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Basic Facebook Marketing Strategies to Generate Endless Leads and Dominate

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Basic Facebook Marketing Strategies to Generate Endless Leads and Dominate

  1. 1. ==== ====Take a look at this excellent Facebook Marketing Aid ====According to Alexa, Facebook is the second most popular website next to Google. I researchedmore and found that around 30% of the global internet subscribers visit Facebook every day.Facebook currently has 300 million subscribers and is growing rapidly. 45 Million updates aremade on Facebook every day and world wide users spend around 8 billion minutes per day.What does it mean to you as an internet marketer? It is a large gold mine. Isnt it? However, Howare you going to position yourself uniquely and promote your business on Facebook consideringthe large volume of updates being posted on Facebook every day? How do you grasp theattention of the Facebook users? The purpose of this post is to make you aware of the basicFacebook marketing strategies and tools that you need to successfully generate leads anddominate.Always remember Facebook is a social network and should not be used to pitch your business.Prosperity in your Facebook marketing is directly proportial to the number of solid relationshipsdeveloped with fellow users.So, Lets gets startedFacebook Profile- A picture is worth thousand words. Make sure to add a picture in your profile- Fill in your past info such as schools went to and make it public so that people can find youthrough search- Fill in your interests and make it public so that fellow subscribers could relate to you- Fill in all your websites such as a blog, Twitter, your capture pages etc on your profile. By default,only your primary website is displayed. I would highly recommend to display all your websites inyour profile. Anyone visiting your profile page could click on your URLS and learn more about youAdd FriendsAfter creating a profile, do not wait for things to happen. Go ahead and find and add few friends aday every day. It is advised that you can add up to 25-30 friends everyday. Excessive adding offriends will result in removing your page by Facebook administrators.Interact with friends through like and commentOnce you have added a few friends and see their content on your home page, start interactingwith them by liking and commenting on their updates. Commenting on updates could have a viraleffect. When you comment on an update, your comment will show up on the updaters wall and isvisible to all his friends. So, it pays to make intelligent comments and get traffic back to your page.Also, feel free to share quotes, posts, and videos that had a positive impact on you. Key is to
  2. 2. interact with Facebook friends as much as possible.Facebook Photo AlbumsFeel free to share your pictures and videos with your friends on Facebook. People would love toknow more about you through pictures and videos. If you have been to a networking event andhave taken pictures with the leaders and fellow networkers, share those pictures with stories aboutthe events and see the traffic to your website increasingFacebook VideosIf a picture is worth thousand words, how much is a video worth? In 2009, video marketing hasbeen growing rapidly and is here to stay. Facebook allows you to either upload videos or shoot avideo instantly. More you share the videos, better it is. Do share your videos about networkingevents, funny incidents, achievements and any other video that could have a positive influence onothers. I use the video feature of Facebook in a couple of ways and am seeing phenomenalresults:1. I introduce myself to recently added friends. A short video describing who I am and appreciatingfor friendship2. I use instant Facebook video recording option to wish happy birthdays to friendsFacebook GroupsGroup positions you as a leader and displays the value you can provide to fellow networkers.Facebook users who join your group can be converted to prospects for your biz by using effectiveattraction marketing strategies. It pays to establish a group and providing value to the members ofthe group through emails, invitations to an event etc. I also use groups in Facebook to identify likeminded people and to promote my posts.Facebook EventsFacebook allows you to create a public event ( viewable to all members of Facebook) andprovides you with a URL that can be used to communicate on other social networks like Twitter,MySpace etc. I send an event invitation via email to all my group members. Event feature keepstrack of the users status (attending, not attending, may be) about the event. I see an increase innumbers for the event when I blast a reminder email to people who were not sure or were planningto attend.Facebook Wall postsEvey user in Facebook has a wall where he posts messages and moderates the comments made.If you are a core Facebook user, I am sure that you must be posting and promoting your contenton your wall. However, It is worth much more to learn how to post your content effectively on wallsof the members having a huge number of friends. It can be done by giving a lot of value that couldbe beneficial to the users visiting the page. Facebook will disable your account if they see youspamming. So, be cautious while using this approach.
  3. 3. Facebook NotesDo you have a self hosted word press blog? If no, I would highly recommend you to start bloggingand provide valuable content. Facebook notes is an awesome feature you can use to make yourvaluable blog content visible publicly to all members of Facebook. Also, there are applications thatimport your blog content into the notes in an automated way. Isnt that cool?This feature would increase your blog traffic tremendously and ultimately your sales if you areusing the blog as central a hub/nerve center as I mentioned in my Attraction Marketing Blueprintpost.Facebook ApplicationsI am not a big fan of applications on Facebook as I generate enough traffic using the resourcesmentioned above. However, there are couple of applications that I personally useVuyou (Video Email Application): If you are an internet marketer and are generating leads throughvarious marketing strategies like PPC, classifieds etc, you already might know the value ofconnecting with the prospect. I use this FREE video email application to connect with my leads assoon as they enter in to my sales funnel.Networked Blogs: I use this application to increase the visibility for my blog. This is a coolapplication which allows Facebook users to subscribe to my blog and access my updatesregularly.Once you have these Basic Facebook Marketing tools in place, learn exact step by step FacebookMarketing Blueprint [] of how you can spend only 30minutes a day to create at least 20 Raving Fans per day on Facebook and convert them intoPaying customers and Distributors for FREE.Article Source: ====Take a look at this excellent Facebook Marketing Aid ====