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Digital employee engagement

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How to rethink - and redesign - HR Tech in order to inspire employee loyalty, increase human productivity and achieve employee engagement.

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Digital employee engagement

  1. 1. How to humanize HR technology to earn employee initiative, loyalty, and devotion
  2. 2. …spoken circa 1950
  3. 3. Why haven’t HR tech systems delivered on Francis’ vision, 65 years later? In 2015: 7 out of 10 employees are disengaged 87% of HR professionals regard employee engagement as their #1 priority
  4. 4. Because HR tech can be an obstacle to employee engagement…
  5. 5. Because every employee is different
  6. 6. Because systems are fragmented and often out of easy reach
  7. 7. Because they provide irrelevant solutions at the wrong time
  8. 8. …and because they have very ugly user interfaces (UI)
  9. 9. So why not make HR tech an enabler of employee engagement?
  10. 10. So that systems serve employee needs
  11. 11. Their personalised needs
  12. 12. And deliver relevant solutions at the right moment
  13. 13. Whilst making user experience a pleasure through beautiful UI
  14. 14. Here’s how to turn HR tech from an obstacle to an enabler of employee engagement:
  15. 15. Remove obstacles
  16. 16. Think out-of-the-box
  17. 17. Think out-of-the-box Design and deliver engaging digital experiences
  18. 18. Identify and exploit synergies between cognitive computing and human creativity
  19. 19. Apply Willis Towers Watson’s Integrated Digital Engagement Model principles to digital systems design
  20. 20. that digital employee engagement systems deliver on: My NEEDS: Consumer-grade employee UX/UI My MOMENTS: Temporal and Locational contextualisation My TRIBES: Socialisation of work experience My EMPOWERMENT: Enabling the achievement of professional and wellness goals My NEEDS My MOMENTS My TRIBES My EMPOWERMENT
  21. 21. Contact me to find out more George is the Digital Lead for Towers Watson’s Communications and Change Management Practice. He has over 25 years experience in system design, marketing and communications, as well as in digital media and internet start ups. He holds a PhD in Artificial Intelligence, and is a certified Agile practitioner. He is also the author of “In Our Own Image: the history and future of Artificial Intelligence” (Rider Books, Pegasus Books, NK Publications, China Citic Books). George Zarkadakis, PhD, CEng @zarkadakis