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Use case and integration of ClickHouse with Apache Superset & Dremio

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Presentation by Rahul Sharma to the SF Bay Area 10 September 2020 meetup.

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Use case and integration of ClickHouse with Apache Superset & Dremio

  1. 1. Use case and Integration of Clickhouse with Apache Superset & Dremio Rahul Sharma, India Lead Consultant – GIS Solution / Former Research Scientist/Mentor / Speaker ISRO/ MoH&FW / BMGF / MoWR, skype: @rahulsmartgis
  2. 2. Use Case: Health Census Data 4000 + Variables 700+ Tables ( 1 TB Size) ODK is free and open-source software that helps millions of people collect data quickly, accurately, offline, and at scale. The software is in active use in every country in the world and is supported by a large and helpful community. 1 Physical Location & Photo 2 Basic Details 3 Infrastructure 4 Services Offered/Facilities & Equipment Available 5 Human Resource Available at Various Levels 6 Other Support Services 7 Health Programmes 8 Quality Control 9 Technology 10 TB Diagnosis & Treatment Services Data Collection Tool
  3. 3. Major Role of Clickhouse - Data Reporting Inject Data ARP Connector Clickhouse-client driver package/ Pandas Multiple data sources
  4. 4. Data Visualization Platform – Dremio/Superset • Data Lake that can connect to multiple databases, even no SQL • Join and query original databases at enhanced speeds • Common SQL Queries • Through ARP Connector dremio is able to communicate with clickhouse.(github: nhrr-india) • it is in experimental mode due to performance issue. • Easy to Slice, Dice and Visualize data • 40 Plus charts • Map based visualizations Apache Superset (incubating) is a modern, enterprise- ready business intelligence web application Dremio's Data Lake Engine delivers lightning fast query speed and a self- service semantic layer operating directly against your data lake storage.
  5. 5. Sample Dashboard using Apache Superset Note: Sample Data used
  6. 6. 6 Thanks! Q&A