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How the CEO can Propel a CX Initiative

An engaged and supportive CEO is the most important success factor for any customer experience (CX) transformation. We’ve identified five roles for company leaders that can give pace and power to the project.

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How the CEO can Propel a CX Initiative

  1. 1. November 2017 How the CEO can Propel a CX Initiative Krishnan Ramanujam President - Business & Technology Services
  2. 2. Every customer experience (CX) initiative will run into roadblocks along the way Inconsistent customer-facing functions, unrealistic program expectations or untested technologies are common A deeply involved CEO can overcome these challenges CX Transformation must be CEO-led
  3. 3. Consensus Builder Thought Leader Chief Customer Advocate Experience Unifier Influential Designer 5 Instrumental Roles CEOs Play CEOs can play highly influential roles in their companies’ CX initiatives. These include:
  4. 4. Facilitates meeting of minds among board directors, division leaders, functional heads, and CFOs Thinks through how a project will affect everybody and lends credibility to initiatives Manages anxiety among stakeholders during project implementation Consensus Builder A consensus builder CEO engages key constituencies
  5. 5. Launches organization wide CX transformation initiatives for consistency and brand value Ensures uniform quality and nature of product and service offerings across diverse geographies Builds certainty for consumers such that they receive the same product and service experience across the world Experience Unifier An experienced unifier CEO gets everyone on the same page
  6. 6. Helps design the companies’ CX and internalizes the design function Embeds design thinking into nearly every major company decision Positions user experience at the center of brand management Understands the customers and their emotions when they purchase and use the products Influential Designer An influential designer CEO puts a thumbprint on the experience
  7. 7. Stays relentlessly focused on the details of how the company deals with its customers Makes customer mindset a part of the company’s culture Prioritizes what the customer needs and then works backwards Obsesses about customers rather than competition Chief Customer Advocate A customer advocate CEO puts the customer in the design room
  8. 8. Thought Leader Builds awareness by consistently discussing and publishing views about exceptional CX Obsesses with creating a different experience for customers and employees Demonstrates affinity for customers A thought leader CEO is a CX expert
  9. 9. A passionate CEO leading CX initiatives will lend energy to the entire organization An influential and well-informed CEO can be the tie-breaker that makes the big decisions to propel CX CEOs can Drive Exceptional CX The CEO’s proactivity will raise the performance bar and inspire key executives
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