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Tips for Starting a Cleaning Business

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Tips for starting a cleaning business from

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Tips for Starting a Cleaning Business

  1. 1. Tips for Starting a Cleaning Business FROM CLEANINGFLYER.COMCleaning Icons by: CLEANINGFLYER.COM
  2. 2. Finding Clients Ask friends and family if they want someone to clean for them or if they know anyone who is looking for a cleaning service. Talk to your neighbors. Advertise on your local services page Post to your Facebook page that you offer cleaning services and look for your cities local pages where you can also advertise. Hang flyers at grocery stores, banks, restaurants or other places that have public bulletin boards. CLEANINGFLYER.COM
  3. 3. Making a Flyer Download a free flyer template from and customize it with your personal information. Always include your contact information, details about any special services you offer, referrals or testimonials. You can choose whether to post rates or negotiate these based on the size of a client’s home and how much work is discussed. CLEANINGFLYER.COM
  4. 4. Make Your Service Stand Out You can offer a special or introductory rate that is lower than the competition to get people to try your service. You can offer custom cleaning services or unique features that no one else is offering. Such as investing in a good carpet cleaner and instead of just vacuuming, offer deep carpet cleaning for an additional fee. Drapery cleaning, laundry services, or outdoor power washing are also some different ideas. CLEANINGFLYER.COM
  5. 5. Research the Competition If you have no idea how to run a business, take some small business classes at local colleges or look for free classes at libraries or high schools. There are plenty of books out there (get these from a local library to save on start up costs!) Go through the phone book and see what kind of competition is out there. You could even call other services to find out rates and what kind of things they offer to get ideas on what people are looking for and paying for cleaning in your area. CLEANINGFLYER.COM
  6. 6. Invest in Quality Equipment Most cleaning services will bring their own supplies with them to their clients homes – test what products work the best. It’s better to pay more for quality cleaners, vacuums and equipment because it will hold up longer, require less maintenance and have to be replaced less frequently. It’s better to clean quickly with detergents that work fast instead of taking a long time to scrub dirt with inferior products. CLEANINGFLYER.COM