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TU Delft Open & Online Education for SEFI PTEE2019

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Presentation for SEFI 10th International Conference on Physics Teaching in Engineering Education

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TU Delft Open & Online Education for SEFI PTEE2019

  1. 1. Open & Online Education ir. Willem van Valkenburg @wfvanvalkenburg Unless otherwise indicated, this presentation is licensed CC-BY 4.0. Please attribute TU Delft Extension School / Willem van Valkenburg PhotoCC-BYCoraBijsterveld
  2. 2. 2 Willem van Valkenburg Manager Teaching & Learning Services Delft University of Technology President Open Education Consortium
  3. 3. 3 History • OpenCourseWare started in 2007 • MOOCs started in 2013 • TU Delft Extension School started in 2014
  4. 4. E-Dean Director of Education Delft Extension School MOOCs Blended Education Online Courses
  5. 5. 5 Educate the world & improve the quality of education Deliver High Quality Open & Online Education to the World Find (new) revenue models Offer a comprehensive portfolio of courses Deliver out-standing learning experiences Improve Education Improve campus education Conduct relevant research in the field of O2E Innovate in Education Improve the quality of online courses Grow Academic Output Attract talent to the University Improve reputation and visibility Start or join new learning & research networks
  6. 6. Blended Education OpenCourseWare MOOCs ProfEds Online Academic Courses • Learning Activities & Course Materials • Free • Enrolled students only, massive numbers • Mostly Bachelor level • Certificate of Completion • Course Materials • Free • Big Exposure, Worldwide audience • Both Bachelor and Master level • No interaction with faculty • No accredited certificate • Learning Activities & Course Materials • Paid enrollment • Enrolled students only, limited numbers • Accredited Course Certificate • Full Master Degree • Learning Activities & Course Materials • Paid enrollment • Enrolled students only, moderate numbers • Course Certificate • Continuous Education Units
  7. 7. 7
  8. 8. 8
  9. 9. 9
  10. 10. Short learning programmes Xseries • Understanding of specific subjects through a series of courses • At least 3 courses Professional Certificate Programmes • Develop the proficiency and expertise that employers are looking for • At least 2 courses MicroMasters • A series of Masters-level courses to advance one’s career • Credit-eligible and may be applied to accelerate a Masters’ Degree • At least 15 EC CC0-pexels-photo-29781_byUnslpashcom
  11. 11. 11
  12. 12. Online Learning Experience “The purpose of the OLE radar graph is to rise reflection and critical thinking regarding online courses, not to judge” tu-delft-online-learning-experience-from-theory-to-practice/
  13. 13. Running EvaluationCourse Development Kickoff Review Start of Course Evaluation Meeting Course Improvement Plan OLE introduction use for reflection use for evaluate Draft Course Design Draft Planning Evaluation Report List of final improvements building testing Onboarding Final Course Design & Planning Course Team, Roles & Processes use as guidelines planning TU Delft Online Learning Education Quality Cycle
  14. 14. Learning Developer Instructional Designer Multimedia Expert Studio Facilities Copyright Issues Assessment Expert Proctored Exams Evaluation Teacher Training SUPPORT
  15. 15. Production Process Website with all supporting documents:
  16. 16. 17 Impacts and successes
  17. 17. Before University Attracting new students Selection and preparation to study Education Enabler for blended learning Enrich the portfolio for students Research Research in MOOCs Dissemination of research After University Career perspective Connect with alumni
  18. 18. Enrich the portfolio for students
  19. 19. Enrich student’s portfolio with courses from leading universities There are so many great MOOCs available (but also a lot of bad ones)
  20. 20. 22Source
  21. 21. 23 Virtual Exchange Programme – Credits for MOOCs
  22. 22. 24
  23. 23. Enabler for blended learning
  24. 24. 26 From lecture rooms to Blended Learning CC-BY Brett Jordan:
  25. 25. 27 Blended learning From TU Delft vision on education: • Further developing different types of education, including a blend of online and on-campus education
  26. 26. The project partners embrace a multilevel framework in order to tackle conceptual and implementation issues at the course level (micro), at the strategic level (meso) and with the intent to give relevant input to governmental policy (macro). More info:
  27. 27. [ 29CC-BY 4.0 Macro (government & society) Policy Rules & Regulations Meso (institute) Policies Conditions Micro (course/programme) Teaching Learning
  28. 28. Concept Maturity Model
  29. 29. 31 CHANGING THE CLASSROOM Cookbook Educational Spaces:
  30. 30. 32 New education building Pulse Virtual tour:
  31. 31. 33
  32. 32. 34 ONLINE-LEARNING.TUDELFT.NL @wfvanvalkenburg Blog on