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Recipe for Success (Looking at Our Strategy for Creating and Publishing Games)

Recipe for Success (looking at our strategy for creating and publishing games)

Presented by Mario Wynands, Managing Director, PikPok at GMGC Manila


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Recipe for Success (Looking at Our Strategy for Creating and Publishing Games)

  1. 1. Recipe for Success – GMGC Manila – January 2017
  2. 2. Leading digital videogames publisher for mobile, tablet, and desktop with Strong cross platform process and technology Quality portfolio of licensed and original IP Massive reach and large active international audience
  3. 3. 85 highly experienced and talented staff based in Wellington, New Zealand
  4. 4. Example PikPok developed titles
  5. 5. make good choices, manage risk
  6. 6. know your strengths At PikPok we consider our strengths are • very strong technical team • great look and feel to our products • versatile design capability and ability to embrace new platforms and controls • demonstrated genre ability in arcade, driving, sports, and card management • ability to cater to Western adult male fan base and not exclude females or other cultures • well known and trusted brand, within industry and with consumers
  7. 7. build a portfolio • spread risk across multiple products • improve discoverability • layer up revenues • increase inherent value and salability
  8. 8. sourcing opportunities • ad hoc prototyping and pitching • formal prototyping and pitching • market analysis • 3rd party IP/brands/platforms • 3rd party games
  9. 9. evaluating opportunities • match to skills, creative interests, fanbase, technology etc • return on investment • cashflow requirements including ongoing costs • funding and incentives • opportunity cost • non tangible strategic value • production, marketplace, and legal factors and risks • re-evaluate as contributing factors and the market changes
  10. 10. key requirements for new titles • we believe it will be fun • we have the capability to build it and to high quality • we have the capability or a mechanism to fund it completely • it has a market we understand and a tangible way we can reach that market • it doesn’t compete with anything else directly • it has a very good chance of making it’s money back in the first 6-12 months • it has a chance of being very profitable
  11. 11. greenlight example reasoning Into the Dead 2 2017 Release Build on successful franchise Richer, deeper experience More refined monetization strategy Realize full potential of original idea Rival Stars College Football November 2016 Release Build out already successful brand Expansion into new sport Target “fantasy football” players Cross promote from sports catalog Shadow Wars August 2016 Release Build new franchise “Pokemon for adults” Capitalize on new knowledge and tech Creatively interesting for studio Shadow Wars
  12. 12. closely managed implementation • core team assigned from start to finish • scrum based agile production methodology • project kickoff meeting to get all parties aligned • flexible preproduction period with production greenlight • regular usability testing and QA • regular product reviews with senior management throughout development and beyond • adapt timelines and resourcing as necessary • localize wide for maximum potential reach and improved featuring
  13. 13. your game name is important The ideal game names have the following traits • creative and interesting • speaks to the experience • short enough to be completely visible in all contexts • not a made up word or “misspelling” for searchability and virality • available to take on the platform • able to extend/adapt for sequels and franchise expansions • not infringing on any trademarks ( to search US trademarks)
  14. 14. your game icon is important (for mobile) The ideal game icons have the following traits • creative and interesting • speaks to the experience • simple and clean enough to be readable in all contexts • contrast against those of other games in the same genre • have been A/B tested to gauge effectiveness
  15. 15. update aggressively • new content and features for improving average user lifetime and ratings • seasonal content for variety and improved featuring • improve metrics for better performance • resolve known issues and other maintenance to reduce barriers to play • add support for new platform features for improved featuring
  16. 16. • know your strengths • build a portfolio for robustness • evaluate and choose opportunities that fit • manage development closely • spend time on your icon and name • update aggressively summary
  17. 17. @mariowynands questions?