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Advertising Stunts Q4/ 2010

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  • This is very interesting and a good commentary on advertising techniques. It's true, iced coffee and iced chocolate are the manly day time drinks here!! I cannot imagine that advert working though. We have TV ads with workmen in them on building sites and that is half the reason those drinks sell...the ads are very popular!...and yes, fonts are everything. Thank you for sharing this.
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Advertising Stunts Q4/ 2010

  1. 1. Advertising Stunts Q4|2010
  2. 2. ClutterFragmentationDisorientation
  3. 3. CopyCat Busted ORIGINAL Less ORIGINAL Michael Habibs Portfolio Less ORIGINAL“Noté” Headphones Design  – 2010Source : UQAM Montreal website Panasonic Headphones Packaging Design –Corinne Pant / Student at UQAM (Canada) 2010 Source : Cannes Design GOLD LION Agency : Scholz & Friends (Germany)
  4. 4. Outdoor Ambient Out Of Home
  5. 5. Minicuotas Ribeiro| Real Pieces
  6. 6. ING Direct: Human billboards.
  7. 7. H&M: 3D projection mapping in the city centre in AmsterdamH&M brought their flagship store in Amsterdam to live with a 3D projectionmapping on the historic building. For over 3 minutes, guests and a gathered crowdenjoyed a surreal fairytale of light and magical effects. A red ribbon, wrappedaround the building, untangles and transformed the building into a colorfuldollhouse where nothing is what it seems.
  8. 8. With your donation, a sense of dignity iswithin reach. Salvation Army: Reach coatIn advance of their annual Christmas donation drive, The Salvation Army has launched a multi-mediacampaign designed to increase donations during the Christmas season. The campaign, created byGrey Canada, asks the public to put themselves in the place of the 3 million Canadians withoutaccess to everyday resources by illustrating that for many lifes basic necessities are out of reach.
  9. 9. HAK: Carrots “It’s HAK carrots you need.” Since carrots improve eye sight we made a billboard showing a very small packshot. If you can’t read it you might need HAK carrots.
  10. 10. Chill| Les man Billboard Flavoured milk in the Western Australian market is heavily consumed by blue collar males. It is the drink of choice on building sites and other manly work places. To launch the brands new Man Up positioning line Marketforce Perth produced this two stage outdoor campaign, with the "Les Man" teaser appearing for 2 weeks before the launch.
  11. 11. Creative Smiles Dental Group| Agood smile changes everything. Yeti Frankenstein
  12. 12. CopyCatBusted ORIGINAL Less ORIGINAL Sebamed Clear Face / Ambient – 2008 Source : AdsoftheworldMax Factor Hypersmooth Make-Up Agency : Saatchi & Saatchi Beirut(P&G) – 2005 (Lebanon)Source : Cannes Archive Online (MédiaLions)Agency : Leo Burnett Frankfurt(Germany)
  13. 13. Rädda Barnen (Save the Children): TheLottery of Life, Sierra Leone vs Sweden Two billboards placed next to each other.
  14. 14. Rädda Barnen (Save the Children): TheLottery of Life, Philippines vs Sweden
  15. 15. Rädda Barnen (Save the Children): TheLottery of Life, Palestine vs Sweden
  16. 16. Rädda Barnen (Save the Children): TheLottery of Life, Darfur vs Sweden
  17. 17. Ad-war’s tit-for-tat
  18. 18. Caravania: Demolished housesTake your home with you. Caravans at caravania.deDemolished houses leave physical traces on the houses they were attached to. This is where we put banners.
  19. 19. Mailbox Billboard Free Shipping. Fast Delivery.
  20. 20. Land Rover: Twist Freelander 2. Overcome all obstacles.
  21. 21. CopyCatBusted ORIGINAL Less ORIGINALDasani Water (Coca-Cola Group) at Coca-Cola Subway Ambient – 2009Times Square – 2007 Source : Luerzer’s Archive 02/10,Source : AdRants, Adsoftheworld,Agency : Unknown (USA) Agency : McLaren McCann Toronto (Canada
  22. 22. Pepsi Max
  23. 23. BMW M3 Coupe: The Light Wall Re ection
  24. 24. AXE| Ideally,,, Men preferwomen to horses
  25. 25. Live It Up Without LightingUp Teens it comes andanti-smoking ads, so we when are sick to tired of scare tactics illustrated the benefits of not smoking.
  26. 26. This Human World: Tied up
  27. 27. Mountain Dew|The Parasite Poster
  28. 28. UHU All-Purpose Glue: Retro Billboard
  29. 29. Varuhuset Femman (Femman Department Store)| Keep a Friend WarmKeep a Friend Warm.Help us warm freezingGothenburgers. Leave yourwinter clothes at the Femmanmain entrance, from Oct25th to Nov 11th.Thanks for your contribution.This winter campaign is a collaboration between the Femman department store and Stadsmissionen, a charity forthe homeless, both in Gothenburg, Sweden. The ” Keep a Friend Warm” campaign urges Gothenburgers to leavetheir unwanted winter clothes at a temporary counter in the Femman entrance hall. The clothes are thenredistributed by Stadsmissionen among the freezing homeless of the city. The campaign consists of print ads,billboards and guerilla activities (free winter clothes were hung on billboards). It follows the basic long-termconcept of Femman’s marketing: the use of the store’s employees as models. This time, the model was PatrickOcampo from the MQ shop in Femman
  30. 30. Or Yarok & Nur Star Media | CrashedCar Bottle •  80 cars that crashed in accidents •  15 tons worth of metal •  20 meters tall giant bottle shaped urban construction •  1 of the country’s busiest highway and intersection •  3 months long campaign – starting today •  1,000,000 people exposed to the message every day •  1 message: “Don’t drink and drive”
  31. 31.| QR Billboard A QR Code, Also known as a 2-D bar code, the role of it here is to access information via a mobile device. First, you must have a smart. Second, you download a QR code reader. Then you open the reader app and take a photo of the QR code. When it works correctly, you are taken to some kind of content–usually a mobile- friendly webpage.
  32. 32. ACTIVATION/EXPERIENTIAL Guerrilla Event/Live PR Ambient RETAIL/POS Flashmob
  33. 33. Hachette publishing, Lady Gaga, Just Dance(the biography): Meat displaysTo launch Lady Lady Gaga. Just Dance. $22.99. In bookstores now.Gaga’s biography‘Just Dance’ weplayed off thenotorious meatdress she wore tothe 2010 MTVVideo MusicAwards. Plastictags withadvertising for thebook were placedinto the meat indisplay windows ofbutchers.
  34. 34. Knorr: Knorr Guerilla Over night hundreds of fresh herbs turn Vienna into aGardening greener city. To underline the fact that Knorr is now using even more natural and fresh ingredients for its product inspired us to make a gift to Vienna: Fresh sweet herbs to meloriate home cooking with green add-ons and Knorr.
  35. 35. Salvation Army: Fretex Catwalk Stunt
  36. 36. Vancouver Aquarium, Great Canadian ShorelineCleanup: Ocean Life Installation The Vancouver Aquarium was seeking a way to raise awareness and registration numbers for the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup. Preventable litter such as plastics have long-term impacts on our wildlife including entanglement and ingestion. Vancouver and Toronto residents were greeted by unique aquatic animal sculptures along the shoreline. The large, life-like sculptures were 100% made of litter found on Canadian shorelines and other reusable materials, representing aquatic life in their natural ecosystems. In Vancouver, three seals were placed at English Bay; while in Toronto, a school of 60 fish were positioned jumping through the water of Ashbridge’s Bay. Following the one day installations, registrations for the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup exceeded campaign estimates, and PR value achieved equated to four times the cost of the campaign.
  37. 37. TMN is a portugese telecommunication brand. They promote their brand with this campaign during SuperBock SuperRock festival in Lisbon, PortugaTMN| Best seat.
  38. 38. Trânsito Amigo: Car Carrier Truck “This can be your next vehicle if you drink and drive.”
  39. 39. Mini: Who wants to play?
  40. 40. McDonald’s: Massive McMuf n Breakfast The bags were left in the restaurants, on benches, or carried by (ad agency) lackeys.Attention-grabbing ambient advertising via NewZealand. This was a local promotion carried out inAuckland to entice Kiwis to cram their maws with anew massive McMuffin breakfast
  41. 41. Het Huis Opticiens| Changelooks
  42. 42. Aubade: French Art of LovingFor three weeks, in the evening and in three principal Paris districts, three women madethe girl next door fantasy a reality. Each girl changed her windows flat into an outdoorcampaign. The Lesson of Seduction Aubade communication moved with the times whilekeeping its DNA : showing women bodies subtly and in black and white campaign. Thecampaign was about four times per night : people saw a young woman going home andexposing her private life behind the curtains of her appartment. During her show, thewoman was behind normal curtains and then finally hired it to reveal the new Aubadewebsite, Then, she continued her show behind the newcurtains.
  43. 43. Palmolive: Naked shower in the street
  44. 44. Canac Hardware Store: Fences For more privacy from your neighbors.
  45. 45. BMW S 1000 RR: Flash-Projection
  46. 46. The Family Planning Association of SriLanka: Newspaper napkins AIDS.Stay Can’t Wipe Your Hands of it. You Safe. A random reminder of DANGER can trigger us to rethink a decision or idea. Though the necessity of practicing Safe Sex is common knowledge, people need to occasionally be reminded ‘why’ in order to prompt them to do the right thing. This campaign was launched on the 1st of December 2010 and was carried on for a few days after. The message was communicated in Sinhalese to cater to the target audience. This execution will also be carried out in all three languages - Sinhala, Tamil and English.
  47. 47. Piko: The little Englishman Project Who is the little man with the umbrella?
  48. 48. City of Scaldasole| Dog poo
  49. 49. Prime TV,PsychicInvestigators:MindDRAFTFCB, Auckland created thisstencil for Primes TV show - PsychicInvestigators. It illustrates thepsychics ability to discover crimesthat have been committed by usingtheir mind and nothing else.
  50. 50. Pop Up Lisbon 2010|Bird shit advertising PopUp is an urban culture festival taking place in Lisbon from November 4 to December 11. This year, it has "Urban Nomads" for a theme and pigeons as their icon. Torke was invited to take part on the exhibit as an artist and also asked to develop a low cost and high impact stunt to advertise the festival. Since the connection between Pop Up and the pigeons is well advertised, we chose to take the thing birds do that is the most spread around the city: their shit. Thousands of pigeon shit stickers were put on cars, ATMs, stores and even people near the places where Pop Up will happen. Nothing escaped this true artillery, we were more efficient then the pigeons themselves.
  51. 51. Barbados Yellow Pages: Paint The Town Yellow
  52. 52. Romanian Police Child Helpline Association| When I can not speak.Erase the traces of violence Call 116.111 and talk about my agony.
  53. 53. Mini theatre: Snow white mirror Mirror used as a "poster" for a theatre play Snow white, performed by the Mini theatre – Ljubljana.
  54. 54. Hortifruti| Fire breathing Arm yourself against heartburn and burning.
  55. 55. Caritas|Homeless Some estimates say that there are 300 000 homeless people in Poland. To raise the awareness of this fact and make other people realize how tough is winter for homeless the mannequins of homeless people appeared in several office buildings in Warsaw. Next to each mannequin there was a note: „I let myself to spend the night here since I was cold. The only address I have is „ („bezdomni” means „homeless” in Polish).Upon the consent of the buildings’ administrators, the mannequins were placed next tothe lifts, in the corridors and in the reception area. The same day the homelessappeared in the offices, the employees working in the very same buildings received an e-mail with the bank account number to which contributions for Caritas (charityorganization taking care of homeless people) could be made. After the event a 100%increase of donations was noted comparing to the previous year.
  56. 56. Electricity Losses Program (ELP)|Exhibition Background: South Africa faces an energy crises. Not only in the generation of sustainable energy and distribution but also in losses due to electricity theft. Every year, approximately R4.4 billion is lost due to the theft of electricity from illegal connections, electricity fraud and electricity meter tampering. Further to this, innocent lives and mostly children, are the victims of dangerous connections. Hence a program, OPERATION KHANYISA, was initiated to address this crises. Communication Objective: The perpetrators of electricity theft are not only people from townships, but surprisingly, many large businesses too. Operation Khanyisa needed to demonstrate to this target audience the repercussions of their actions. Electricity theft is illegal and a criminal offence. They could end up in jail, or worse, kill someone through their actions. Solution: The best way to immerse the target audience and engage their involvement was through an interactive art installation. Art can be an emotive, hard hitting and graphically aggressive medium. This is a serious issue and so required a bold statement. We created a walk through exhibition that communicated, in an emotional tone and manner, the various repercussions related to stealing electricity as well as positive solutions to the problem.
  57. 57. Atzum The Task Force on HumanTraf cking| Women to go
  58. 58. For the launch of LG Infinite 3D, the agency created a glass panel in the form of a LCD TV. Real objects were pasted on the glass. On the one hand, the object is seen behind the glass, showing the common vision of aLG In nite 3D TV. On the other hand, perceives the same object in front of the glass, clearer, causing the 3D effect
  59. 59. Samsungs Masterpiece.Samsung|Masterpiece Event
  60. 60. A book| Enjoy the wait
  61. 61. Lusy Laksita Broadcsting School| Strawphone
  62. 62. Land Rover| Locker Rooms
  63. 63. Atelier do Corpo Facial Gymnastics Classes:Distortion mirror
  64. 64.| Epic Delivery Man Stan stumbles through NYC with a ton of boxes and bags as he attempts to deliver the worlds largest order.
  65. 65. Auckland City Council: Beautify your city, Bushyhedge rubbish bagsRubbish is never going to disappear, but Colenso BBDO, Auckland found a way to make it beautiful. We turned theordinary rubbish bag into a bushy hedge, which formed garden beds when placed curbside. The "Beautify yourCity" campaign was created to make Auckland a more beautiful city. We prevented illegal dumping by placingflowerbeds on targeted areas and educated businesses, with a kit delivered by council ambassadors. With everybusiness in the CBD receiving the bags, Aucklands city streets transformed overnight.
  66. 66. China Environmental Protection Foundation:Chopstick treeEvery year Chinese consumes 45 billion pairs of disposable wooden chopsticks which equal around 25million trees. We recycle over 30 thousand used disposable wooden chopsticks from restaurants all overShanghai. Wash them, process and collage them into a 5-meter-high-chopstick-tree, we then break itdown in the middle and then display the piece in the busiest district. Through the fallen chopstick-tree, wealert the people that the use of disposable wooden chopsticks means the destruction of large numbers oftrees.
  67. 67. Viva, Bloody Christmas: We are all murderersWe are all murderers. Every year at Christmas time we torture and kill millions of carps. Lets quitthis tradition! In Poland Christmas tradition of eating fish for dinner turns to be a bloody massacre. Poles are not aware of animals suffering before they land on a table. Viva Foundation aims at drawing public attention at the carp suffering and to make people consume less fish this year or at least eliminate their terrible suffering before consumption.
  68. 68. VW Polo| recycling drop box
  69. 69. H&M| Your Art Here
  70. 70. Solidarités International: Water talks
  71. 71. Hand Grenade Christmas Ornaments UK social justice organisation Ctl.Alt.Shift has been stocking Christmas trees with Christmas decorations with a conscience, ornamental hand grenades. Designed by Manchester design house Dorothy, the ornaments were launched on Suck and in 2009. On first appearances the decorations might look like delicate baubles but on closer inspection they are highly finished chrome hand grenades. The baubles represent the Ctrl.Alt.Shift ethos to inspire change through creativity and aim to make people stop and think about the bigger picture.
  72. 72. Allianz Supplementary Dental Insurance: Word ofMouth Never stop biting
  73. 73. Power Smart Month, BC Hydro: Smart Condo CratesTo launch Power Smart Month BC Hydro, the energy provider for British Columbia, Canada, engaged smak todevelop and execute a campaign idea that would increase talkability around the campaign which looks to promoteenergy efficiency in the home and workplace. smak proposed an idea where the public could peek into two homesand spot the difference between living energy-efficiently and living wastefully. smak took two shipping containersand converted them into bright BC Hydro-branded liveable condos. The spaces were furnished with a living roomand kitchen area including a refrigerator, computer and television. The condos were placed in a high-trafficlocation in downtown Vancouver and during the course of four days, residents and commuters observed twoactors living inside. The condos were connected to digital counters which allowed people to watch the energyconsumption differences between the two lifestyles. The condos were part of an integrated media execution andprovided a colourful and impactful vehicle to generate discussions around BC Hydro’s Power Smart Month.
  74. 74. Tele2: Giant Phone Our mission was to launch Tele2’s latest product: Fixed telephony through the mobile net. The product sounds quite technical and advanced. So we wanted to focus on how easy it is to use, almost exactly like a traditional fixed phone. And the best way was just letting people try it. We built giant, actually working phones in Swedens’ three biggest cities. So that all passers by could try the product, by calling whoever they wanted for free. The giant phones, of course, were hard to ignore. And loads of people used them to call a friend a taxi or whoever they could think of. We also had a competition. Every now and then we called up the giant phones. And whoever answered could win a great prize.
  75. 75. Ambi Pur| Flower-Power Your Room
  76. 76. Supreme Security: Job offer in luggage scanner
  77. 77. Banksy| Dolphin ride.Guerilla marketing campaign by Banksy against the oil spilldisasater by BP
  78. 78. Coca-Cola Zero: Man-madeisland in the Red Sea Visitors at the Coca-Cola Zero-Zone enjoyed cold and refreshing Coca-Cola Zero served out of a pool bearing the brand logo, live drumming performances, a variety of games and great music. They all got to kick off their weekends with a private island party! Hundreds of photos were taken on a daily basis and were posted to the brands Facebook page – where visitors could find themselves, tag the photos and share the experience with their friends. The visitors to the Coca-Cola Zero-Zone also receive a special "Benefits Bracelet" from Coca-Cola Zero, granting them various discounts at dozens of shops, restaurants, bars and other locations in the southern Israeli tourist city of Eilat.Coca-Cola Zero launched an extraordinary summer attraction in Israel: a mini-island called "Coca-ColaZero-Zone" that was built as a floating island in the middle of the Red Sea, designed as an urbanstreet, offering a unique sampling experience to its visitors.The "Coca-Cola Zero-Zone", was built and produced covering an area of over 400 square meters andwas surrounded by water on all sides. It was built on the northern coast of the Gulf of Eilat, at adistance of about 100 meters from the shore and was accessible only by swimming to it or by shuttleboats. Once you arrived you were rewarded with an experiential sampling of Coca-Cola Zero
  79. 79. Check out the many submissions on YouTube.Renault Wind Roadster: 12 Second Strip
  80. 80. Bavaria| Steward [sponsorshipvandalism]| [ambush campaign] de nes ambush marketing as the act of"bypassing the main sponsors by distributing freematerials bearing bold, eye-catching company logosor similar insignia to the fans attending [the WorldCup] so as to use them as human billboards". FIFA = MAFIA
  81. 81. Cape Town Book Fair| GetThe Original Blockbuster
  82. 82. NGO Chetana Foundation|Cloth Donation
  83. 83. Toronto Academy of Karate|
  84. 84. Flashmob Mu by PeugeotCity cars, station wagons, MPVs, convertibles, vans, bikes, scooters, electric vehicles andaccessories, Mu by Peugeot is a new rental service that allows you to move how you like,when you like.More info on
  85. 85. BRAND IDENTITY Packaging
  86. 86. FontsThe Structure of a Letter1.  Baseline … is the imaginary line that is the base of all letters, they “sit” on it.2.  Cap height … is the imaginary line that is determined by the top edge of uppercase letters. It can have the same height with the ascender but it can also be different, depending on the font.3. Meanline … is the horizontal line determined by the top extremities of the majority of lowercase letters as “a”,”c”, “e”, “x”.4. Descender … is the part of the “g”, “j”, “p”, “q”, “y” letters that is situated bellow the baseline. 5. Ascender … is the opposite of descender. It is determined by the top of “b”, “d”, “f”, “h”, “k”, “l”, “t” lowercase.6. Serif … is the extra stroke of the letters. Sans serif, as you must have figured out, is the lack of those strokes; the characters have a prominent cut.7. “x” height … is the height of lowercase letter “x”. This might seem kind of unimportant at first glance, but it is used in CSS as a measuring unit (mostly because the lowercase letter “x” has no ascenders or descenders).
  87. 87. The Storehagen Atrium in Førde, Norway Characteristic subway lines are used all through the|way nding system signagededicated to each floor andand graphical shapes system with strong colors institution. designed following the principles of universal design they should make it easy for any user, like persons with visual impairment, to find their way. the project included designing the exterior and interior signs, from directions in the public areas to the name labeling on each office door. each of the 200 doors in the building has an unique design pattern.
  88. 88. Founded in 1916 the San Diego Zoo is one of the largest in the world, with "over 4,000 rare and endangered animals representing more than 800 species and subspecies" including a delicious (looking not tasting) panda. The San Diego Zoo, as a parent brand and non-profit organization, also operates the San Diego Zoos Wild Animal Park, and San Diego Zoos Institute for ConservationSan Diego Zoo Research, and counts with more than 250,000 member households and 130,000 child memberships. Despite being all part of the same family, each entity had its own identity and it wasnt clear that they were all fighting the same fight: Conservation. The San Diego Zoo has just introduced a new identity created by Landor that unifies the full San Diego Zoo organization under one visual identity and brand idea, "Ambassadors for Wildlife," which grew out of the new tagline, "Wild at Heart.”
  89. 89. The San Diego Zoos Wild Animal Park has changed its name to San Diego Safari Park. After extensive research, we have determined that this name reflects the experience the Park has to offer and buildsSan Diego Zoo Safari Park upon the strong, recognizable San Diego zoo identity.
  90. 90. Packaging
  91. 91. McDonald’s New Packaging Boxer Creative The task was to "change the way the world feels about eating McDonalds food". As a result, Boxer have created a global packaging design system that challenges outdated perceptions about the quality of McDonalds food, engaging consumers in an honest conversation about what make their McDonalds. The new packaging is splashed with bold text and crisp imagery. Unlike the previous no-frills white and red box, the new Big Mac container, for example, triumphantly exclaims in heavy block text, "There is only one." On one side, plucky marketing copy extols the Big Macs height while, on another, the vegetables, cheese, and cooking utensils used in the burgers making are highlighted. The goal, says Mary Dillon, McDonalds global chief marketing officer, is to "create unique personalities for our menu items by telling a story about each one.” McDonald plans to introduce its latest design over the next two years in every one of the 118 countries in which it operates. That includes translations into 21 languages.
  92. 92. It all started with a very big challenge... ‘Change the way theworld feels about eating McDonald’s food!’ Our priority wasmoving a negative mindset, driven by adverse publicity toone that was positive and based upon the truth. Central tothe brand story we created a simple strategy to ‘Celebrate’the things that people love about McDonald’s and ‘Reassure’consumers with the origins and quality of the ingredientsthat make their McDonald’s. We used packaging as valuablebrand media, held in the hands of 58 million customerseach day.
  93. 93. 1520 pieces of packaging across 118 countries worldwide, the brand delivered into the hands of 58 million customers a day! The largest packaging project in the world?
  94. 94. Direct Response Print DM TV Radio OnLine
  95. 95. Sir Richards Condoms
  96. 96. Europcar Minibus: Cinema Rear ViewMirror In order to promote the Europcar “minibus special” among a young target group we show cinema visitors something they have never seen before on screen: themselves. In a gigantic rear view mirror, taking a common ride. A hidden camera films the audience. The image is directly integrated into our commercial. Thus we create a completely new cinema experience with the spectators acting in the starring role. On the back of each cinema ticket there is a 10% discount voucher for the minibus special.
  97. 97. Cyfra+|Childproof Radio Commercial
  98. 98. Naturia Dog Food: Dog Radio
  99. 99. Skoda Yeti: Park Assist System Assist.movPostcard about the Skoda Yeti Park Assist System to distribute at the BolognaMotor Show.
  100. 100. There must be a blue moon tonight. American Express| Blue The Platinum Card. With an introductory offer you’ll rarely Moon Platinum Upgrade DM see – just $450 for your first year.American Express wanted toinform their Gold Card customersof a very rare offer. Theirprestigious Platinum Card was$450 for a limited time, instead ofthe usual $900 annual fee. Offersthis good only come around oncein a blue moon, so we decided touse that as the creative idea. Thebox including a mock card, wasoriginally due to lodge mid-Marchbut we talked the client intowaiting a while so we could mail itto coincide with the actual bluemoon at the end of March 2010.
  101. 101. H-57 Creative Station:Re-PackClose to the Christmas holidays we decidedto reuse / recycling of existing packaging tohelp reduce pollution, so you can make thegift packets "original" and contribute (albeitin small part) to protect the environment. Re-Pack Project - Recycling existing packaging isa way to produce and pollute less. The moreyou recycle, the less you have to dispose of.End the better it will be for planet earth
  102. 102. IKEA: Homemade Is BestWe wanted to ensure a connection between IKEAs kitchen appliances and one of the best things youcan do in a kitchen, some great baking. So the main attraction in the campaign became a 140 pagecoffee-table baking book presented in a very visually unique and spectacular way. 90% of all thephotographs taken in baking books look extremly alike. We wanted to try something different andpresent the recipes in a totally new fashion. We let ourselves be inspired by high fashion andjapanese minimalism. The idea of the book became to tone down the actual cake and put theingredients in focus. The recipes are presented as graphic still-life portraits on a warm and colourfulstage. And when you turn the page you see the fantastic result. The baking book contains 30 classicswedish baking recipes everything from small biscuits to large cakes.
  103. 103. The flat-packed DM was attached inside the IKEAs catalogue. While the customers open the package of dm, a three-dimensional LACK side table pops up immediately. This gives the experience of simple assembly of LACK side table, which leaves a deep impression as well.IKEA Lack Side Table| Pop-up
  104. 104. DHL| Yacht Blueprint
  105. 105. MF Global Sify Securities: Nodders
  106. 106. Swedish Postal Service: Magical Christmas CardsWe let people create and send Christmas cards, using modern technology! Write a greeting on the flip-side, and theChristmas card is delivered to your friends doorstep, tempting her to send her own greeting.
  107. 107. Concerto Marketing: Greeting CertaintyIn this, the season of multi-channel, media neutral, social networkfragmentation.Wed like to make certain that at least one of your heartfelt wishes makes atrue and lasting impression.A postage stamp.With a blitzkrieg of digital media befalling everyone during the holiday season,we thought a bit of old school tradition would make a welcome reprieve.
  108. 108. Media 1: UndeliverableLetter
  109. 109. Peugeot Professional: Emergency Services mailerCMW has developed an attention-catching direct campaign for Peugeot’s fleet business (Peugeot Specialist VehicleOperation – PSVO), targeting its specialist Blue Lights customers, the UK’s emergency services, Police, Fire and Ambulancein response to its recent inclusion in the National Policing Improvement Agency’s awarding preferred supplier status ofvehicles and equipment to Peugeot Motor Company. Each emergency service requires specialist converted vehicles, each tohighly individual specifications, to ensure that it carries out its duties to the very highest levels. Peugeot is the onlymanufacturer in the UK which currently offers this specialist service at their HQ, converting vehicles to the greatly differingneeds of each emergency service. CMW’s direct mail campaign targeting Peugeot clients and prospects has been designedto communicate Peugeot’s commitment to the emergency services. It aims to show that it provides the highest levels ofservice and specialist knowledge required for meeting the requirements of this key audience. CMW’s pack is delivered in alarge fluorescent yellow material outer with grey reflective band, replicating the high visibility plastic jackets worn byemergency service personnel at night. A plastic pocket holds the delivery address card and on the reverse the words, “whocan the emergency services rely on for assistance,” appear on pulling open the flap then reveals the answer ‘PeugeotProfessional’. Within the mailer is a full colour brochure with details of Peugeot’s Specialist Vehicle Operation as the onestop-shop for emergency service vehicle conversions. A personalised letter from Louise Brown, national key accountmanager for specialist fleets, reminds recipients of Peugeot’s specialist skills. A passport style photograph of Louise,attached with a paper-clip completes the personalised communication. A belly band resembling black and yellowemergency services barrier tape holds the letter and brochure together.
  110. 110. UNHCR: Letter
  111. 111. UNHCR: Card
  112. 112. Harley-Davidson: Handlebars Calendar 2010Challenge: Harley-Davidson Numero Uno Milan wanted the 2011 calendar to be the most amazing,something that really describes Harley-Davidson’s world and feelings.Idea: We didn’t simply create a calendar, we created a trip experience. We gave our calendar handlebars,landscapes, people’s reactions and a subjective point of view, just to let people imagine the experience ofriding a Harley-Davidson for 365 days and get them to realize that a Harley-Davidson is the best point of viewyou can choose.
  113. 113. Leonardo Mall| Scratch the headline Come to find out if (YOU HAVE WON) one year of shopping for free. Every Saturday and Sunday from the 2nd to the 31st of October if you spend even just 2 euro by us you will have the chance to scratch… and win so many instant prizes and also a super final special prize: one year of shopping for free! (equal to 400 euro per month along next 12 months)
  114. 114. Elixia Vitalclub: Partner Programs
  115. 115. Repromed: Dont waste your spermJamshop has created a cheeky DM piece to complement their existing national print and online campaign in an effort torecruit sperm donors for Repromed, Australias leading infertility clinic. Unsuspecting potential candidates received thepopular mens magazine FHM, only to discover that some pages appeared stuck together. Blokes were lured into pulling thesticky pages apart, revealing a full page pic of an attractive lingerie model and a message. An interactive website linkingback to Repromed challenged the men to see if they had the "goods" to become an eligible sperm donor.
  116. 116. Winterfresh| Penalty Kick
  117. 117. Pizza Hut| We are already open!
  118. 118. A special print for Audi quattro®Audi Auattro: Mountain range made of a creased paper. This advert has been published on winter sports magazines and on any other magazine related to snow activities.
  119. 119. In the remote possibility that you are not CCR: Asphaltfamiliar with the best road in the country,here is a little piece of it.
  120. 120. DDB: Thumbs
  121. 121. Absolut: No labelPurity doesnt need a label
  122. 122. Sfarim bookstore| Disconnect for a while.Read a book.
  123. 123. Renault ZE: Old NewspapersDon’t be the last to change with the times. To get people talking about the new Renault ZE Electric range an multiply pre- reservations, we surprised readers of famous newspapers by recreating in detail some of the headlines from times gone by.
  124. 124. Jalna Yoghourt: Julian Assange
  125. 125. Volkswagen Polo: Sell Your CarChallenge: Produce a newspaper ad for the desirable new Volkswagen Polo.Solution: We targeted people in the market for a new car. In the motoring sections of newspapers, we ran adouble-sided ad that capitalised on the Polo’s appeal. By cutting out and using the ad, people could puttheir current cars up for sale, while driving around with a constant reminder of the car they’d rather have:the gorgeous new Polo.Result: We turned car windows into a new media space. Every car that used our ad became a mini billboardfor the Polo’s sheer desirability – a fact made even better when it was a Toyota or Ford with our Volkswagenmessage in its window
  126. 126. Belgian League of Alhzeimer|AlhzeimersDay Todaysupport them won’t remember what they read in their newspaper. Let’s 85 000 Belgians
  127. 127. Reality: British magazine features 10 actualreaders in its cover campaign for real women may be having an affect on how women expect to be portrayed in the media.British womens magazine Essentials has reportedly decided to replace size zero models and airbrushedcelebrities with real women in response to reader demand.The magazine took a readers survey and found that more than 70 percent of its readers would prefer to seereal women than professional models.So, Essentials October issue features 10 actual readers, including a 71-year-old grandmother on its cover. Whileeditorial pages feature readers, of course most of the advertisements will include professional models--unlessmore companies like Dove join the real women bandwagon."Were looking for amazing women that really reflect the magazines readership, so women of all shapes, ages,and sizes," style director Lucy Turner says in video about the new campaign
  128. 128. CopyCatBusted ORIGINAL Less ORIGINALPet Flea and Tick Spot On “Never keep a Petzone “Don’t let ticks and fleasparasite” – 2009 become your pets” – 2010Source : Adsoftheworld Source : ColoribusAgency : Shanghai J&J Advertising Agency : Tonic Dubaï (UAE(China)
  129. 129. CopyCatBusted ORIGINAL Less ORIGINALLeibniz Minis Snacks – 2005 Minix – 2010Source : Cannes Archive Online Source : Cannes 2010 LonglistAgency : Kolle Rebbe (Germany) Agency : Draft FCB Mexico City (Mexico)
  130. 130. Graf ti BBDO| Our Award Is Your Award
  131. 131. Madrid Portfolio Night: Hey! That’s My Ad
  132. 132. Green Sense: Jaws never return Vinegar Plate When customers look at the vinegar plate they see a finless shark drowning in red vinegar sauce, reminding them that after having their fins chopped off sharks are thrown back into the ocean alive.
  133. 133. Once you eat sharks fin soup, their blood is on your hands.Green Sense: Jaws never return Tissue Pack Grey Hong Kong gave each customer a pack of tissues before they entered the restaurant . When the customer opens the pack it appears he is tearing off the fin of a shark revealing blood stained tissues inside and the message.
  134. 134. CopyCatBusted ORIGINAL Less ORIGINALBianco Footwear “Sale” – 2001Source : Cannes Outdoor SHORTLISTAgency : … & Co (Denmark) Essere “Up to 50% Sale” – 2010 Source : BlogAnubis Agency : Talent (Kuwait)
  135. 135. MINI Vending MachineThere is a MINI to satisfy every craving. And MINI Canada is proud toshow this off in its latest initiative: the MINI Vending Machine. In thelargest-ever fully-interactive night projection in Canada, the MINI VendingMachine showcases the latest 2011 MINIs with a variety of differentcolour combinations and accessories, ultimately showing that nobody cando customization like MINI can. How does it work? Passersby are able tointeract with the projection by texting to a short code to select the MINI oftheir choice. This triggers the MINI they’ve selected to drive around in afun animation, making its way down to the bottom of the vendingmachine in trademark cheeky MINI style. Animations include a MINIwhipping through an action-packed pinball machine, a MINI doing someserious doughnuts while the vending machine fills with smoke, and a MINIbreaking through the vending machine glass and parachuting its waydown. As the animation plays, a personalized-response SMS message isdispatched to the participant, encouraging them to click through to amobile optimized web page to become a MINI Facebook fan.
  136. 136. Bouygues Telecom| Flashback BookFacebook AppBouygues Télécom wanted an idea to launch their facebook platform. They wanted to create something thatwould go beyond using your profile picture in a funny way, or pranking your friends with a small joke. We decidedto look at the way we use facebook and found that even though we use the social networking site everyday, weforget our favorite moments we share online. So we created an app that could change that, and keep yourfacebook, in a book. Facebook ads engaged people to participate in the creation of their books and receive aprinted copy of their statuses and photos. You could chose up to 10 friends to add into your book, as well as thedesired timeframe, whether it be your birthday, wedding, or from the very beginning of your profile. After onlytwo days we received 15.000 fans and the limited edition of 1.000 books were gone in only an hour A Life On Facebook,
  137. 137. Wataniya Airways| Quiz An online idea developed by Wataniya Airways to promote their recently launched product BusinessFirst. By playing the game, you’ll learn about all the benefits offered that makes your trip much more comfortable when traveling with them like the complimentary Chauffeur Drive, VIP shuttle ride to your aircraft. The game is made out of 9 different questions/stages and in each stage you’ll learn more about BusinessFirst.
  138. 138. Pixel HuntTo promote the new Vodafone LG Optimus Windows 7 phone with 5 Megapixel camera,we launched a website where the user has to search for the winning pixels in a pictureof 5 millions pixels. The winning pixels are one hundred and each one of them containsa brand new LG Optimus Windows 7 phone with 5 Megapixel camera.
  139. 139. Audi Quattro: Sudden Motion Sensor Banner Audi Ski Jump movie isa legend. On the 30thanniversary of the quattro®technology we reinterpretthe idea in a contemporarystyle: as an interactive webexperience. The tools: Firefox3.6 and the MacBooksSudden Motion Sensor. Theresult: The first banner inthe world with motioncontrol. Or in other words:"Vorsprung durchTechnik" (Advance throughTechnology).
  140. 140. Megamind Promo in Farmville DreamWorks launched a 24-hour Farmville promo for its Megamind movie scheduled to premier tomorrow. The promo unfolds along the scenario similar to an earlier campaign by McDonalds: the hero appears on your neighbors list, he owns a farm, and for visiting it you get two items -- a useful crop booster Mega-Grow and a useless floating decoration (McDonalds gave away a coffee speed boost and a decorative balloon while Farmers Insurance balloon prevented crops from withering). The "No You Cant" balloon -- a nod to the iconic Shepard Fairey poster and Obamas 2008 slogan -- is a nice touch thats also ironic
  141. 141. Amex Centurion Statue in FarmvilleContinuing to keep an eye on brands inFarmville: American Express is lettingits card holders to redeem rewardpoints for Zyngas virtual goods. Amexis also offering a special Centurionstatue that will double the mastery forplayers crops in Farmville for one week.
  142. 142. Volkswagen Amarok| VirtualLive Test
  143. 143. D-Say Digital Agency: The Worlds FirstPro le Banner Wanted CampaignDear employees of _______, d-say received some new clients and they are recruitingfiercely… NO MATTER WHAT, DO NOT SEND THEM YOUR CVs to The profile banner was placed on the profiles of competing digital agencies CEOs, filling in their agencys name on the blank.
  144. 144. Banco do Planeta| Wish Tree
  145. 145. Museum of London: Streetmuseum iPhone App
  146. 146. Swedish Postal Service: MagicalChristmas Cards We let people create and send Christma s cards, using modern technolo gy! Write a greeting on the flip-side, and the Christma s card is delivered to your friend’s doorstep, tempting her to send her own greeting.
  147. 147. Caritas: One Minute Of Silence After the fatal earthquake in Haiti, there was a massive coverage. Only two weeks later, Haiti was just a minor topic in the media. In order to keep Haiti top of mind & guarantee further support and donations for Caritas long-term reconstruction programme, the agency created “One minute of silence for Haiti”, a silent mp3, sold on major music platforms as a microdonation that managed to top the Swiss charts, was aired by all national radio stations, spread across the press and more importantly kept Haiti an issue.
  148. 148. The Metropolitan Police: Choose a DifferentEnding London teenagers were carrying knives in the mistaken belief that they offered protection. The Metropolitan Police wanted to communicate that the reverse was true. A series of films was created for Youtube using Annotation Technology, enabling viewers to choose what happened next. Carry a knife? Go to a party? Stab an opponent? After experiencing the consequences of their choices, viewers were invited to ‘Choose a Different Ending’. For the film, and their life. 21 films, ten different endings. The response was 78% awareness, the highest ever for a Met campaign, and to date, 2,652,012 views.Results and Effectiveness:• 4.6 out of 5 average user rating.• 2.1% click-through rate on viral video trailers, well above 0.2% industry benchmark for rich media banners.• Net number of views logged would have required a TV budget 600% the size of our spend.• Peer-to-peer debate about the videos and knife crime swelled. At peak, more than 80 comments a day were posted, with a total ofover 3,000.• Total views to date, 2,652,012.• Highest total recall of any Metropolitan Police campaign, ever. 78% among our target
  149. 149. b2100: Shakedown 1. Call any one of the mobiles on the table. Watch how the vibration makes the mobile move. 2. If your call causes a mobile to fall over the table edge – you win that mobile. 3. After a mobile has fallen onto the floor or into the water tank, people could still call it to check that it worked
  150. 150. Swedish Postal Service: Living Christmas CardsURL: create truly unique christmas cards, the Swedish Post teamed upwith Niklas Blindh, a Sami and reindeer owner from up north, andthe people of Funäsdalen, a small mountain village in northernSweden. Together they built Living Christmas Cards, something a bitmore personal than your ordinary e-greeting or SMS.
  151. 151. Mercedes-Benz: Tramp a BenzURL Blog: Facebook:„Tramp a Benz“ is about the freedom to be onthe road. Without passing on the necessarysafety. Stefan Gbureck, an emerging streetphotographer and performance artist fromBerlin, will tramp throughout Europe. His onlycondition: to tramp with Mercedes-Benzexclusively. („The best or nothing“, so tospeak). His destination: the south, as fast andsafe as possible. Maybe Milano an then allalong the french riviera. Maybe back throughFrance and via Stuttgart to Berlin. Or maybesomewhere completely different. We will keepyou updated about his journey, about thepeople Stefan meets, the cars he travels withand everything else.
  152. 152. Honda: NaughtyOrNice-a-tron Facebook app Today on Facebook, Honda launched a one-of-a-kind “NaughtyOrNice-a-tron” app as part of its Happy Honda Days campaign. Scouring a user’s past year of Facebook activity, including status updates, comments and likes, a specially- developed algorithm evaluates their language usage and searches for key behaviors to determine if the user has been naughty or nice. Users are encouraged to post or share their score and can see their friends’ scores if they have used the app. As the app processes a user’s data, the “NaughtyOrNice-a- tron” machine animates, updates the user on its progress, and displays some of the naughty or nice items it uncovers. The charming, vintage-electronics, paper model look of the machine itself was created by artist Dan McPharlin. Landscape and scenery elements were designed by Buck.
  153. 153. Shortland Street: Summer FlingNew Zealands longest-running, numberone TV drama Shortland Street is off-airover the holiday season, but fans arekeeping their passion for the show alivewith a Summer Fling. Created by AIMProximity, Auckland, the online campaigninvolves fans in a short but intense holidayromance. Fans are a directed to a facebookapp where they can choose between fiveShorty Street characters to hook up with.Once they’ve hooked up, they can set uptheir friends with a Summer Fling too. Thefling mimics a real life relationship withfans receiving a stream of flirty personalmessages from the character throughoutsummer, which they can share on theirfacebook Wall. They also receive holidaysnaps from the beach, video messages forChristmas and New Year’s Eve, and emailsfrom the character’s work address –Shortland Street hospital. The content hasits own carefully crafted story arc that sitscomfortably alongside the TV narrative andreveals new information about eachcharacter. The relationship develops andintensifies over summer, finally leading to abreak-up email that allows the ShortlandStreet world to be restored to normality,before the new season begins
  154. 154. Touché! PHD: Facebook Page Letter BombingTo highlight the extraordinary harvest in awards by Quebec media agency Touché! PHD atthe latest Media Innovation Awards in Toronto (annual competition organized by MarketingMagazine rewarding media innovation across Canada), the agency conducted aLetterBombing operation on Infopresse and Globe And Mail Facebook pages.
  155. 155. Terre Des Femmes: Virtual Victim App“Virtual Victim” is a unique Facebook Application developed to support „Terre Des Femmes“, a Women’sRights Organization based in Berlin, Germany, in their fight against domestic violence. Female Facebookusers can record a portrait picture via webcam and add bruises and scars to their picture. The VirtualVictim App adds a very intriguing message to the picture and creates a new post in the user’s news feedon Facebook: „One out of four women becomes a victim of domestic violence. Would you do something ifit was me?“ The stark effect of this message and scarred portrait encourages Facebook friends to pausefor reflection. Who wouldn’t be deeply affected, if a friend or acquaintance was the victim of domesticviolence?
  156. 156. Canon PowerShot: Your Second ShotURL: Second Shot is an ongoing project by Canon and Dentsu America. Using a new low-light technology, we’re helping realpeople recapture moments that were previously “lost” because the photograph didn’t turn out. From a couple’s adventurein Barcelona to a bet involving a mechanical bull, we’re helping people reclaim important memories—all with PowerShotcameras. On the website, you can view all of the stories as well as submit your own to be recreated as part of this project.
  157. 157. URL: PetSmart: Pet AdornamentsWhats the most adorable ornament ever? The one starring your own dog or cat. Introducing PetAdornaments, from Bernstein Rein and PetSmart. Its printable, foldable, shareable and show-off-able.Just upload your pets face, customize his or her body by choosing coat texture and color, print, fold andproudly hang on your tree or display anywhere. Its a digital and hands-on experience for crafty and not-so-crafty pet lovers alike.
  158. 158. URL: Holiday Pawtraits Introducing Holiday Pawtraits, the first-of-its-kind holiday e-card created by Bernstein Rein for PetSmart. Unlike e-cards of the past, its a fully customizable experience that allows users to create their families ­pets and all­ in a classic holiday stop animation style, but with a contemporary twist
  159. 159. Apple iTouch: All kinds of fun
  160. 160. Stivoro: The Quitting MachineURL: the quitting machine you can find all the support that can help you quit smoking. This interactive vending machinedoesn’t dispend cigarettes but the aid a quitter needs to stop for good. Not only nicotine gum but also group therapy andbrochures that help you quit smoking. Mouse over the machine and pick an aid that you would like to know more about.After clicking, one of the the little drawers at the bottom pops open to dispense the aid of your choosing. A screen appearswith a short animated film that explains a bit about the aid. Further information, a direct link to your health insurer andadvice on how to combine aid for more effective quitting are also provided. Every demo film has its own style that fits thestory about the quitting aid, this makes the user curious about the next one and if he particularly likes one, more eager toshare on social media.
  161. 161. Chilis: Spin 2 Win Facebook App To see just how bad Chilis fans wanted a free $20 Dinner for Two, we created an app that paired them up with a random Facebook friend. If they were willing to go with whoever they landed on, we gave them a gift card.
  162. 162. World AIDS Day: Cock outCock Out is a World AIDS Day online campaign.Site: http://www.cockout.deVideo:
  163. 163. vertising TAXIvertising STREETvertising BICYCLEvertising Likevertising
  164. 164. Baby T-Shirts
  165. 165. Earth Day Canada, Hometown Hero: Bike Cape Are you an environmental hero? EARTHDAY.CA/HOMETOWNMedia placement was the key to thesuccess of these ads. We wanted toengage our target by creating out-of-the-ordinary changes to places whereenvironmentalists are often found. Weultimately decided that bike lanes wouldbe the ideal spot, and so we made thebicycle symbols in bike lanes into miniguerilla advertisements. By usingwashable, eco-friendly paint to draw acape onto the bike lane people andattaching a call to action,environmentalists were engaged in anunexpected way.
  166. 166. University of Colorado Division ofContinuing Education| Bus boards
  167. 167. Absolut| Bus stopAs an evolution of its ongoing “DRINKS” campaign,ABSOLUT VODKA has used the bustling streets ofChicago to bring to life the unique universes createdby visionary photographers, Ellen Von Unwerth andAmanda De Cadenet. With a series of bus shelterinstallations, ABSOLUT has leveraged the imagery oftalent such as Kate Beckinsale, Zooey Deschanel & AliLarter to transform these shelters into tactileinstallations for people to enjoy. Bringing to life theworlds that embody ABSOLUT “Lemon Drop,” Twist”and “Bloody,” the shelters (which will run until lateDecember) use original seating, stunning colors andeven tropical plant-life.
  168. 168. TaxiVertising
  169. 169. Ras l 3abed ( Tarboush )’s
  170. 170. BICYCLEvertising |Zain@ Marina Mall
  171. 171. Pause More With Twix @ Marina Mall
  172. 172. In recent weeks, there has been increased concern over airline safety. This has resulted in necessary restrictions to what you can do while flying. It’s now quite possible that you won’t be able to leave your seat during the last hour of your flight, use electronic Travel Safe Activities devices, or have anything at all on your lap. But this doesn’t mean you can’t still have fun. A good puppet show has been a crowd We’ve all seen people doing stretching Pass The Beach Ball! favorite since the medieval days and exercises,walking up and down the people had a LOT more time to kill back Cabinwide Singalong cabin, and trying to stay fit in other ways. Since this will no longer be then. As this can be especially entertaining for the kids, we suggest allowed, passengers can still try to being creative with the design of your attain inner peace through collective characters on the barf bags. Unless a meditation. If you can figure out how horror show is being planned, avoid to cross your legs while keeping your those sick sacks that have already been seatbelt on, Nirvana is right around used. the corner.There’s nothing like bouncing a beach ball Everyone loves a rousing song during those Pre-landing Meditationaround the cabin to make that time really Barf Bag Puppet long drives where time would otherwisefly by. This activity has been known to seem to crawl. There’s no reason this can’twork effectively at rock concerts while become a regular part of your otherwisewaiting for the band to show up. True, you mundane flight. The last hour of your tripwon’t achieve the same height due to the can be used to perfect the multi-chorusexistence of ceilings, but you can certainly verses of “Row, Row, Row Your Boat” (greatget some distance with a strong forearm. for the kids) all the way to something more sophisticated like the chorale movements from Beethoven’s Ninth. We heard of one flight that performed the entire score of Hairspray which continued on for ten minutes after landing. This can be every bit as much fun as when people do “the wave” at a stadium, only there will be no standing One passenger serves as a model and up here for obvious reasons. Instead, those in the immediate vicinity do their simply power on your overhead light, best to sketch them. For those flights wait for the people in front of you to where writing pads have been defined power on theirs, then turn yours off. A as weapons, the back of an unused truly beautiful spectacle once it gets Touch The Lavatory barf bag will do. going. Light Wave Passengers on one side of the plane link arms until someone is able to In-flight Sketching actually touch the door of one of the lavatories without unbuckling their Marco Polo seatbelt. Those passengers not willing to participate are defined as obstacles Be the person on your flight to and must be routed around. The side suddenly shout out “Marco!” during with the least amount of links wins. that last hour. It might take a few Mathematical skills and agility are tries, but eventually someone pluses in this competition. somewhere on the plane will respond with a “Polo!” if for no other reason than to shut you up.