to manage a project in a way to ensure each task is completed on time and utilizing resource efficiency.  Reduce cost or speed process up by automating workflows.
  3. 3. What is Talygen?  Talygen is the leader in Business Management Automation, essential for project planning, tracking and online collaboration.  It is the ultimate business management software that helps you to manage & track project progress.  Talygen lets companies manage their entire business, including processes, relationships and workflows with a single cloud application.
  4. 4. Key Features Easy Access to all the Modules  The User can access the Full menu anytime and view sitemap for the whole application. Reports  The User can select which reports need to be shown on the dashboard. The user can select up to 8 different reports to be shown. Inbox  The user has easy access to notifications, messages and all follow-ups.
  5. 5. Performances & Stats  The Stat is designed to give you immediate access to review employee performance, project progress and also observe how much time is spent on billable and non- billable tasks.  We have tailored a customized solution that will help you manage your employees effectively and also assist company admins observe internal business operations and tasks easily and resourcefully.
  6. 6. How To Download App For Smart Phones
  7. 7. How To Download App For Desktops
  8. 8. Desktop Features  Talygen keeps track of all your work conveniently right on your desktop.  Utilizing the desktop tool enables you to easily track time for multiple projects throughout your day.  Our easy to use desktop application allows users to track billable and non- billable tasks that can be reviewed to analyze profitability reports.  Also the desktop app enables the usage of screenshot feature, which allows managers and clients to easily track project progress.
  9. 9. How to use Business Management Software Desktop App Step-1  Login with Your Details Step-2  Select Your Project and Task Step-3  Fill Description About Your project Step-4  Select Your Task Billable or Non-billable Step-5  Click on Start Timer
  10. 10. How to Check Desktop App Entries Just Click on 1st Bottom Tab “Time Entries” It shows your all day activities.
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  12. 12. Easy to Use Desktop Application For Your Business
  13. 13. Talygen From Your Smartphone
  14. 14. About Company  Talygen is the worldwide leader in Business Management Automation.  Founded in 2009  Fully Web based  Mobile apps available for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry  Desktop Auditing Apps available in Windows, Mac OS and Linux  Available in 46 languages worldwide
  15. 15. What Clients Say Talygen has been a blessing to our company! It’s a hassle free, self-sufficient, requires no customer support. Talk about a company’s dream tool. Christopher Downing I really like Talygen, it’s easy to use and the desktop tool is incredibly useful when switching back and forth between tasks. Jason Halbert
  16. 16. Awards and Certifications
  17. 17. Contact Us Talygen Inc. Address: 228 Hamilton Ave 3rd Floor, Palo Alto, CA 94301 Phone No: 650-800-3850 Email ID: Website: