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WSO2Con EU 2015: WSO2 Identity Server: Identity Management for the Next Decade

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WSO2Con EU 2015: WSO2 Identity Server: Identity Management for the Next Decade


Johann Nallathamby
Technical Lead,

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WSO2Con EU 2015: WSO2 Identity Server: Identity Management for the Next Decade

  1. 1. Identity Management for the Next Decade Johann Dilantha Nallathamby WSO2 Technical Lead
  2. 2. The Past... Too many IAM standards?
  3. 3. The Future... Use cases driven over specification driven Integration inside and out
  4. 4. Key differentiators in IAM products... ● Embrace strategy over tactics ● Rapid time to value and low operational costs ● Access Control is more of a Business problem than IT problem ● Deployment flexibility ● Customizable with minimal coding
  5. 5. Three disrupting forces of the new information age
  6. 6. Why IAM products suite the cloud ? ● Mostly standardized ● Cost effective ● Extends the same security model that is on- premise to cloud ● Can effectively handle the distributed nature of SaaS applications
  7. 7. Challenges in Mobile.. ● SSO for Native Application ○ Native Application WG ● Dynamic Client Registration ● Client side data encryption ○ How to secure the key? ● Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) ○ Desktop Virtualization ○ OS Containerization ○ App Wrapping ○ Selective wipe
  8. 8. Future of Authentication ● Gartner predicted “Zero Trust Authentication” way back in 2010. ● Multifactor Factor Authentication ○ Key fobs ○ Smartphone + authenticator tools ○ Smartphone + fingerprint ○ Smartphone + QR code scanner ● Fast IDentity Online (FIDO) Alliance
  9. 9. What happens to Social Login ? ● Corporate User Directories BYOI ● The surge in BYOD might even fuel this transition. ● Consumer Identity is the next big thing ○ National Strategy for Trusted Identities in CyberSpace (NSTIC) ○ UK Government Identity Assurance Program ○ Dubai e-Gov - Dubai Connect
  10. 10. Future of IAM More, ● Context Based Access Control ○ Is XACML dead? No. ● More compliance ○ PCI DSS, NIST, HIPAA
  11. 11. The Enterprise Identity Bus (EIB) from WSO2 ● Separation of concerns between Application layer and the Identity layer ● No universal standard ● Can’t modify the clients as well as the backend applications/services
  12. 12. The EIB Architecture
  13. 13. Back-End Extensibility..
  14. 14. Dynamic UX..
  15. 15. Dynamic UX..
  16. 16. Gadgets Based Dashboard
  17. 17. Workflow Execution
  18. 18. User Managed Access (UMA) 1.0
  19. 19. Privileged Account Management (PAM) PAM requires better integration with IAM systems ● Password change frequency ○ Never ○ Frequently ○ Per session ○ On demand ● Timely provisioning ● Better role management capabilities
  20. 20. Security Information Management (SIM) ● WSO2 platform has the nuts and bolts to build a SIM solution. ● WSO2 DAS - High performing, highly scalable data analysis ○ Reports and dashboards on identity data ○ Trend analysis and risk scores ● WSO2 CEP - Real time alerting ○ Intrusion detection and intrusion prevention ● WSO2 Machine Learner - Build machine learning algorithms for tasks such as fraud detection, anomaly detection, classification, etc.
  21. 21. Thank You