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Women Can Be Jedi Masters Too ... Entrepreneurs and Investors

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Women represent a small number of technology founders and investors but that is about to change. Using the Star Wars Theme I provide some statistics on women investors and programs that support women entrepreneurship, along with examples of women who making a difference.

TEDxBayArea Global Women Entrepreneurs was held at LinkedIn headquarters to celebrate women leaders around the world on December 1, 2012

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Women Can Be Jedi Masters Too ... Entrepreneurs and Investors

  1. 1. Women Can BeJedi Masters Too @WayneSutton Founder, PitchTo
  2. 2. You Can’t Be A Jedi Master
  3. 3. 11% of Women work at VC Firms 15%of Women are Angel Investors 3-5%Women-Owned Business Receive VCI Know More Than You Think
  4. 4. “would be wise to support strategies that enable high-tech start-ups that are inclusive of women entrepreneurs”Cindy Padnos Skilled Jedi Master
  5. 5. There will be more
  6. 6. Renee DiResta Kesha Cash Gwen Edwards Associate, Director of Investments Principal at GCEOReilly AlphaTech Jalia Ventures Ventures Disturbance In The Force
  7. 7. Women and minorities havea different perspective onsolving problems & creating solutions. The New Republic
  8. 8. The Future Of Our TechGalaxy Depends On YouGetting Involved. May The Force Be With You