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הטבעת הירוקה

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מצגת על ההצעה לטבעת ירודה בגוש דן

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הטבעת הירוקה

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  13. 13. Sydney Green Ring 38.5 km AUSRTRALIA • • •Sydney Green RingThe Sydney Green Ring was inspired by the Sustrans model of active transport corridors.The Sydney Green Ring Ride follows the green corridor that exists with a 5 kilometre radius of Erskinville. The circuitas shown is 38.5 km in length and for the most part level to undulating in elevation, with spectacular views offeredcrossing the Pyrmont and Anzac Bridges.The Sydney Green Ring intersects with the Global Arc, Green Square, Sydney Airport, Darling Harbour, Callan Park, 13Cooks Cove, etc., and follows the water courses of the Cooks River, Alexandra Canal, Botany Wetlands, SydneyHarbour at Cockle Bay, Blackwattle and Rozelle Bays, Iron Cove and Hawthorn Canal.
  14. 14. San Francisco Bay Trail 805 km USA (9 states 47 cities) • • •These colorful Bay Trail maps guide walkers, skaters, bicyclists, wildlife watchers and other trailenthusiasts to over 288 miles of completed trail. The maps distinguish on- and off-street segments 14to help plan hikes, bike rides and family excursions.Map backs feature enticing photographs and 40 recommended routes to inspire and guide yourtrail blazing. Details for each route include: directions, distance, trail surface, natural and historicpoints of interest, and parking and transit information.
  15. 15. Bremen Region Green Ring 800 km GERMANY • • • 15The Bremen Region Green Ring project is a joint project by the City of Bremen and the surrounding area of LowerSaxony (6 rural districts, 23 towns and municipalities) to promote soft tourism in the region.The Green Ring project is a leading project of the regional development concept of the Bremen
  16. 16. Hanover Grüne Ring 80 km GERMANY • • •Cycling on the outskirts of Hannover: the 160 km long cycle route called “Der Grüne Ring” (“The Green Ring”)passes through some delightful countryside on the outskirts of the city, joining up many attractive places ofinterest. The Green Ring skirts the city of Hannover for 80 kilometers, and has additional paths going off to the 16side which allow cyclists to make diversions to places in the vicinity.
  17. 17. Path of Remembrance and Comradeship Ljubljana SLOVENIA 33 km • • • a well-maintained gravel-paved recreational footpath running around the entire city.The 33-kilometre path, which crosses both urban areas and the surrounding meadows and forests, runs alongthe course of the barb wire fence which surrounded
  18. 18. Barcelona’s Green Belt SPAIN • ••Barcelona Field Studies Centre S.L. is a registered Spanish company that offers a range of Physical and Human Geography, Biology, Ecology, Environmental Science,Business Studies, Travel and Tourism and Government and Politics field studies options for GCSE and A/IB level students. Field study programmes range in durationfrom 1 to 7 full days.Accommodation is provided in one of a selected number of quality 2 or 3 star hotels, in one of several resorts along the Catalonian coastline, including Sitges andCalafell. Your accommodation provides a comfortable base from which to explore the surrounding areas. Full board or half board can be included.The teaching base is a self-contained area within the hotel where students have exclusive use of the rooms and facilities.The Centre offers:Inclusive courses at GCSE, AS/A or IB Level and tailored to specific syllabus needs.An extensive range of maps, worksheets and fieldwork equipment to complement coursework. 18Highly experienced centre staff.A range of study options.Internet information support for pre and post course studies.A range of sightseeing and recreational options.Transportation for your planned programme of visits.
  19. 19. The Greennn Ring of Vitoria-GasteizSPAIN • • • 19
  20. 20. Dan Green Ring 25 kmISRAEL • • • 20