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Mobile Trends

  1. 1. Too many questions
  2. 2. • 140M new mobile subscribers in Q4 2012 Facts • Data traffic grew by 28% between Q3 and Q4 2012. • Global mobile penetration reached 89 percent in Q4 2012 • 15-20% of the worldwide installed base of mobile phone subscriptions uses smartphones
  3. 3. Emerging Markets • 75% of all new phones in Asia and Africa • There are now twice as many mobile money users in Africa than there are Facebook users in region • More than 30 million people undertook 224.2 million transactions in June 2012 • Nigeria is in the top 10 mobile markets on the planet in numbers of subscribers: +5 million in Q4 2012
  4. 4. things change fast
  5. 5. trends
  6. 6. M-PAYMENTS & NFC
  7. 7. Mobile coupons & wallets
  8. 8. Marketing will change
  9. 9. HTML5 vs Native apps
  10. 10. How difficult is to implement BYOD
  11. 11. Carriers vs OTTs
  12. 12. BaaS
  13. 13. How to make a startup or not!
  14. 14. Work for someone first?
  15. 15. Have a methodology
  16. 16. No more meetings and ppts
  17. 17. talk to people
  18. 18. Fail fast
  19. 19. Don’t develop a “fetish for failure”
  20. 20. thank you • email: • twitter: @vanton_cytech • www:

Notas del editor

  • που να δουλέψω; να κανω κατι σχετικό με την επιστήμη μου; να κάνω κάτι δικό μου; να δουλέψω πρώτα σε μια επιχείρη; να συνεχίσω τις σπουδές μου;
  • don’t listen to anyone doing forecasts for the next 5 years
  • my perspective so you see what is important in mobile this year and maybe next one too
  • great players with access to market and technology Google wallet, i-wallet and passbook, isis wallet, viva wallet etc
  • We bet on coupons with our solutions because 30% of smartphone users are m-coupon users (40M in the US) 62% of consumers redeem grocery and retail goods based coupons Most popular businesses for coupons are Groceries, retail goods, food & drink
  • marketers need to be educated and use technology in a smart way no need to be complicated but need to me context and location aware, personalized
  • mobile apps is a hype but imo 20% or more have no need to be in appstores or be native too many platforms and the cost to cover all is very big many web developers and designers know html5 css3 and js
  • Html5 is a good friend of BYOD enterprises need one code base for easy maintenance security and access to device data
  • carriers are transformed to access providers. other companies monetize on voice and messaging services. Maybe there is an opportunity for such services.
  • Too many mobile apps need a back-end. Common services are push notification, data storage, social media access etc. Flury acquired trestle. Parse is the leader.
  • Think twice and have the right reasons. Not every idea can be transformed to a company Not everyone is born for an entrepreneur It is not easy
  • it’s a good idea to get some experience prior to create your company
  • On the time-wasters and productivity-killers side, however, meetings are unsurprisingly first, followed by PowerPoint presentations. And, perhaps astonishingly, office watercooler chats, Facebook and Twitter browsing, and multi-tasking were all rated more harmful than having an alcoholic drink over a business lunch.
  • dont be afraid someone will steal your idea. Most clever ppl dont need to steal they might help you or cooperate with you if it is good
  • Silicon Valley excerpt :Fail fast succeed sooner Doesn’t mean you don’t try enough
  • and don’t try just to fail and say that you know how to fail. nobody likes failures even if failure = experience