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Creating Efficiency and Business Value Through Smart Energy and Water Management

Antea Group Senior Consultant Eric Malinowski presented at the 2015 Honda Sustainability Symposium on the topic of energy and water efficiency and leveraging savings across the organization.

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Creating Efficiency and Business Value Through Smart Energy and Water Management

  1. 1. Antea USA, Inc.Antea USA, Inc. Leveraging Resources Efficiencies and Savings Across the Organization Honda Sustainability Symposium November 3, 2015 Eric Malinowski
  2. 2. Antea USA, Inc.Antea USA, Inc. Local Expertise & Experienced Professionals Eric Malinowski – Antea Group  35 years industry experience.  Former corporate executive with steel industry and food & beverage companies.  Wide variety of energy and resource efficiency project experience.  International expertise spanning all six major continents.  Conducted 60+ resource assessments and training workshops in manufacturing facilities in Asia, Africa, Europe, South Pacific and North and South America.
  3. 3. Antea USA, Inc.Antea USA, Inc. Agenda • Benefits of Resource management in Sustainability Plan • Resource management for Continual Cost Savings • Resource Assessment Purpose, Objectives, Results • Energy • Water • Creating a Energy & Water efficiency and conservation culture across the organization • Summary
  4. 4. Antea USA, Inc.Antea USA, Inc. Energy and Water Management System
  5. 5. Antea USA, Inc.Antea USA, Inc. Sustainability Simplified: What Are Priorities Now? 1. How do we ensure it’s safe to make, move and use, reinforcing our company’s great reputation? • Reducing risks across the value chain helps to ensure the longevity of our business 2. Can we make it with less and exceed our business objectives? • Drive economic savings through efficiency & changes to make the company more productive/competitive 3. How do we ensure our sustainability actions and communications extend the trust customers have for us? • Clear, credible and transparent proof of our efforts furthers trust and helps deliver the promise 4. Can we make a better choice for today and tomorrow, creating capacity for long-term growth? • A commitment to customer focus and sustainability will build our brand and enable a brighter future for all stakeholders 5. How do we find new methods to meet evolving market demands for sustainable products before our rivals • Sustainability efforts that change the basis of competition drive extraordinary value
  6. 6. Antea USA, Inc.Antea USA, Inc. Key Initiative –– Improving the capability and use of energy & water data to increase efficiency • Create a cultural in which efficient energy & water practices and continual reduction in energy consumption are embedded into the day to day operations Objective • Long term goals established, short term targets in place and accepted • Efficient energy & water consumption cultural established, Champion and team(s) engaged • Continuous improvement is documented, verified and published • Program completely integrated into plant wide operations culture Success • Establish energy & water management practices (establish culture and continuity) • Data Collection / KPI’s / Targets (road map. verification, purpose) • Analysis (ensure progress and help align reduction efforts when required) • Benchmarking both internal and external (ensures continuous improvement ) • Best Practice Implemented (reduce time to reap savings benefits) • Identify, evaluate and prioritize new savings opportunities (required to meet targets) • Regular reporting , follow up and communication of program results (management) How
  7. 7. Antea USA, Inc.Antea USA, Inc. Efficient Resource Management Program Energy & Water Usage Goals Define Targets /Assign Champion Measure / Monitor / Benchmark Identification of Savings Opportunities Evaluation & Implementation Review / Assess & Adjust Continuity Plan for Long Term Success Voluntary Energy Program Options • EPA Energy Star • ISO 50001
  8. 8. Antea USA, Inc.Antea USA, Inc. The Business Value Direct Benefits Indirect Benefits Business Value Direct Benefits • Controllable energy & water usage and costs • Improved operational efficiency • Reduced environmental impact • Sustainable energy consumption Indirect Benefits • Increase in cross functional communication • Improved relationships with resource and equipment suppliers • Improved risk management • Improvement employee involvement and increased morale • Translate lessons learned from resource reduction opportunities to enhance production, throughput and quality through out the facility
  9. 9. Antea USA, Inc.Antea USA, Inc. Efficient management of Energy and Water resources through a data driven lean approach Establish inventory of measurement points Trend and benchmark measurement points Develop targets for measurement points and establish KPIs Report KPIs; make operational changes to improve performance Develop facility energy & water capital plan based upon targets and KPIs Execute targeted engineering studies to support project development Feed opportunities items into capital plan Scope and execute projects Data Analysis Phase Project Phase 3 421 8 7 6 5 3 421 Phase 1 Phase 2
  10. 10. Antea USA, Inc.Antea USA, Inc. Two Main Elements to Achieving Energy & Water Efficiency Resource Management System Savings Opportunities Position Statement - Scope Infrastructure / Human Resources KPI’s, Goals and Targets, Energy & Water Profile and Baseline Measurement/Benchmarking/ Reporting Awareness/ Training / Education Roles and Responsibilities Reducing Air Pressure Fixing Air, Water, Nitrogen Leaks Capturing steam condensate HVAC Maintenance/Adjustments Leaning out processes and eliminating process steps Reclaim and reuse of water Conservation
  11. 11. Antea USA, Inc.Antea USA, Inc. The Rewards Long term goals are established, short term targets in place and accepted. Resource Champions and teams are in place and engaged. Energy & Water efficiency management practices are documented, verified and published. Resource management program is completely integrated into the operations and culture and is no longer considered a separate program. An resource conservation and efficiency culture is established among all stakeholders. Continual operating cost reductions are realized annually.
  12. 12. Antea USA, Inc.Antea USA, Inc. Measures of Success  Senior management portrays clear commitment to the success of energy program.  All plants and division management teams are committed to sustainable energy & water reduction by deploying resources, utilizing energy & water metrics, KPI’s and benchmarking practices to ensure sustainable progress.  Individual roles and responsibilities are clearly defined, and implemented for all persons charged with energy strategy implementation.
  13. 13. Antea USA, Inc.Antea USA, Inc. Measures of Success  Clear and defined reduction targets and goals are implemented, tracked and communicated on a regular basis at least once a quarter  Regular meetings are held to review energy & water metrics and KPI’s to ensure that stated goals and targets are on track and assigned corrective action plans are implemented when necessary to achieve success  Equipment procurement and engineering design standards are aligned with procedure to include provisions for energy efficiency in equipment purchases and capital project designs.
  14. 14. Antea USA, Inc.Antea USA, Inc. Primary Areas of Focus for Reducing Energy and Water Consumption Areas of Focus • Production • Water Systems • Steam Systems • Chilling System • Compressed Air • HVAC • Lighting Systems • Building TOP 10 Energy Measures • Detect Air Leaks • Detect Steam Leaks • Upgrade Insulation • Air Pressure • Use blowers in place of compressed air • Efficient Lighting • Maintain HVAC • Condensate Return • Evaluate Set Points • Employee Awareness Top 10 Water Measures • Filtration System • Backwash Optimization • Water Leaks • Lubrication / Equipment Cooling Optimization • Cooling Towers • Pump Seals • Sanitary Facilities • Cleaning Spray nozzles, • Leaks & Water Recovery • Reclaim & Reuse (Rain water capture, HVAC condensate capture, once through systems etc.)
  15. 15. Antea USA, Inc.Antea USA, Inc. WATER & ENERGY INFORMATION: TYPICAL DATA COLLECTION SOURCES Water / Wastewater Sources: • In-line flow measurement devices • Production/operations records • Design and nameplate information • Tank level and stopwatch tests • Bucket and stopwatch tests • Interviews with operators • Engineering judgment Energy Sources: • Utility metering • Main electrical load center • Distribution Load Center • Equipment meters • Design information • Temporary kWh meters • Data collection / trends / reports • Maintenance records
  16. 16. Antea USA, Inc.Antea USA, Inc. Identifying Saving Opportunities through Resource Assessment
  17. 17. Antea USA, Inc.Antea USA, Inc. Energy & Water Assessments • Focus on energy & water users • Look for opportunities that stand out lights on when nothing is happening, equipment running when it should be shutdown, leaks at equipment, water running when equipment is shut down etc. • Take notes, pictures and identify potential savings (electricity or thermal ,water, wastewater)during walk through. • Capture all opportunities and do not analyze during the identification phase. • Place opportunity into category – compressed air, heating water reclaim etc. • Prioritize opportunities to better manage implementation.
  18. 18. Antea USA, Inc.Antea USA, Inc. Assessment Findings Align saving opportunities into a category and prioritize • Low Cost / Low Effort – Return on investment immediate to six months, opportunity can be implemented with minimal effort • Intermediate / Low to Medium effort – Return on investment six months to 24 months, opportunity may require engineering, and capital resources to implement • Future / medium to major effort – Return on investment 24 months or longer, opportunity may require engineering, major capital and plant and contractor resources to implement.
  19. 19. Antea USA, Inc.Antea USA, Inc. Production Opportunities (Energy & Water Opportunities) Day to Day Best Practices: • Monitor and elevate water and energy set points regularly (at least twice a year) monthly would be preferred • Challenge changes to set points that impact energy and water usage • Inspect for water, air, and steam leaks • Turn off lighting, conveyors , fans, & pumps and other equipment when not in use. • Optimize cleaning processes • Monitor energy and water KPI’s that can be used to benchmark performance • Awareness - Regularly communicate reduction goals, and status updates to employees • Seek suggestions on how to efficiently deploy energy and water resources
  20. 20. Antea USA, Inc.Antea USA, Inc. Water Savings Best Practices RelativeValue High Value / Difficult High Value Easy Relative Ease Automatic Faucets Low Flow Nozzles Fix Water Leaks Optimize flow ratesWater Reclaim & Reuse Pump Seals Cleaning Optimization Interlocks Eliminate Once Through With closed loop Install Dry Lube Lower Value / Hard Lower Value / Easy
  21. 21. Antea USA, Inc.Antea USA, Inc. Steam System Best Practices Reduce STM Pressure Reduce HTW Temp Insulation STM & HTW Pipes Repair Condensate System Upgrade Burners Excess Air / VFD Combustion Fan control Boiler Tuning Steam Leaks Boiler Stack Economizer Direct fired WTR HTR RelativeValue High Value / Hard Relative EaseLower Value / Hard High Value Easy Low Value Easy
  22. 22. Antea USA, Inc.Antea USA, Inc. Compressed Air System Best Practices Change Filters Air LeaksReduce Air Pressure Replace Air Knives Optimize Compressor Controls Use Blowers to Convey Caps Eliminate air motors, Add outside air to Compressor inlet Optimize air piping & storage Reclaim Waste Heat Energy Efficiency Strategies Efficient Use of Compressed Air. Generating compressed air accounts for more than 12% of total electricity consumption, or more than 5% of total energy use. Steps to reduce compressed air generation energy have focused on better management of compressed air systems to provide the right pressure to the right areas at the right times High Value / Hard High Value / Ease RelativeValue Lower Value / Hard Lower Value / EaseRelative Ease Source: Driving for Green (Case Study) By: Karen Heyob High Performance Buildings Magazine Winter 2011
  23. 23. Antea USA, Inc.Antea USA, Inc. Building System Best Practices Change Filters & Keep HVAC Unit Coils Cleaned Inspect Doors and Windows Turn off Unused Lighting Used auto setback for HVAC control Ensure all walls and ceilings for conditioned rooms are properly insulated Use reclaim water for cooling towers (if possible) Install LED Lighting & Controls, Install VFDs on HVAC Supply & Return Fans Install White Roof Remove heat sources from conditioned rooms Install Building Management System High Value / Hard High Value / Ease RelativeValue Lower Value / Hard Lower Value / EaseRelative Ease
  24. 24. Antea USA, Inc.Antea USA, Inc. Creating Energy and Water Efficiency and Conservation Culture
  25. 25. Antea USA, Inc.Antea USA, Inc. Rolling out Resource Efficiency Across the Organization  Focus on the culture change – move from current state to a conservation culture where all employees are on the look out for resource savings opportunities at all process, admin and support operations within the facility.  Energy & Water team(s) is a vital cog in the wheel of transformation, the integration of multiple plant personnel and a passion to instill energy & water efficiency in every aspect of the business will go a long way in changing peoples mind sets.  Develop programs that will help educate and train employees on the benefits of energy & water efficiency practices.  On a regular schedule (at least once a month) review energy & water data and action plans to ensure that progress towards resource reduction goals are on track.
  26. 26. Antea USA, Inc.Antea USA, Inc. Measures of Success  Energy & Water management practices and culture are fully embedded in the day to day business functions for the plant (no longer a special program).  All departments recognize the importance of energy & water efficiency and incorporate the practices into their daily activities.  Procurement specifications and engineering standards have energy & water efficiency guidelines included in their standards and procedures.  Resource Champion(s) and Energy Team(s) are established, roles and responsibilities are documented and the Energy & Water Team(s) is the cultural leader for energy & water efficiency practices throughout the site.  Energy & Water team(s) regularly communicates program status and progress towards achieving reduction targets on a regular basis. Source: Driving for Green (Case Study) By: Karen Heyob High Performance Buildings Magazine Winter 2011