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The leading price comparison engine |

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  1. 1. Once Upon A Time… The Story of
  2. 2. Who is Snif? Snif is a leading price comparison engine in Greece  …started as a “sniffer”?!%$#  …evolved as a deal aggregator  …to be one of the biggest price comparison sites in Greece
  3. 3. The deal thing In the Beginning… There were just deal sites and a lot of deals: Restaurants Hotels Beauty etc…
  4. 4. The deal thing PEOPLE were happy AND life WAS GOOD.
  5. 5. BUT… crisis came with unexpected side effects…  People started asking for the best prices for… Technology Products Mobile phones Clothes Shoes Etc…
  6. 6. SO… PEOPLE were NOT happy AND life WAS NOT so GOOD.
  7. 7. THEN…  1.000+ eshops  4.000.000+ products Snif it…before you buy it came into our lifes!
  8. 8. And after a while…
  9. 9. NOW! PEOPLE are happy AND life is GOOD again!
  10. 10. Before you buy it… snif it!