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The New Golden Age of Cartography (and its Implications for Oil & Gas)

Presentation delivered to Denver Petroleum Users Group on November 10, 2011 by Brian Timoney and Chris Rice. Highlighting the new possibilities for creating great, customized basemaps for Oil & Gas projects and delivering them over the web especially to mobile devices such as iPad. Also a plea for less ugly maps in an industry that seems too attached to fully saturated yellows, greens, and reds: go more subtle with the help of ColorBrewer.

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The New Golden Age of Cartography (and its Implications for Oil & Gas)

  1. 1. DENVER PETROLEUM USERS GROUP November 10, 2011 Brian Timoney The Timoney Group Chris Rice Colorado Cartographics The New Golden Age of Cartography (and the implications for Oil & Gas)
  2. 2. Intended Takeaways of Talk: NOTES The web mapping revolution of last six years has ushered in a new golden age of cartography that has now extended to the basemap. Introduction to mapmaking tools that aren’t GIS tools a. TileMill cartographic studio <ul><li>We need to learn from the many failures of web GIS— </li></ul><ul><ul><li>Users crave intuitive simplicity </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>Just having a customized basemap with scale-dependent detail is a useful user experience online and offline </li></ul></ul>Basemap data available from Open Street Map. a. Free program Maperitive a great way to generate quick shaded-relief tiles Oil & Gas industry produces more than its share of ugly maps. Fully-saturated colors hurt everyone’s eyes: consult ColorBrewer
  3. 3. First Golden Age: Dutch, and male
  4. 4. Global basemaps; custom overlays
  5. 5. Too much of a good thing
  6. 6. GIS on the web has been a failure
  7. 7. We in GIS may be slow to embrace the New Golden Age of Cartography due to the failures of “web GIS” a. Huge technology footprint (“server” management anyone?) b. Dominant visual metaphor was desktop GIS, which befuddles non-GIS users c. Too complex (and often slow) for casual use d. Let’s be blunt— after 10 years of web GIS and upper-level executives still prefer screen-captures in PowerPoint <fail> NOTES
  8. 8. Cartography as Information Visualization
  9. 9. New Golden Age Cartography Example: Map of Facebook friend connections (no other basemap data was used, just geocoded Facebook user locations) 2 salient facts— a) creator has no formal GIS training b) map wasn’t created by standard GIS software but by the open-source statistical software “R” NOTES
  10. 10. In Oil & Gas, the paper map remains the dominant form of cartographic communication (by far…)
  11. 11. Insert joke about conference attendees swarming the Wood MacKenzie booth for free maps. In Oil & Gas, maps are both visual information and interior decorating. NOTES
  12. 13. The New Golden Age of Cartography is about bringing design back to the forefront. Web mapping without GIS… NOTES
  13. 14. TileMill by MapBox
  14. 15. Project Interface
  15. 18. Function & Form
  16. 19. The tablet, or more specifically the iPad represents a fresh opportunity for web GIS in the Oil & Gas industry, especially in reaching upper management who has neither time nor inclination to deal with the typical over-busy web mapping interface NOTES
  17. 20. Anytime, Anywhere, No Restrictions
  18. 21. A couple of options for mobile 1. New OpenLayers api with mobile touch support 2. Leaflet.js a new free API with mobile support 3. DevelopmentSeed’s MapBox app NOTES
  19. 22. License free basemap data
  20. 23. Where to get license-free basemap data? Open Street Map **Many commercial providers don’t allow the downloading of basemap tiles for offline use NOTES
  21. 24. Quick Shaded Relief/OSM Tiles Maperitive
  22. 25. Maperitive— Very handy Windows freeware to generating Open Street Map tiles + elevation contours + hillshading NOTES
  23. 27. If ArcMap is where you do all of your cartography, Arc2Earth is a great extension that enables export to all sorts of web-friendly formats including MBTiles. NOTES
  24. 28. Beware the frustration of different tiling schemes
  25. 29. Oil & Gas industry makes too many ugly maps
  26. 30. Combat the Ugly in your everyday maps— get smarter about color De-saturate your yellows, reds, & greens using ColorBrewer as a guide NOTES
  27. 31. Choose better color schemes with
  28. 32. Contacts: Brian Timoney [email_address] Twitter: @briantimoney Chris Rice [email_address] Twitter: @colocarto NOTES