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Growth Hacking - from Medium to Channel

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The Medium is the Message: Why Innovation Impedes Adoption. And how to hack around it.

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Growth Hacking - from Medium to Channel

  1. 1. The Medium is The Message: The One Growth Hack to Rule Them All PATRICK VLASKOVITS AQT’s Big Bang at Chateau Bromont
  2. 2. Product Channel
  3. 3. Hacking Growth in 1948
  4. 4. How a New Medium Becomes a Marketing Channel 0) The Hyped Next Big Thing 1) The Wild Wild West 2) The Hockey Stick 3) Tragedy of the Commons 4) Governance & Civilization 5) Decline
  5. 5. MESSAGE: Tupperware PayPal Your product? Tesla Zynga Pebble MEDIUM: Home parties Ebay Your channel? Luxury stores Facebook Crowdfunding
  6. 6. State of Online Marketing Today
  7. 7. The Day to Day Reality
  8. 8. Channel Life and Death
  9. 9. SEM/PPC
  10. 10. Welcome to End of an Era Cheap startups, cheap talent, and cheap growth are all coming to an end.
  11. 11. Implications? With distribution more expensive; ‘hacking growth’ becomes more critical than ever.
  12. 12. MESSAGE: ? ? ? ? ? ? ? MEDIUM: VR & AR Bitcoin AI 3D Printing Internet of Things & Wearables Driverless cars Drones
  13. 13. Additional Slides on Digital Marketing Advanced Content Creation, SEO & Storytelling: Growth Hacking and Full Stack Marketing:
  14. 14. MERCI.