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What Did I Buy - Easy Modern Finance

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What Did I Buy - Easy Modern Finance
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What Did I Buy - Easy Modern Finance

  1. 1. { What Did I Buy finances made easy
  2. 2. Start Using What Did I Buy
  3. 3. Add Expenditure Categories to Keep Track of How you Spend Money
  4. 4. Add Types of Spending for each Category
  5. 5. Record When You Spend Money (use quick copy to add and update a repeat purchase)
  6. 6. View the Automatic Spending Analysis
  7. 7. Send 4 different CSV spreadsheet files to email
  8. 8. Easily backup or share financial data for business
  9. 9. Quick View Your Finances
  10. 10. Add Income For People, Products, or Businesses.
  11. 11. Quickly add Income
  12. 12. Search through data
  13. 13. Quick Look Through Expenditures
  14. 14. Quick Look Through Income
  15. 15. Use iCloud to Backup Data Across Devices and easily Switch between user Accounts
  16. 16. Secure Login on App Start
  17. 17. Default Pass is 0000 Don't Forget To Set Your Security