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Startup Journey : Lessons Learned

Our very own CEO and Product
manager of Tudlo will speak at Ecommerce entrepreneurs Summit Cebu 2014 in Diamond Suites and Residences.

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Startup Journey : Lessons Learned

  1. 1. “Startup Journey: Lessons Learned” Vince Loremia Co Founder, Tudlo
  2. 2. Social Platform as a Service
  3. 3. Social Platform as a Service Backed by International Organization and Conglomerate Company Supported by Global Companies
  4. 4. “Best Disaster and Emergency App 2012”
  5. 5. Ideaspace Top 20
  6. 6. Market and customer • We have initially piloted in the Province of Albay in partnership with SMART • Localized dialect and data
  7. 7. Market and customer • Nationwide Implementation
  8. 8. We now serve.... - 80% of the Government Agencies in the Philippines - 25,600 users Platform is in major devices and operating system.... - Android, IOS and Windows Mobile - Run in major Web Browsers Presented in the World.... - Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Austria and in Qatar
  9. 9. Start Survive Sustain “Do not Procrastinate” “Ideas are great but execution makes it to reality” “Customer development first rather than Product Development.” “You'll make mistakes, so why not try anyway.” “Pick the initial team very carefully.” “Keep on moving” “Be agile” “Fail fast. Keep on Experimenting.” “Fundraising is a full time job.” “Get it done.” “Sales fix everything” “Maximize profit and look for opportunities always” “Don't guess. Measure every aspect of the business” “Iterate.”
  10. 10. *Available in iPhone, Android and Major Web and Mobile Browsers