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Art at Penn State Abington

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Art at Penn State Abington

  1. 1. Art at Penn State Abington
  2. 2. BA vs BFA?The BA advantage...• Flexibility | entry point for ALL visual disciplines... art, fashion design,graphic design, etc.• Knowledge base | students know the world... not just the art world.• Cost | the most cost-effective BA in Art in our region... Penn State Abington Accreditation
  3. 3. Foundation
  4. 4. Media Concentrations Drawing + Painting Printmaking Sculpture Ceramics
  5. 5. Drawing + Painting
  6. 6. Printmaking
  7. 7. Sculpture
  8. 8. Ceramics
  9. 9. New Media
  10. 10. Exhibitions | Research |
  11. 11. Internships | Field Trips | Visiting Washington DC Philadelphia New York
  12. 12. Study Abroad | Student SpainIreland Italy
  13. 13. “The art faculty memberswere passionate and Student Perspectivesknowledgeable about theirsubjects and also verycaring, approachable, andsupportive. The studio artcourses gave me a strongfoundation and helped “Penn State Abington’s art program opened my eyes to realize what Iprepare me for my path in was absolutely meant for. During my 4 years at Abington, I wasart education.” encouraged to reach levels of accomplishment that I never imagined I — Alia T. could reach. The faculty at Abington has provided me with long-term friendships and continued colleague support, and enabled me to enter my field with the confidence and the ability to adapt to all areas of arts education with ease. Thank you, Penn State Abington.” — Stacy P. “Penn State Abington offered me an individualized course of study in the visual arts as well as a range of studies to supplement my Bachelor of Art degree. The opportunity to engage in discussions regarding politics, rhetoric, history, and the sciences with professors from various majors created a solid foundation for an artistic career filled with options... I thank Penn State Abington’s instructors for their sincere commitment to me as a student and fellow artist. I look forward with great enthusiasm to a fulfilling career in the arts.” — John T.
  14. 14. Art at Penn State Abington Media Wiki Bonnie Levinthal | Yvonne Love | William Cromar |