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Business Research Methods

  1. In the name of Allah Kareem, Most Beneficent, Most Gracious, the Most Merciful !
  2. What is Research ? In simple words Re-search mean “Search Again” OR “It is a process of gathering information to answer a question”
  3. What is Business Research ? “Business Research is a systematic and objective process of gathering, recording and analyzing data for making good business decisions”
  4. Examples of Business Research  What is the best strategy to promote a particular product? (Marketing) What is the main reasons for employee turnover? (HRM)  What is the rate of return on particular investment? (finance)
  5. WHY WE SHOULD STUDY RESEARCH METHOD? The best reason for learning about research methods is that these methods are used by the Managers to answer the questions regarding day to day business problems. Following are some other implications of the research: 1- Management Is A Science: Management is a science to gather and interpret information in order to make effective decisions. 2- Reduce Uncertainty: The prime managerial value of business research is that it reduces uncertainty by providing required information and improves the following four stages of decision making:  Identifying problems and opportunity.  Diagnosing and assessing problems or opportunities.  Selecting and implementing a course of action.  Evaluating the course of action.
  6. 3- Conducting A Study: Research method course is very useful for you as you have to do your master’s thesis in order to complete your degree requirement and it is also helpful to you at some time in future because being a professional everyone wants to read and understand the most recent research in order to be up date in his profession. 4- Reading And Evaluating Other People’s Study: A grasp of research terminology will allow you to read and understand research articles and critically evaluate it. Rather than reading a summary of someone else’s research in a magazine, news paper, or textbook, you can read the original article your self and draw your own conclusion. 5- Understanding Brief Description Of Studies: A research method course will help you understanding abbreviated description of studies given as evidence supporting some conclusion or theory.
  7. 6- Thesis is based on Research : besides all the business related benefits of the research studies, it is also useful for your academic requirement of thesis as being compulsory for your degree 7- Making Decisions In Our Daily Lives: Besides becoming a researcher, to be an effective, participating member of 21st century one must understanding the research process in order to evaluate and act on research results. 8- Being A Better Thinker: The research methodology will also improve your thinking as it is a logical and objective method of finding answer to a question which may apply to all aspects of life. 9- Secret Of Success: “The secret of success is to know something nobody else knows” .
  8. Classification of Research Time Inquiry Application Objective Dimension Mode Basic or Cross- Exploratory Qualitative Pure sectional research research Research research Applied Explanatory Longitudinal Quantitative Research research research research Mixed Descriptive Methods research research
  9. THEORY Theory is a standardized principle on which basis we can explain the relationship between two or more concepts or variables. PURPOSE OF THEORY Prediction and understanding are the two purpose of theory. LEVELS OF THEORY 1. Abstract level At the abstract level. Concepts and propositions are the elements of theory 2. Empirical level At the empirical level theory is concerned with variables and testable hypothesis, the empirical counterparts of concepts and propositions.
  10. More Satisfaction increases the Higher Temperature reduces the Motivation level Productivity Theory Satisfaction & Motivation Temperature & Productivity hard work & thirst Proposition Hypothesis Height & Weight, Honesty and success Distance & Speed Height, Weight, Motivation, thirst, concept variable Temperature, Di stance honesty, satisfac tion Abstract Empirical level level
  11. THEORY DEVELOPMENT PROCESS 1. Induction process 2. Deduction process Theory All rosebushes have thorns Deduction Induction Predicted Observation Actual Observation If I check my neighbor’s rose bushes, I notice that the five rosebushes I should find that they all have thorns in my backyard all have thorns
  12. DEDUCTION AND INDUCTION 1. Theory 2. Hypothesis 1. General Research Questions Deduction Induction 3. Data Collection 2. Data Collection 4. Findings 3. Findings 5. Hypothesis confirmed or 4. Generation of Theory rejected 6. Revision of theory
  13. Research Process 1.Select a Topic / Problem 2.Literature review 3.Research design 4.Data Collection 5. Data Preparation 6.Data Analysis 7.Discussion and Conclusion 8.Report Writing
  14. 1. Select a Topic •Chose Area for research 1 (Management Sciences) •Select field of research 2 (Finance, HRM, Marketing) •Select topic of research 3 (Advertising in Marketing) •Refine topic of research 4 (Refining topic) 5 • Decide about the industry / sector
  15. You are required to select a research topic of your interest, develop a theoretical framework on selected topic and write down one page description for the selection of your topic. In undertaking the assignment the students are expected to justify their rationale for the Research Topic and also for selected variables.
  16. Guidelines Your one page description (excluding Model and end-list references) should contain: • Topic/ Title • The Justification of the topic selection • A description of the data – definitions of the selected variables and Conceptual Model • Accuracy of Document • Font Size (12) • Heading (14 + Bold) • Sub-Heading (12 + Bold) • Font Style (Times New Roman) • Line Spacing (Single) • Alignment (Justified) • Spelling and Grammatical Accuracy • Referencing (In-text and End-list) • Minimum Words Limit (500)

Notas del editor

  1. Data preparation and discussion should be formatted equally
  2. Topic is not finalized in 3rd step coz I don’t know that I m checking relationship of advertising with what. Then I will read article and then find gap then will refine topic and start researchnote: topic should be neither be to broad nor to narrow.Impact of inflation on economy Economy is broader topicHr impact on organizational performance so first analyze employee performance