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Home Business :: Is It Advisable To Join Livesmart 360?

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It a sad fact though that many are doing it totally wrong and simply don't know how to leverage the ...

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Home Business :: Is It Advisable To Join Livesmart 360?

  1. 1. Home Business :: Is It Advisable To Join Livesmart 360? It a sad fact though that many are doing it totally wrong and simply don't know how to leverage the internet for maximum profits for their business. Is this company a rip off? There is a good management team behind the company and you can find their offices in Florida, Sarasota to be exact. This is what they call a 'dual team hybrid' and there are a total of 24 ranks of achievement, each with their own bonuses. At least you won't be relying on the post anymore. The Livesmart 360 Compensation Plan If you didn't know then Live smart 360 is a new network marketing company, they've been around for about 6 months now and they will be officially going live in January 2011. For those who like to hit the higher ranks, if you can make your way to 'Silver' then you will be eligible for the BMW bonus. They are also planning to set up shop in Australia and The Philippines.. They will pay you a monthly allowance to lease a BMW, the higher you progress the more they pay and once the car it fully paid for, it's yours to keep! Anyone who has their sights a little higher can qualify for the 'Exotic car bonus', the same deal applies but we are talking about getting a real class motor like an Aston or Ferrari. You will get your own company replicated website to market the products and opportunity, plus a back office so you can keep an eye on stats etc.. It's safe to say they know what they are doing! Well do I really need to answer this question? The answer is basically no, there is a legitimate product range being sold to the end user and a good and fair compensation plan. This can be VERY powerful. You might also be interested in the Life changing bonus in this pay plan. The idea of this bonus is to help those less fortunate than yourself. The company intends for you to donate the money to a charity or someone in need and record the event on camera (the company provides the camera). They have put up some good figures even though they are new. Their flagship product is 360-Mist, these are a range of oral sprays that deliver a variety of benefits. Because of the mist spray formulation they are easily absorb by the body at a cellular level which increases effectiveness and mobilization of nutrients Certainly an interesting product, The mist products cover everything from vitamin delivery to making sure your bedroom performance is on top form. What products do Livesmart 360 market? This kind of advice is ok and a good place to start but for many people they soon exhaust their friends and family and their warm lists, only to find that no one has signed up. Probably the easiest most accessible way to do this in today's modern world, is online. Having established distribution centres already in Jamaica, Malaysia and Singapore and recruited around 150,000 distributors they have started with quite a bang. There are some folks who just don't like MLM, to them every MLM
  2. 2. company is a scam.. Another interesting point to note is that once you earn $12 you will be sent a 'Livesmart 360 Pre-Pay debit card' This will be your payment method, you can then withdraw cash or use it to make purchases in store or online. These are some very good achievements for a new company. The Smart Equity Bonus pool is also something to look forward to if you can earn your way to the top of the compensation plan. If you are going to make any money in this you need to come up with a way to expose many more people to your business on a regular basis. This is a nice little perk which obviously builds your own brand as someone who cares and also creates a nice image for Livesmart 360.. There is a pool of 5% of the company equity put by for those people who make it to the top of the pay plan. Looking at the training provided by the john's auto parts company there doesn't seem to be anything out of the ordinary, it the standard stuff, talk to friends and family, make a warm ,list etc... There are 3 main product lines to note, 2 are pretty common, diet weight loss (LiveFit 360) and health supplements in the form of tablets (NutraSmart). There are so many top earners in the industry today creating massive residual incomes online. If you take all the team together then between them they are responsible for over 1 billion dollars worth of sales in the industry, and have brought in half a million distributors between them. For the higher achievers in the pay plan, they will be awarded an extra bonus cheque for between 500 5000 dollars