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Magento 2 Seminar - Arjen Miedema - Search Engine Optimisation

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Een presentatie van Arjen Miedema over hoe Magento 2 geoptimaliseerd is en kan worden voor een goede SEO

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Magento 2 Seminar - Arjen Miedema - Search Engine Optimisation

  1. 1. Magento 2 Search Engine Optimisation
  2. 2. Arjen Miedema |
  3. 3. URL rewrites Canonical URLs are added to your page by default Nothing new compared to Magento 1 URL features in Magento 2
  4. 4. Meta Tags Auto fill meta tags for all your products Easier to generate unique meta tags per product You can only use {{name}}, {{sku}} and {{description}} and just once It’s a global setting, you can’t change it per store view / language Product Fields Auto-Generation You can’t set it per category
  5. 5. Open Graph Open Graph support is available for products by default It can be easily extended by yourself (template) Currently, only basic information is shown Shown price is the lowest price, no difference between original and special price Native Open Graph support
  6. 6. Rich Snippets Implemented for products in the required templates Rich snippets are easy to extend in your own templates Only support for products They weren’t there in M1, but they’re default in M2 Tests revealed one issue, product price should be without currency symbol
  7. 7. Google Analytics & Adwords Content Experiments are integrated Easy to implement No configuration except for Analytics ID and Adwords Google Tag Manager only available in EE (or via extension) Basic, but with a cool feature
  8. 8. XML sitemap Set frequency and priority for specific entities Add product images to your sitemap No HTML sitemap available Generate your XML sitemap on the fly Submit your sitemap.xml to robots.txt
  9. 9. Robots.txt Manage it through the Magento backend Allow and disallow paths and pages Add your sitemap(s) to your robots.txt Reset your robots.txt from within Magento back to defaults
  10. 10. Conclusion A lot of cool features for optimal SEO All solutions are easy to extend, contribute on GitHub or in the M2 Marketplace More features then Magento 1, room for improvement There is still room for improvement, but it’s a really good start! The Magento 1 knowledge is used and extended
  11. 11. Questions? |