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How analysing music videos initially helped you

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How analysing music videos initially helped you

  1. 1. How analysing music videos initially helped you in planning your music<br />
  2. 2. We analysed three different music video’s from three different genre’s, this was to help us know how to analyse and find the typical codes and conventions of each genre.<br />One of the songs we analysed at the beginning of the year was Nirvana “Smells like teen spirit”<br />I did not like to analyse this genre of music as it did not appeal to me very much, I much preferred to analyse, Grime, Dubstep or RnB videos<br />We also each picked a video we liked and we then analysed it for the class, the song I chose was Skream Ft Example “Shot yourself in the foot again” I chose this song as it had made an immediate impression on me when I first heard it and when we was told that we would be creating a music video I knew that I wanted to create a music video for this song. <br />Once we had discussed and decided on which genre (Dubstep) and which song (SYITFA) we could then easily choose Dubstep videos to analyse as these would help in constructing our music video by learning the codes and conventions of typical Dubstep videos and also learning about how successful you can be if you break the conventions or whether sticking with the typical conventions is a safer option.<br />
  3. 3. Analysing music videos in our specific genre helped us a lot going through the planning stages of our music video as we could use the codes and conventions we had learnt from analysing previous Dubstep videos to help shape our own music video by deciding on whether we would break or conform to conventions, how we would do which ever we decided. There are so many things you have to contemplate when making a music video as you need to decide on what ideology the song is sending to the audience and you need to make sure that your music video follows that ideology otherwise the viewer will get confused, you need to learn about gender roles in that genre and then conform or break those conventions. <br />We decided to break some conventions by not showing the UKF Dubstep logo during our video, this was because we felt that our video was original and wanted it to be recognised easily from other videos especially the original video of (SYITFA).<br />We also broke the conventions of Gender Roles in the music video as in the original the storyline was that the male was cheating on the woman but in our video we decided to break that and change it so that it was the woman who cheated on the man. We did this to make our storyline and video more original. <br />