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Unit 5 appearance

describe Someone's appearance

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Unit 5 appearance

  1. 1. 1. Speaking: describing people’s appearance 2. Vocabulary: physical appearance 3. Grammar: questions for describing people; comparatives and superlatives of adjectives 4. Listening: description of people 5. Writing: a description of someone 6. Reading: “You’re gorgeous”
  2. 2. Physical Description What does he/ she look like? Height Build Age looks Hair
  3. 3. Middle-aged short black fat long old slim handsome good-looking plump pretty Young long curly tall grey dark straight thin bald shoulder-length overweight (obese) well built blonde round medium height a mustache a beard ponytail oval square ugly
  4. 4. tall shortmedium height fairly short very tall pretty tall
  5. 5. Slim PlumpOverweight Stocky / well-build
  6. 6. young middle aged elderly
  7. 7. handsome good-looking pretty
  8. 8. Length Style Color Hair long straight black blondbrown wavy curly short medium length
  9. 9. SPECIAL FEATURES bald A mustache and beard
  10. 10. SPECIAL FEATURES freckles dimple wrinkles
  11. 11. SPECIAL FEATURES Protruding tooth mole
  12. 12. Middle-aged short black fat long old slim handsome good-looking plump pretty Young long curly tall grey dark straight thin bald shoulder-length overweight (obese) well built blonde medium height a mustache a beard ponytail ugly
  13. 13. Physical Description Height Build Age tall, short, medium height slim thin Plump Overweight (fat / obese) well-built (stocky) young, elderly, middle-aged, (teenager, in 20s, 30s, 40s) Looks Hair Beautiful Pretty Handsome Good-looking Ugly Straight A beard Curly A mustache Wavy Ponytail medium- length Bald Shoulder-length
  14. 14. Other Physical Description Face Eyes Nose lips round oval Square Oblong Heart-shape big round blue small Bright almond Hook Flat Turned- up Thin Thick
  15. 15. DESCRIPTION Use to be or to have to describe people.
  17. 17. Height E.g. My brother is tall and my friend is short.
  18. 18. Build Fat Obese Overweight E.g. My uncle is overweight. My brother is well built. My sister is slim.
  19. 19. Eyes Blue eyes E.g. My little sister has brown eyes.
  20. 20. Hair Medium length wavy blond hair Medium length curly black hair E.g. My girlfriend has long straight black hair.
  21. 21. HairLong straight brown hair E.g. My friend has short straight brown hair.
  22. 22. Adjective Order Adjective Length type of hair colour Noun Long curly brown hair big blue eyes
  23. 23. Exercise: Put the words in the correct order • She has hair wavy, black , long. • She has long wavy black hair. • She has hair blond, short. • She has short blond hair. • Tom has eyes green. • Tom has green eyes.
  24. 24. Describing many features 1. She is tall and pretty 2. He is handsome with short black hair 3. They have short hair and a long beard.
  25. 25. Forms to describe people With “be”: S + be + adj S + be + adj + AND + adj S + be + adj + WITH + adj + noun With “have/has”: S + have/has + adj + noun S + have/has + adi + noun + AND + adj + noun
  26. 26. 1. Describe yourself 2. Describe your friends or partners and ask her or him: “ Does he or she agree with your description?” 3. Describe famous person
  27. 27. Policeman: Ok, ladies, now can you describe the man you saw in the bank? Woman 1: Well, he was, er, sort of medium height, you know, not short – but not tall either. And quite skinny, you know thin. Woman 2: Yes, and he had a beard and a little moustache. Woman 1: No, he didn’t. he had a moustache but not a beard. It’s just that I think he hadn’t shaved. Woman 2: No, it was a beard, I’m sure. Woman 1: And anyway, Doris, you weren’t wearing your glasses so you can’t have seen him very well. Woman 2: I could see perfectly well. Policeman: Ladies, ladies, please. So, no moustache then. Woman 1: No, he had a moustache but he didn’t have a beard. Policeman: and what about his hair? Woman 2: Dark Woman 1: yes, short, dark hair. Policeman: straight? Woman 1: No, curly, I’d say. Wouldn’t you say, Doris? Woman 2: yes, very curly. Policeman: So, dark, curly hair? Woman 1: Yes, That’s what we said. Are you deaf or something? Policeman: And what time was it then…
  28. 28. Questions for describing someone What does she look like?. She is pretty tall with long black hair
  29. 29. Questions for describing someone How tall is she? about average height.
  30. 30. Questions for describing someone What color is her hair? How long is her hair? She has blond hair. It’s shoulder-length.
  31. 31. Questions for describing someone Has he got a beard? No, he’s clean-shaven
  32. 32. Questions for describing someone How old is he? He’s in his twenty-two.
  33. 33. To be continued
  34. 34. What does he look like? • Brad Pitt is tall and slim. He has got short spiky blond hair and blue eyes. He’s in his 40s. He is wearing a dark blue suit.
  35. 35. Anna Maria Sarah Anna is tall. Maria is taller than Anna. Sarah is the tallest of the three girls.
  36. 36. One-Syllable Adjective Comparative Form Superlative Form tall taller The tallest big bigger The biggest pretty prettier The prettiest Two-Syllable Adjective Comparative Form Superlative Form peaceful more peaceful The most peaceful pleasant more pleasant The most pleasant careful more careful The most careful Irregular Adjective Comparative Form Superlative Form good better The best bad worse The worst far farther The farthest little less The least
  37. 37. This apple has the same flavor as that apple. The same…as..
  38. 38. The apple is different from the orange. Different from
  39. 39. This apple is look like that apple. Look like
  40. 40. This apple is similar to those apples. Similar to