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PCB Manufacturer

WAA-PCB manufacturer

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PCB Manufacturer

  1. 1. TMTM
  2. 2. TMTM Office: 6/F,4th Block, Zhuguang Chuangxin Science & Technology Park, Zhuguang Rd,Xili,Nanshan,Shenzhen,518055, China Factory add: Dongsheng Industrial Park, Meijiang District, Meizhou City, Guangdong Provice,514000,China Tel : +86 (0) 755-26054178 ext.811 Mobile:+86 (0) 18926046924 Skype ID: j ustin_yi_waapcb E-mail:
  3. 3. n Company Profilen Company Profile n Sales Turnovern Sales Turnover n Product and Technologyn Product and Technology n Quality and Servicen Quality and Service n Responsibility and Culturen Responsibility and Culture n Why WAAn Why WAA
  4. 4. WAA is brand owned by Washeng (Meizhou) Printed Circuit Board Ltd and ABP Electronics Ltd, specializing in Double-sided and multilayer PCB manufacturing. WAA is brand owned by Washeng (Meizhou) Printed Circuit Board Ltd and ABP Electronics Ltd, specializing in Double-sided and multilayer PCB manufacturing.
  5. 5. Washeng (Meizhou) Printed Circuit Board Ltd Founded in 1996 Investment Capital: RMB 60 Million (US$9.5M) Yearly Output: 600,000 m (6,456,000 square feet) Staff: 600 persons (by Dec. of 2012) Layers: 2-12 layers Product: PCB Mass Production Product application: LCD, LED, industrial control, telecommunications, medical equipment etc.
  6. 6. ABP ELECTRONICS LTD Founded in 2004 Investment Capital: RMB 10 Million (US$1.6M) Yearly Capacity: 5,000 models (20 models/day) Staff: 100 persons (by Dec. of 2012) Market Orientation: High-mix Small volume EMS Provider
  7. 7. Board of Directors PCB Factory General Manager EMS Factory General Manager
  8. 8. General Manager Factory Manager Vice General Manager
  9. 9. Unit: square meters
  10. 10. US Dollar: Million
  11. 11. PCB Layer Distribution Clients Distribution
  12. 12. Carbon Ink 2 layer PCB FR-4,1.6mm,1/1oz Immersion Gold with Carbon Ink Heavy Copper 2 layer PCB FR-4,1.6mm, Min via.0.3mm 3/3oz Width/Spacing 7/7mils Aluminum PCB for LED 1.6mm,1/0oz HASL Lead Free Min via.0.4mm 6 layer PCB FR-4,1.6mm, Min via.:0.25mm width/spacing:7/7mils RoHS Compliant 8 layer PCB FR-4,2.0mm,Immersion Gold width/spacing: 4/4mils 4 layer PCB for Router FR-4,1.6mm, Min via.0.25mm HASL(Lead free)+ Gold Finger +Carbon WE commit ourselves to continuous development of high performance products
  13. 13. WE believe that everyone who establishes a strategic alliance with us can achieve an ALL-WIN result. We are prepared to explore every opportunity to reach this goal and share the outcome of our accomplishments with our customers, vendors, shareholders, and employees.
  14. 14. Item Manufacture Capability Layers 2-12 L Material Types FR-4, Aluminum Based, High-Tg, Halogen Free, Rogers Max. Panel Dimension 1200mm * 400mm Outline Tolerance 0.10mm Board Thickness 0.20mm-4.5mm Board Thickness Tolerance 10% Min. Track Width 4mil / 0.1mm Min. Track Space 3mil / 0.1mm External Cu Thickness HOZ-6OZ / 17um~210um Internal Cu Thickness HOZ-6OZ / 17um~210um Finished Hole Dimension 0.2mm 6.0mm Hole Tolerance 0.05mm Hole Position Tolerance 0.05mm Aspect Ration 8:1 Solder Mask Green, Matt Green,Blue,White, Black,Matt Black Min Solder mask Bridge 0.050mm Plugged Hole Diameter 0.20mm-0.50mm Impedance Control 10% Surface Finishing HASL, HASL(lead Free), Immersion Gold ,OSP
  15. 15. ISO9001:2000 ISO/TS16949:2009 ISO14001:2004 UL E302752
  16. 16. Integrity, Innovation, Cooperation, Share
  17. 17. WE have our dedicated financial policy to keep the factories growing steadily and healthily in market. In annual financial report, the board directors will spare 50%~70% of the group profit for continuous development. The capital will be applied for new equipment, advertisement, or new investment. It is also the guarantee when enterprises suffering from some partner s bad debt. Our shareholders spend part profit on Employee Assistant Fund each year. Some shareholders are Lions Clubs International members.
  18. 18. n Our plant has been operating reliably since its establishment. We have native staff and have long term relationship with our employees. n Our plant is located in the PCB Industrial Park which is designed by government. Waste water is treated scientifically. n Our plant has been authorized as high-tech enterprise since 2006 and is highly valued by China Printed Circuit Association. n We are working for more than 1,000 overseas clients and enjoyed high reputation from them. n Team members have over 9 years PCB service experience. n We regard product QUALITY as credit of ourselves. n ERP system guarantee timely quotation, working process and delivery. n We are able to offer very competitive price for our long-term cooperation partners.