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Retailers, meet tomorrow’s power shoppers: Gen Z

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Is your business ready for Gen Z? The world has been hyper-focused on how Millennials are changing our economy, especially in retail. But the next big shift will be driven by Generation Z.

Adyen commissioned an exclusive U.S. survey to understand the shopping habits and expectations of this impactful generational group. A sneak peek at the data about Gen Z:

- 60% think it’s important for brands to value their opinion
- 93% prefer to shop without help from a sales associate
- 70% are tastemakers who influence their family’s spending
- 48% expect to be able to return or exchange items bought online in a store
- 46% are using chat apps to communicate with brands

We know brick and mortar isn’t dead. But Generation Z is the most tech-savvy set of buyers yet. What do retailers need to know to prepare for the next wave of shoppers?

Download the full report on GenZ here

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Retailers, meet tomorrow’s power shoppers: Gen Z

  1. 1. Move over, Millennials. Say hello to Generation Z #EvolvingRetail
  2. 2. Adyen recently commissioned a survey of 2,010 U.S. consumers between 18-55 to better understand their shopping habits. The following research focuses on Gen Z. We know brick and mortar isn’t dead, but what do retailers need to know to appeal to Gen Z shoppers now and in the future?
  3. 3. The oldest people in Gen Z are age 22
  4. 4. These future power shoppers include today’s teenagers
  5. 5. These teenagers have $44 billion 
 in spending power
  6. 6. And it will only increase as they grow up
  7. 7. Gen Z was raised entirely in the digital age
  8. 8. The internet has always been high speed
  9. 9. They don’t know dial-up modems
  10. 10. Phones have always been mobile
  11. 11. of Gen Zers spend most of their free time online. 
 And on social media 75%
  12. 12. This digital-savvy generation will cause the next big shift in how we shop and buy
  13. 13. Gen Z makes up the 2nd-largest group of early adopters
  14. 14. influence which products their families buy 
 (including clothes, shoes, and electronic devices) 70%
  15. 15. This generation is 
 even more frugal 
 and price-conscious 
 than Millennials
  16. 16. Gen Zers want to shop and research brands on their own terms (before they even walk into a store)
  17. 17. go to a specific store’s website 49%
  18. 18. get shopping tips 
 via word of mouth 45%
  19. 19. search megastore apps 43%
  20. 20. Facebook ads 41% YouTube videos 30% Instagram posts 26% What Gen Z sees on social media impacts their purchasing decisions
  21. 21. While they’re warming up to using chat apps to talk with brands, only 26% are willing to make a purchase that way
  22. 22. In short, Ernst & 
 Young called Gen Z 
 “Millennials on steroids”
  23. 23. When they shop, Gen Zers crave efficiency
  24. 24. hope that “just walk out” technology is everywhere in the next 12 months 39%
  25. 25. Gen Z wants the online and in-store experience to 
 work together
  26. 26. would visit a store more often if they knew an item was in stock 66%
  27. 27. expect to buy items online and return them in a store 33%
  28. 28. do not want recommendations from sales associates while shopping in a store 93%
  29. 29. said they would buy more items if retailers let them shop how they want 50%
  30. 30. At the end of the day, retailers must adapt to Gen Z preferences (or risk bad reviews)
  31. 31. To ensure a future generation of loyal Gen Z customers, retailers should build new shopping models
  32. 32. Now
  33. 33. Learn more about Gen Z in our white paper. Download our free report