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How to create cornerstone content that drives traffic to your website

  1. How To Create Compelling Cornerstone-Content that Drives More Traffic to your Website?
  2. Do you know what hooks a first time visitor to your site?
  3. Especially when you know you have something of REAL VALUE to offer them?
  4. Image Courtesy: Google Images Imagine assisting your prospect over the phone, to whom you will need to explain everything in the most compelling & informative fashion.
  5. Google expects the SAME THING from your cornerstone content page.
  6. What is Cornerstone Content? Cornerstone Content Highlights your core strengths Offers rich resources to your audience Is the content that defines you
  7. Why Do I Need Cornerstone Content? Boost site traffic Increase the number of your subscribers Strengthen your SEO efforts Smoothen and enhance site navigation efforts Establish your ownership of your corner in your industry Because! It can…
  8. Remember: Cornerstone Content should act as a relevant, useful and compelling resource for your site’s visitors. Image Courtesy: Ken Keis‘ LinkedIn blog
  9. Remember: Cornerstone content should answer all the basic questions your visitors have about your services.
  10. Key Takeaway Assume your visitors know nothing about your services. And then educate them.
  11. How to Create Cornerstone Content? Build Your Cornerstone Content With: • Hyperlinks to internal resources • Flagship content • Giveaways • FAQs • Tutorials • Beginner’s guides • Business resources • A Clear and Obvious Call-to-Action (CTA)
  12. Case Study
  13. Why We Love Copyblogger! Is a good example of cornerstone content in terms of need creation, visuals, and user experience. Copyblogger’s Cornerstone Page
  14. Why We Love Copyblogger! First of all, it establishes a need for content marketing.
  15. Why We Love Copyblogger! Secondly, the page offers great visuals coupled with valuable information and an easy way for people to access it.
  16. Why We Love Copyblogger! It offers the interested target audience a way to get started with the entire process.
  17. It’s full of resources such as informative eBooks and content marketing advice, which keeps a visitor hooked for a long time.
  18. The Golden Rule Problems Solved + Queries Answered = Content Marketing Success!
  19. Thank you!