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50 ideas for Kev

This is an assigment for Design Thinking ActionLab @ Coursera (Stanford) here's the link to my assigment where I show ideation asubmission.

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50 ideas for Kev

  1. 1. S T E P 1 . I D E A G E N E R A T I O N 5 0 I D E A S KICK THEM OUT OF THE COMFORT ZONE. Do not create a solution for the person that needs to stop procrastinating but for the ones that surround him to kick him/her out of their comfort zone. For example, and app for his/her parents or boyfriends and girlfriends which aim is to give these people tips to make the person take action to find a job and face real life. This would be very inappropriate because what our person needs is to clear up their mind and take the decisions by themselves, find their way without too much influence of others. 49 MEGAPHONES AND "HIRE ME" SIGN. Sell megaphones and a hanging sign with the wordings "HIRE ME" for unemployed people, like Kev. This is ridiculous because what this people need is a solution that considers their emotional aspect, a solution that pays attention to what they need in order to keep their confidence and self-esteem up and to encourage them in the whole process. 50 HELLO, I’M KEV, a self-confident, friendly and talkative graphic designer recently graduated from college. I’m 24 and I live in Buenos Aires. I’m very curious and observer as well as team-working lover and problem-solving oriented, I have an interest in UX but I’m not sure if this field is what I want for my professional life. I give up activities easily and I don’t think I can take action by myself. MUM AND DAD ARE ALWAYS RIGHT. Talk to mum and dad, they always know what would be the best for us when taking a decision. 23 JUST DO IT, BUDDY. If you need a job go and ring the bell of the person that could offer the perfect job by just saying "hello I want to work with you". 24 THE ONE WITH SEVEN LIVES. Imagine that you are a cat and you have seven lives to try finding a perfect job. Prepare yourself as good as possible and go for it. Don't be afraid! this is just a game! 26 WORK AT HOME AND WATCH CARTOONS. Work at home so you can manage your time and meet with your friends and watch cartoons. 27 BEN-10 AS A HERO. Ask Ben-10 so he can help you out. 29 WHAT WOULD MIKE & SULLEY DO? You should do what Mike & Sulley did. Never give up, follow your ambition and trust in yourself! 30 SUPERPOWER WITH AUTOMAGICALLY EFFECT. Use my superpowers to get the job and know what to do without doing any effort, it's going to happen automagically! 25 HOW WOULD A 5-YEAR-OLD CHILD SOLVE THE PROBLEM? HIGH REPUTATION PROFESSIONALS GIVING HELP AND ADVICE. Offer Kev a complete service of help and support to look for -and apply for- jobs considering his specific interests and taking into account his strengths and weaknesses. This service must be held by high reputation professionals. 31 HOW WOULD YOU SOLVE THE PROBLEM IF YOU HAD AN UNLIMITED BUDGET? THE ONE WITH THE REALITY SHOW. Create a reality show for unemployed people like Kev. People that are struggling with this problem shouldn't be exposed to any kind of competition or have direct contenders (although in fact they do have contenders if we consider the selection process of people applying for a job). They need to feel good, accompanied by a community in which everyone help each other to make the process as nice as possible. 47 MAKING A REALITY SHOW MEANINGFUL AND HELPFUL FOR OTHERS. We could create a reality show where contestants learn about skills for looking for jobs but they do not compete in a direct way. The show could put an eye on the emotional side of the whole thing making the contestants feel more reliable on their skills and nature. This could be an interesting show for the part of the audience that is in the same position. 48 WHAT IS THE WORST IDEA YOU CAN COME UP WITH FOR THIS PROBLEM? CAN YOU MAKE THAT BAD IDEA WORK SOMEHOW? WHAT WOULD BE A COMPLETELY RIDICULOUS SOLUTION FOR THIS PROBLEM? SPONSORSHIPS AND THEIR INTERESTS. Look for sponsorship as a way for companies to interact and search candidates. This could be a network similar to LikedIn in which users can interact with each other, but it would include the possibility to apply for a job straight from this digital product. Anyway this would considerer some extra benefits for companies so that they can worth such collaboration. 43 COLLABORATIVE OPEN SOURCE FORCES. Generate an open source platform, collaborative in a 100% by users with similar needs and motivations. 44 TIPS FOR ONE PERSON. Define a personalized set of tips for Kev to suggest him different ways in which he could take action and find a job. This is not a solution in fact but it could help him improve his self-confidences and self-awareness. 45 THE CARDS GAME. Create a set of hand-made cards where Kev can find a series of questions to make him think about different ways to face his situation. One example would be suggest him think about a personality he looks up to (a member of his family, a singer, an actor, etc) and ask him in the card "What would he/she do to ….?" the statements have to be related to the problems Kev is trying to overcome. This could be a way of making him think and take action. 46 HOW WOULD YOU SOLVE THE PROBLEM WITHOUT SPENDING ANY MONEY? HOW WOULD YOU SOLVE THIS PROBLEM IF YOU HAD CONTROL OVER THE LAWS OF NATURE? PREDICTING THE FUTURE. Give Kev the ability to predict the future, to predict what are the doors he would need to knock to get the most pleasant work environment in the beginning of his professional life. 38 LONG-TERM BENEFITS POWER. Give Kev the power to look beyond the choices that are immediately rewarding and look for the choices that consider granting long-term benefits. 39 KNOWING WHAT OTHERS THINK. Give Kev the ability to know what others think without talking, give him the power to know what's going on in other peoples' mind (at some point this could be a problem too). 41 TELEPORTATION AS A KEY. Give Kev the ability to teleportate from one place to another when looking for a job. He could apply and have interviews in different cities of the world during the day! He should also have the ability to be a multi- language speaker and the ability to know about all the cultures in the world to face this scenario without any problems. 42 NEWSPAPERS AND WEBSITES WITH JOB OFFERS. Facilitate Kev a way to access easily to newspapers or websites with job offers. 01 12 MAKE THE WHOLE THING SOCIAL. KEV NEEDS IT. Websites with job offers already exist. This needs to be a collaborative tool, in which he can feel accompanied by a lot of people like him in the same place. The only way Kev would stop procrastinating is the possibility of a solution that is truly engaging and useful for him. ONLINE BASED PLATFORM FOR CV CREATION AND DELIVERY Provide a platform that helps him to apply for several jobs sending CVs via the Internet. He needs solutions to be easy so he feels keen at taking impulse to find a job and stop prioritizing secondary activities. 03 LET'S MAKE THIS IDEA A MUST HAVE FOR OTHER IDEAS. This idea could be eliminated and be considered as a must have in other ideas that consider the problem from its main angle. 14 COLLECTIVE NETWORK FOR STARTUPPERS. Be your own boss, collaborative tool to meet people with the same interests. A tool where they can meet, set goals and take action as a collective. A way to start doing something with an intention, a way to gain experience while learning. 06 A WAY TO KNOW THE JOB MARKET AND GAIN EXPERIENCE. This is similar to idea 3) but with a different focus. Members could be part of a social networking where people from different world locations can meet, interact and work together as a collective, looking for jobs or challenges to solve problems. They could gain experience and it sounds good for people like Kev whose main objective is not to make money but find where to fit. 17 PROFESSIONAL AND PERSONALIZED SUPPORT. Provide professional support to make Kev realize that he needs a change of mind regarding his procrastination problem. This could even be an app that helps him to get to truly know what are his priorities and a way to re.think his mental behavior. 08 NOT WORKING II. I think this idea has to be eliminated, as from the insight I gained in the research stage Kev needs to stop thinking and take action as soon as possible. He is young, and he doesn't need to feel fear of making mistakes, he needs to explore by doing, he needs to interact with others to discover what he truly wants for his professional life. 19 THE INTERESTS COLLECTOR. Provide means that make easier the way in which Kev access to information about what he's interested in: workshops, courses, post-grad education, job offers, employees reviews and professionals’ diaries. 09 ENTERTAINING, COLLABORATIVE AND USEFUL FOR MORE THAN ONE ACTOR. If this ideaallowsKevtointeract with others,itcouldbecomeagood help to openthedoorstoanunknown scenariotoKev'seyes.Thechallenge nowis totakeintoaccountnotonly theneedsofpeoplesimilartoKevbut also theinterestofotherpeopleor companies.Ifthisideagoesplayful and entertainingitwouldwork bettertoattractKev'sattention becausehefindsexistingplatforms quiteboringanddull(e.gLinkedIn). 20 CV EXPERT. Provide a mean to build a CV that helps him find specific jobs, giving help and support according to his perspective. 10 BECOME THIS IDEA A FEATURE FOR OTHER IDEAS. This idea needs to be more holistic, it could be considered a feature for ideas 4), 6) and 7) 21 THE PRINTED BULLETIN. A monthly bulletin fit to Kev's interests in his decision of looking for a job to find out how the job market looks like and have a better approach to his field of interest. It would be simple but maybe effective to make him take action, mainly if a printed bulletin arrives straight at his home. 11 PRINTED CUSTOMIZED BULLETIN AND BROCHURES AS A COMPLEMENT. Traditional means of information could also be effective only if they are personalized and works in terms of emotion and empathy. Even if the person receives a printed bulletin at his home he could feel special and taken into account in this tough process. This tool could work as a complement of online sources that have the advantage of support the newest information in real time. Printed bulletins or brochures are also expensive to produce and deliver. 22 DO WHAT YOU NEED AND STOP DOING NOTHING. Do you want to find a job? Then find a job! 28 WHAT ARE THE MOST OBVIOUS SOLUTIONS FOR THIS PROBLEM?/ WHAT CAN YOU ADD, REMOVE OR MODIFY FROM THOSE INITIAL SOLUTIONS? ELEVATOR PITCH TIPS. Give advice on how to develop his personal elevator pitch to be more successful when attending to an interview, and make him clear up his mind at the same time (because he will need to have clear intention and determination on how he want to be seen by others). 02 A MORE HOLISTIC INITIATIVE. Idea 02 is insufficient because although it helps the person to do a mental exercise when preparing himself for an interview, it skips important stages of the getting' -a-job process. Think about a more holistic initiative to our user's expectations and profile. 13 COLLABORATIVE SOCIAL NETWORK FOR JOB HUNTERS. Collaborative social network that allows users to help each other to find a job. 05 REPEATED. This idea is very similar to ideas 4) and 15) so let's go with ideas 4) and 15). 16 SOCIAL BASED NETWORK AS JOB ADVISOR. Social based network for people with similar feelings and problems to take action. Job advisor and a formula to stop procrastinating while looking for a job. 04 ENGAGING, SOCIAL AND ENTERTAINMENT PLATFORM, JOB ADVISOR FOR JOB HUNTERS. This could be good for Kev as he feels he can’t start doing things by himself. A virtual community would help him to take action, a place where everyone helps everyone to find a job. This tool have to be engaging, social, and entertaining to keep Kev's attention and motivation. 15 GOING BEYOND THE COMFORT ZONE ONLINE COMMUNITY. Out and about. An online community similar to couch surfing or trip advisor but related to work and life challenge in where users share their experiences. Take a risk and find a job, maybe you'll able to discover your destiny by doing -and not by waiting-. 07 REPEATED. This idea embraces the philosophy for idea 3, they're related and the main aim of it is to give users confidence and allow them not to feel fear of the unknown, going beyond their comfort zone. 18 IN-COMPANY FREE WORKSHOPS. Offer Kev the possibility to take courses and workshops given for free by companies involved in the field he is showing interest in. This would help him learn a lot and truly know whether this is what he is willing to do for a living or not. 32 FREE TRIPS TO THE MOST IMPORTANT COMPANIES. Offer Kev access to an international network of young recently graduated professionals to apply for free trips to different places of the world to get training in the best companies of the world. Aim: gain a lot of experience to be able to adapt themselves at local and foreign job market. 33 THE ONE WITH THE ROBOT. Develop and empathic and intelligent electronic-digital product that, taking into account user's preferences and personal information, could help them to find the right opportunities in the right moment and place. This could be a sort of a robot, a pet, or something that could engage people to take action to look for a job and truly know the best professional fields for them. A specific product could have more specific features and characteristics than a simple app or website. 34 THE BRIDGE TO REALITY. Give Kev and people similar to him (recently graduated students willing to take action in their professional life) the opportunity to go and live in a place (campus) where they can face a wicked problem in the area they are interested in and give a solution for real life situations. This could be considered a joint venture between government, companies and educational institutions, they could make great efforts to fill the gap between college and job market. 35 THE POWER FOR TRULY KNOWING ONESELF. Give Kev the power to truly know his direction in life. In this way he wouldn't feel frustrated when facing a situation. 36 THE POWER FOR REPELLING FEAR OF THE UNKNOWN. Give Kev wisdom to avoid creating resistance to taking action, avoiding fear of the unknown and feeling good when making mistakes. Making mistakes as a way of learning. 37 NEVER DOUBTING SUPERGIFT. Give Kev the ability to never complain or doubt and give him a "just do it" attitude as his main gift. 40 S T E P 1 . I D E A S E L E C T I O N 0 3 I D E A S THE INTERESTS COLLECTOR (9) Although there are more practical ideas in the list, this is one that could work for Kev. He needs a tool to simplify the way he access to the information he is inter- ested in. A place that allows users to concentrate the information related to strict user preferences may be a good choice. If this is easy and fun to use, it could be a good option for Kev to stop procrastinat- ing and pay attention to something that looks attractive to his eyes. The interest collector will contain clear information related to workshops, courses, post-grad education, job offers, employees reviews and diaries written by professionals working in the area. A way to concentrate all the details in which he could find inspiration or motivation for his curious mentality. A way to help Kev to take action. This could be more or less easy to implement depending on the number of features and functionalities to display. 02 THE BRIDGE TO REALITY (35) Give Kev and people similar to him (recently graduated students willing to take action in their professional life) the opportunity to go and live in a place (campus) where they can face a wicked problem in the area they are interested in and give a solution for real life situations. This could be considered a joint venture between government, companies and educational institutions, they could make great efforts to fill the gap between college and job market. They could give a lot of people this opportunity to gain experience and confidence, to know market rules, to participate in multi-disciplinary teams, to see their ideas working in real life solutions, to make focus on it and nothing else. A program like this would demand a huge economical effort and negotiations between the differ- ent actors involved. This idea is maybe the most useful for people like Kev, they're willing to work and live a great and brand new experience, they can work with real problems for real companies and give real solutions. It would be awesome for governments and companies to have several campus along the country. This idea would work for professions similar to Kev's and it would be a great initiative in Argentina. 04 05 02 03 ENGAGING, SOCIAL AND ENTERTAINING PLATFORM, JOB ADVISOR FOR JOB HUNTERS (RESULT OF IDEAS 4, 5, & 15) This could be good for Kev as he feels he can not start doing things by himself. A virtual community would help him to take action. This tool have to be engaging, social, and entertaining to keep Kev's attention and motivation. This tool could be considered as a job advisor for job hunters. The main function of this online app is to be a practical way in which people can create a network to help each other find a job. They will be able to share their experiences, fears and motivations, they could advice others after having an interview, and so on. This tool have to be entertaining, it has to be seen by users as an adventure, something that tries to bring positive feelings around a topic that have always been connected to stressful situations and unhappyness. I have detected that people similar to Kev are trying to cope with the gap between college and job market, but also they're coping with their transition between teenagehood to adulthood (yes, even if they are in their twenties). They feel they have to behave as mature people, they have to find a job and move alone, this whole package generally produces fear, stress and discouragement when this people try to make it alone. Relations between users would be considered as a key for this product. This tool has to connect emotionally with users. Gamification strategies would also help to give users permanent feedback and/or set deadlines to improve their performances, maintain their interests and avoid giving up. THE MOST PRACTICAL IDEA (ONE THAT COULD BE EASILY IMPLEMENTED) THE MOST DISRUPTIVE IDEA (ONE THAT COULD MAKE A HUGE IMPACT, REGARDLESS OF HOW FEASIBLE OR AFFORDABLE IT IS). YOUR FAVORITE IDEA (ONE IDEA THAT YOU ARE EXCITED ABOUT FOR WHATEVER REASON… YOU DON'T HAVE TO JUSTIFY WHY).