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Cultural and natural monuments of unesco desislava 9a

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Comenius project - MCIMC. UNESCO monuments in Bulgaria

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Cultural and natural monuments of unesco desislava 9a

  1. 1. Cultural and naturalmonuments of UNESCO
  2. 2. Thracian Tomb of Kazanlak Thracian tomb from the end of the beginning of the IV-III century BC The frescoes in the burial chamber and the corridor have extraordinary artistic value. Located on a hill near the town of Kazanlak Tyulbeto
  3. 3. Madara Horseman. Rock relief carved on the Madara rocks on the northern slope of Provadiisko height of 23 meters. This is the most significant monument of monumental art from the early Middle Ages and unique in European cultural history. Located near the village of Madara, about 16 km from Shumen
  4. 4. Rila Monastery The most impressive monastery complex in Bulgaria with exceptional architectural and artistic qualities. Founded in thetenth century, rebuilt in the XIII-XIV century literary center in the fifteenth century and completed in its present form in an impressive nineteenth century spiritual center of Bulgaria. Located in the northwestern Rila Mountains, about 20 km from the town of Rila and about 120 km from Sofia
  5. 5. Ancient City of Nessebar.Architectural, historical and archaeological reserve on the Black Sea coast with archaeological relics from different periods, original churches from V to XVII century houses and authentic. More about Nessebar, Archaeological Museum, Temple Museum "St. Spas" church-museum "St. Stephen".
  6. 6. Sveshtari tombThracian tomb from the first half of III century BC. The central burialchamber is exceptionally rich and impressive decoration in highrelief caryatids. Located near the village of Sveshtari, 7 kmnorthwest of the city Isperih. More about the historical-archaeological preserve "Sboryanovo" - Isperih
  7. 7. Biosphere Reserve inthe valley of the Danube, including Silver Lake and its surroundings. Created for the preservation of rare plant and animal species. Located 16 km west of Silistra. More about Silver Lake - Biosphere Reserve and Museum Silver Reserve
  8. 8. Pirin National ParkPart of the beautiful Pirin Mountains. Located in the high stakes of the Pirin Mountains. Characterized by a specific landscape and unique flora and fauna. Includes Biosphere Reserve "Dupki-Dzhindzhiritsa" and substitute "Julienne". More about the National Park
  9. 9. • Prepared presentation - Desislava Heronova ІXa class• Teacher: Vesela Ruseva