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CAR Email 12.12.02

Climate Action Report
Email 12.12.02

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CAR Email 12.12.02

  1. 1. ARMS 44 84 ~~~~~Page RECORD TIYPE: FEDERAL I of I (NOTES MAIL) CRBATOR*William Perhach ( CN=William Perhach/OUzcEQ/O SOPF CBQ CREATION DATE/TIME:l 2 DEC 2002 08:51:59.0g SUBJECT:: FOIA Climate Action TO:Edward A. Baling ( CN=Edward A. Baling/OU=CEQ/0 READ: UNXNowNq EOP@EOP CEQ Still not feeling reaction/patience well and perhaps it's beginning to in dealing with State show in my Spoke this morning over the Climate Action with David Cox at referrral. retired civil servant (202) 261 8460. This who is now processing is the part-time on October 9, 2002. the referral we sent You'll recall that to State he had contacted I mentioned to you me tellng me he'd on Tuesday that and that he expected just received the that it would be months referral two it. This morning he informed me that it's before he'd be able days ago point on FOTA dictates his understanding to get to that we are out of that from this take over the referral, the process, that decide whether or State to the requester, thankyou and have not to release, respond must give him a call. He's a nice day. I told directly in this morning and him I'd have you Monday. afternoon and then again next FYI: he also mentioned 2002) he'd be consulting that in a case like this (Climate with Harlam Watson. Action Report, Assistant on Climate He said Hlarlam is Control. a Special file://D:SEARCH-_7_28_03_CEQ484 f kwvacOO3_ceq.txt 7/7/2006