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SIGTRAN - An Introduction

A quick overview of SS7, SIGTRAN, comparison between SS7 and IP stack, where SIGTRAN fits and how everything works together.

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SIGTRAN - An Introduction

  1. 1. SIGTRAN - AnIntroductionTareque Hossain
  2. 2. SS7 & SIGTRAN!   SS7 !   Stands for Signaling System No. 7 !   A set of telephony signaling protocols which are used to set up public switched telephone network calls throughout the world!   SIGTRAN !   Stands for Signaling Transport !   An IETF task force that defined the specifications for a protocol family to provide reliable datagram service and user layer adaptation (UA) for Signaling System 7 (SS7) & ISDN protocols over IP
  3. 3. Comparison of SS7 & IP Stack INAP   HTTP   TCAP   TCP   SCCP   IP   MTP3   DLL   MTP2   Ethernet   MTP1  MTP: Message Transfer PartSCCP: Signalling Connection Control PartTCAP: Transaction Capabilities Application PartINAP: Intelligent Network Application Part
  4. 4. SIGTRAN Protocol Stack TCAP   SCCP   MTP3   ISDN  M3UA   M2UA   M2PA   SUA   IUA   SCTP   IP  M3UA: MTP3 User Adaptation LayerM2PA: MTP2 User Peer-to-Peer Adaptation LayerSUA: SCCP User Adaptation LayerIUA: ISDN User Adaptation LayerSCTP: Stream Control Transmission Protocol
  5. 5. SCTP!   A new transport protocol with time sensitive signaling in mind!   Flexible enough for general use!   SCTP can use multi-homed endpoints for redundancy as opposed to TCP strictly connecting 2 endpoints!   TCP is byte streamed, application is responsible for structuring data. SCTP is message oriented, defining structured frames of data at transport layer!   Provides multi-streaming capability: data is split into multiple streams, each independently sequenced
  6. 6. SS7/ SIGTRAN Network Architecture PSTN  Phone   MGC   MGC   SSP   IP  Network  STP   STP   SG   SG   IP  Phone   SCP   SSP   MG   MG   SoftSwitch   PSTN  Phone  SG: Signaling Gateway MGC: Media Gateway Controller STP: Service Transfer PointMG: Media Gateway SCP: Service Control Point SSP: Service Switching Point
  7. 7. Future of SIGTRAN!   Traffic increased by Local Number Portability & SMS has pushed SS7 networks beyond capacity!   SIGTRAN allows PSTN network to offload traffic to IP networks!   PSTN infrastructure is many times larger and far reaching than IP networks!   SIGTRAN will last as long as PSTN networks last!   Questions? Comments?