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Top tips
to network
like a pro
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Top tips to network like a pro

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Make the most of each and every encounter you have because you never know who you’ll meet and how they may be able to advance your career.

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Top tips to network like a pro

  1. 1. Top tips to network like a pro 26.9% 14.25% 11.7% Through their networks Advertised on the internet University Careers Services Source: Graduate Careers Australia’s 2014 Australian Graduate Survey Just over half of the Australian graduates who found full-time work in 2015 found out about their employment via 3 sources: Where should I network? • At University • At careers fairs & industry functions • LinkedIn and Facebook • Mentoring programs • At the coffee shop, hairdresser, sporting events, etc. • At work • At social events. Challenge yourself to meet new people! • Anywhere Why should I network? • To boost your career prospects • To find out about unadvertised jobs • For advice and information sharing • To find a mentor • To broaden your brand So what is networking? Networking is all about building relationships to develop professional and social contacts and exchange information. You can network with: • Friends • Family • Past employers • Classmates • Co-workers including people outside your department • Lecturers • Referrals from friends and family Networking can provide a range of career opportunities, so make sure you are taking advantage of every chance you get to grow your network. CRICOS: QLD00244B NSW02225M TEQSA: PRV12081 29.3.1 05.2017 Graphics © Shutterstock ‘Job-seekers need to diversify their job hunting efforts… 60% of your effort needs to be on building a robust network that can help you get a job in the hidden market; these are the jobs that get filled before the position is posted on some job board.’ – Lou Adler, CEO and best-selling author. Source: 5 Steps to Getting a Better Job in the Hidden Market, August 1, 2014. For more information, tips and advice about how to grow your network and develop future career opportunities, contact USQ’s Career Development team at Student Services, check out these 10 tips to help you expand your network and boost your new career, or visit the Career Hub.