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Selling your Soul: Turning your entrepreneurial spirit intoa powerful brand.

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Publicado el The four steps to branding your business by harnessing your entrepreneurial soul. Presented by Jay Ehret of The Marketing Spot, this is one of his keynote addresses.

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  • You can actually sell your soul right here: . Which seems easier.
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  • There are a few quirks in the slideshow, a result of the conversion from PowerPoint to Slideshare. I will get those corrected and load the new version of the presentation as soon as I can.
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Selling your Soul: Turning your entrepreneurial spirit intoa powerful brand.

  1. Selling Your Soul
  2. People get the wrong idea about the notion of “ Selling your Soul”
  3. Did these entrepreneurs sell their soul?
  4. Yes.
  5. By creating a powerful brand that harnesses their Entrepreneurial Soul
  6. FORTUNES UP FORTUNES UP AGAIN FORTUNES DOWN They created their brand They left their brand They returned to their Brand
  7. Selling your soul is a good thing for your brand.
  8. How do you harness your soul?
  9. S O U L We need an acronym...of course.
  10. S O U L pirit Harnessing your entrepreneurial spirit…
  11. S O U L nlyness with a single-minded focus…
  12. S O U L niqueness presented in your own unique way…
  13. S O U L ife Being your brand in real life.
  14. S O U L pirit nlyness niqueness ife The Entrepreneurial Soul
  15. So, how do you turn it into a powerful brand?
  16. S Discover Your pirit
  17. What gets your engine running?
  18. Sometimes your passion goes against the grain.
  19. Flickr photo by rosewithoutathorn84 And you’re branded a heretic.
  20. But so were these guys.
  21. Maybe you should embrace your heresy.
  22. Heresy: Opposition to a previously established canon of belief.
  23. Opposing industry norms is not a bad thing.
  24. Like being a conservationist in the sprinkler repair business.
  26. Where do you go against the established canon of belief?
  27. O Bare Your nlyness
  28. A single-minded focus.
  29. On what?
  30. Hero vs. Revolutionary
  31. Hero Thinking
  32. Brands like to be heroes…
  33. But, so do customers…
  34. Flickr photo by cliff1066 Revolutions create heroes.
  35. Microsoft started a productivity revolution that made everyone a hero.
  36. Can you turn customers into heroes?
  37. What’s your Revolution?
  38. Share Your U niqueness
  39. Put your personality on stage
  40. “ I’d rather be looked over, than overlooked” Mae West
  41. “ Differessence” A combination of your brand’s promise and personality - Jim Morris ::
  42. Does your brand have a personality?
  43. Swagger Chick Magnet
  44. A used car dealer….
  45. With personality…
  46. What’s your Differessence ?
  47. Live Your F aith
  48. Brands that try to please everyone….
  49. … become cross-dressing brands.
  50. Can you say “ brand confusion ?”
  51. Delivery When your brand comes in contact with the customer…
  52. Be who you are.
  53. Like…. Dad, four brothers, and a brother-in-law.
  54. Are you hiding the real you?
  55. S O U L pirit nlyness niqueness ife
  56. S Discover Your pirit
  57. O Bare Your nlyness
  58. Share Your U niqueness
  59. Live Your F aith
  60. Sell Your Soul
  61. Selling Your Soul