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Film proposal

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film proposal

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Film proposal

  1. 1. Film Proposal YASMIN ALLY
  2. 2. Outline of idea My idea for my short film is about an overachieving teenager who works relatively hard to accomplish as much as she could, who eventually becomes addicted to drugs as a result of continuous peer pressure. My short film will portray how drug addiction can majorly impact a teenager’s life socially and academically, which will hopefully increase awareness of drug abuse and its effects.
  3. 3. Target Audience The target audience for my short film is mainly teenagers and possibly some adults considering that the idea is based around victims of that age category. My aim is to increase awareness of how drugs can negatively affect the life of a teenager, therefore they will be more aware of the consequences of drug use and possibly hesitate before trying it. Considering that teenagers are always told from parents, teachers or authoritative figures to not use drugs, my target audience may have a different reaction to my film as they are actually viewing the possible results themselves rather than having to imagine it.
  4. 4. Resources For my film my resources include a filming location; which would occur in my own home and local parks considering that the shots I need are required to be filmed in a girl’s bedroom and living spaces as well some outside shots. I would also need props such as any general schoolwork, e.g. books, laptop and pens. I will only need to borrow filming equipment from school such as canon legrias, sound recorders and lighting equipment. School can also provide me with editing softwares such as Avid.
  5. 5. Personnel Requirements Considering that my short film is a low to nothing budget, I have created a skeleton crew of my choice, many of whom are my own classmates. This includes: • a director of photography • hair/makeup artist • lighting operator • sound recordist • a camera assistant. My cast will include a class mate of mine who I believe can perform really well on camera, also my own parents to play her mum and dad. This gives me a complete family to portray my story and its issues really well.