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Bill Gates by Daniel Lichi

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Bill Gates by Daniel Lichi

  1. 1. “If I'd had some set idea of a finish line, don't you think I would have crossed it years ago?” Daniel Lichi
  2. 2. Some accomplishments.. • Gates founded Microsoft at 20 Y/O based on the aspiration of working on what he liked most, programming • He left Harvard to pursue his long-term dream • By 32 he was the wealthiest man in the US • By 49 Created William Gates Foundation, personally donated more than $28B • Since 2006, Gates stepped down as full time chairman from Microsoft to dedicate his full time to the foundation.
  3. 3. Brief biographical sketch Family • Entrepreneurial and supportive family • Family encouraged competition; reward for winning, penalty for losing Education • Interest in programming - excused absence • Harvard for College - met Steve Ballmer, successor as CEO • Left Harvard to form Microsoft with childhood friend Paul Allen. Microsoft • Early years - all employees had broad responsibility for company's business • First five years - Gates personally reviewed and rewrote every line of code the company shipped Personal Life • 1994 married Melinda French, they have three children •1999, wealth briefly surpassed $101 billion, flew coach until private jet Foundation •Carnegie and Rockefeller’s example •2006, announced transition to part-time work at Microsoft, and full-time at Foundation. •Second-most generous philanthropists in America, over $28B to charity •2014, Gates stepped down as Chairman of Microsoft.
  4. 4. Four circles
  5. 5. Lessons learned • Be passionate about what you like and do it, have clear goals and go for it! • If you are passionate about it, get others involved and share that passion with your family, community and at work • Have clear and strong values, communicate them, and live up to them both professionally and personally • Success is what you want it to be, there is never enough